Delicious Library (Mac screenshot 001)

I’ve been a long time fan of Delicious Monster’s excellent cataloging software, Delicious Library. The handy Mac application allows me to catalogue my physical media and gadgets while the handy barcode scanning feature makes adding new content a breeze. Its wooden bookshelf design also may have inspired Apple’s iBooks app.

But in today’s increasingly mobile world, Delicious Library has lost some of its allure because we now carry iPhones in our pockets and developers never saw fit to create an iOS version of Delicious Library. That’s about to change as Delicious Monster has now confirmed plans to release a companion iOS app focused on scanning barcodes, letting you easily add content to your Delicious library wherever you go…

According to MacRumors:

One of the most notable features of Delicious Library’s initial release was the use of Apple iSight camera as an inexpensive barcode scanner, so users could scan and inventory their products.

As a followup to that feature, the company will be releasing an iOS app that offers this behavior using the iPhone’s camera, allowing quick mobile cataloging.

The publication also got a word from the developer that a major new version of Delicious Library for the Mac “is being released very soon.”

Delicious Library (Mac screenshot 002)

According to Delicious Monster CEO Wil Shipley, Delicious Library 3 will mark a shift to a recommendation engine based on the products you own:

We’re centered on the idea of your books (movies, cds, whatever) being an aspect of your unique personality, and our app does neat things with your personal data—like give you cool graphic summaries, or really good composite recommendations.

Included in the upcoming release are such features as a 3D CoverFlow-like interface, the interactive charts mode and flexible smart shelves, to name a few.

The Mac version of Delicious Library won Apple Design Awards for Best Mac OS X user experience in 2005 and Best OS X Leopard Application in 2007.

Currently, Delicious Library 2 is available on the Mac App Store for $34.99 a pop.

  • Been waiting on this IOS app for quite some time. I’m a big movie and video game collector so it’s great when I’m on the go for making sure if I have or haven’t purchased something already…

  • Bob

    I use xbmc commander, does the same thing, controls my media center too.

  • Um, it’s not true that they “never saw fit to develop an iOS app”.
    They did, but then pulled it because it conflicted with Amazons TOS.
    I’ve had it on my iPod since June 2009.

    • i was going to say this. You should correct this article @christian.

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  • deepdvd

    Of course, “Movies” (by Netwalk) iOS app has been out since September of 2009, and although this is probably better, it’s certainly not a new idea. It has barcode scanning etc.