Accentify 6 new colors

Accentify — the jailbreak tweak that allows you accent iOS’ chrome with custom colors — is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. The tweak, which we previewed last week, works without needing WinterBoard.

The iOS chrome can be customized with over a dozen highly vibrant colors, and the changes take effect without necessitating a respring. Take a look inside for more information and screenshots from the release…

Accentify Mail

Along with the original 8 colors that I covered in our preview, are 6 additional colors that can be used to add new personality to the operating system UI. Once installed, a new preference panel is added to the Settings app to allow you to quickly switch between custom colors.

Accentify New Colors

The preferences also include a respring button in case you encounter any problems, but I had no need for it. In fact, the only problem I encountered was when the colors didn’t take effect on running apps, but killing the app in question always remedied that.

Accentify Update

Accentify is a simple, yet beautiful tweak. It can quickly change up the look of an iPhone, iPod touch, or even the iPad. It works on any jailbroken iOS device on iOS 6 or higher. Again, you can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. It’s well worth its asking price if lightly customizing the iOS user interface is a desire, and you aren’t overly fond of WinterBoard.

Let me know what you think about this Accentify in the comments below.

  • Doesnt really work on safari browser or photos

  • Mr. E

    The dev said that the browser isn’t colored to differentiate private browsing. Hopefully there’s an option to color it in a future update

    • scolecite

      There will be an option to colour the top in a future update. Furthermore, there is an idea of implementing an RGB slider as well. Thank you.

  • Ryan Petrich just released a free, better version lol.

    • Would appreciate if you quit spreading FUD, because no such thing exists.

      • Add his private repo, genius.

      • Sahil

        What is his private repo?

      • dedegarrido

        h (thats) t t p (his) : / /(private) r p e t (repo) r i . c h / r e p o

      • He’s right, emphasize is the name of the tweak.
        And in the description it says “how accentify should have been built”

      • Blip dude

        Yup, just popped up on Cydia (I have his private repo added).

      • What an absolutely embarrassing comment.

  • Harley M

    It always shows the original color before it loads the color I chose. Irritating.

    • regkilla

      That irritates the hell out of me too. Hopefully the dev makes it have 0 lag and the color appear right away. I know the iPhone 5 can handle 0 lag of color change using this tweak.

  • sambuzzlight

    Why did ryan petrich release the exact same tweak? And for free :)?

    • Because that’s what he does

      • disqus_M6t9YPQOom

        no harm done? stealing ideas n making them free and hurting the first devs work is no hrm done?

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Like the author is the first one to think: “Why not change the hideous colors from iOS1”?

      • Petrich just copies everyone else’s work.

      • Dan

        yeah but he improves them, that’s progress. AND he makes gives it away. Great guy.

      • FrankensteinBlack

        I love how PPL pop-off before knowing the facts or doing a little research. Fact is “Accentify” borrows heavily from Petrich’s original app called COLOR PROFILES! He’s simply retaliating and rightly so. Next time STFU and do a little research. Sayin…

      • This guy releases tweaks and doesn’t even charge for them. There are so many great tweaks of his that everyone uses daily.
        I think everyone should really donate and support this guy. He’s the kind of person we need in our community. He really pushes for greatness and his work shows, so I think it’s only fair.

      • lasjd

        Donate to a bastard like him? No thanks.

      • Seriously what has this guy done wrong? He’s a great developer and gives a lot to the community. Just face the facts you are kicking up a fuss for no reason. It is as if your complaints are like Apple suing Google over the Android lockscreen or Google Suing Apple over their notification centre. Yes they are both the same thing and yes they fulfill the same purpose but at the end of the day you can’t patent an idea only it’s execution which is why if you were to look, although Androids lockscreen and Apples may look similar and/or fulfill the same purpose (and the exact same thing with the notification centre) if you were to look under the hood at the code I bet each implementation would be done differently. That is exactly what Ryan Petrich has done with his tweak. Same idea different implementation. Also like the other person said above it is not as if this idea has been thought of for the first time by the developer of Accentify now is it? I’m pretty sure I could make a winterboard theme that does exactly the same thing. Now would that be wrong? would I also be a “bastard like him”? Absolutely not since like I said it would be the same idea but a different implementation…

    • FrankensteinBlack

      Because “Accentify” borrows from Petrich’s original app called COLOR PROFILES! Moral? Don’t Ape an iOS coding genius and try to make a buck off of it. I bet anything Petrich would have left it alone if the Dev didn’t try to charge money for it…

  • Does anyone know if rpetrich’s version works on 5.1.1? In cydia it says compatible, but it closes when I launch it from settings. Thanks all.

    • soundmanbrad

      It does the same to me as well. I emailed Ryan about it.

      • Thanks, I was trying to find a way to contact him to make a report. Of course untethered 6.1.3 would be the other [but highly unlikely] solution. One can dream, right? Lol

      • soundmanbrad

        Actually, I was wondering if it might be a conflict with f.lux. Do you have that tweak installed

      • i’m on 6.1.2. i have f.lux running. emphasize works for me

      • soundmanbrad

        he emailed me back and let me know it’s only for ios 6.

  • jose castro

    yeah Ryans is better.. lol

  • nothing change if u got a theme like elite 6 ! i tried finding the status bar ui of the theme couldnt find it.. any ideas

  • too bad only works for ios 6 🙁