Accentify now available on Cydia

Accentify 6 new colors

Accentify — the jailbreak tweak that allows you accent iOS’ chrome with custom colors — is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. The tweak, which we previewed last week, works without needing WinterBoard.

The iOS chrome can be customized with over a dozen highly vibrant colors, and the changes take effect without necessitating a respring. Take a look inside for more information and screenshots from the release…

Accentify Mail

Along with the original 8 colors that I covered in our preview, are 6 additional colors that can be used to add new personality to the operating system UI. Once installed, a new preference panel is added to the Settings app to allow you to quickly switch between custom colors.

Accentify New Colors

The preferences also include a respring button in case you encounter any problems, but I had no need for it. In fact, the only problem I encountered was when the colors didn’t take effect on running apps, but killing the app in question always remedied that.

Accentify Update

Accentify is a simple, yet beautiful tweak. It can quickly change up the look of an iPhone, iPod touch, or even the iPad. It works on any jailbroken iOS device on iOS 6 or higher. Again, you can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. It’s well worth its asking price if lightly customizing the iOS user interface is a desire, and you aren’t overly fond of WinterBoard.

Let me know what you think about this Accentify in the comments below.