Apple patent iOS jiggle (drawing 003)

Apple Tuesday was granted a patent for how it manages folders on the company’s iOS devices, including the familiar “jiggle” user interface. The patent, awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describes a “device, method, and graphical user interface for managing folders.” In the 2010 application, Apple said the interface relieves the “significant cognitive burden” and wasted energy traditionally required for moving files and icons on a computer desktop…

Apple argues existing solutions for managing folders on mobile devices require multiple steps:

For example, using a sequence of inputs to create, modify and/or delete folders and content within folders is tedious and creates a significant cognitive burden on a user.

In addition, existing methods take longer than necessary, thereby wasting energy.

The iPhone maker then revealed some interesting insight into its ‘jiggle’ interface for iOS, an action indicating the desktop is ready for manipulating.

“The selectable user interface objects jiggle as though they are floating on water,” Apple remarks in one description of the process.

The company’s U.S. Patent No. 8,423,911 filing outlines a multifunction device which displays a plurality of selectable user interface objects on the display.

In response to detecting the first input, the device moves a first object in the plurality of selectable user interface objects across the display to a location on the display that is proximate to a second object in the plurality of selectable user interface objects.

In response to detecting that the first input meets predefined folder-creation criteria while the first object is proximate to the second object, the device creates a folder that contains the first object and the second object.

At another point, Apple outlines a “folder creation region” on a device’s screen that a user could touch, launching an animation of an empty folder.

That step was actually never included in iOS 4, the first version of the Apple software for its mobile devices. Instead, in current implementation users create an iOS folder simply by sliding one folder icon atop another.

  • RarestName

    “In addition, existing methods take longer than necessary, thereby wasting energy.”

    And iOS doesn’t even have native quick settings.

  • apple got granted for crazy stuff

  • LazyKid

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office…giving patents to any bullshit for anyone and making patent litigators rich…”why bother to review anything now with that backlog we have, let’s just give them the patent and let the courts decide if there are any conflicts”

  • I know that some patents look crazy.. (and they are indeed) but looks like there’s the only option to guarantee the rights, to avoid other companies :cough Samsung :cough to not rip off every detail, without any shame…

    Maybe someday stupid stuff like this are not needed anymore, just to protect intellectual propriety…

    • apple Rules

    • Oh, you mean just like *cough* Apple *cough* and the notification center? Also without ANY shame, right? Why are you such a clueless hypocrite?

      • 1000 features versus 1 feature…what a cute comparison! Tell us more how Apple stole “notification center” from Samsung and not from Google?

        Better.. Tell us even more, on why Google didn’t sued Apple? Oh you don’t know the reason? lol.. let me guess “Google is the good guy.. they don’t sue anyone…?”

        1. Crossing licenses… (Apple and Microsoft does this a lot)
        2. Notification Center, is not even patented by Google
        3. Android stole the whole idea from iOS and so many features that even if Apple copy 1 or 2 features, they have no courage to sue Apple…remember.. even Android stole JAVA codes from Oracle.
        4. Eric Schmidt.. the traitor who shown to Google all Apples roadmap.

        5. Once again.. where’s Samsung in all those “stolen features” .. you’re absolutly right… they are in the part where Apple got ripped of (from hardware to software) by them.

        7. Let me introduce to you the wall of shame -> 9gag com/gag/5215322
        8. You’re welcome

      • I agree with you with majority of all those points. With point #2, that’s what makes me proud of Google. While Apple patents some little minor details (slide to unlock) and then sues companies that try to copy it, Google did not patent the major feature (Notification Center), which in a way is stupid of them, but makes me happy that they are not still attempting to sue Apple – therefore not being the patent trolls.

      • Google bought Motorola to sue other companies. The main reason at this moment on why they don’t do that it’s because they have much more to afraid from other companies than the opposite, because Android stole so many features from others brands that if they try to sue anyone, other companies (Like Apple, Oracle, Microsoft) will pay them in the same coin…with much more power.

        Let’s not forget, compared to Oracle, Apple and Microsoft, Google is a “child company” so it has a “less richier” portfolio patents… they know their place.. that’s why they try to look “cool”…

        And other think is that Android is made of Open-Source codes, so most of the things can’t be patentable. Like Apple did with the webkit, for example…

        Now just imagine if Apple or other company stole the Google serach engine code and build a new search engine to rival Google… you would see a huge lawsuit from Google to that company…

      • Yeah, with open source, that does make sense. I am just really annoyed that Apple loves to sue companies over small features, and charges licensing, while Google creates a major feature like a notification center, that is free to use.

        But back to the topic, from what I heard, Google didn’t buy Motorola to sue, but to defend from patent trolls, or countersue in case someone tries to sue them.

      • Lets be honest… Samsung copied Apple in more than “small features”… I think even the biggest Samsung fan knows that, really deep inside…

        Did you see Apple suing Google? They could do it.. but they never did.. so I think Apple is not that bad like some people try to say…

        I praise Apple for what they do with hardware and software.

        I praise Google for what they do with services like the search engine, google maps, google earth, street view, and others. They were a HUGE important thing to revolutionize the internet.

        I praise the people who work with open-source projects.

        I just can’t praise companies like Samsung, that are good, indeed with internal components, but they model to rival other companies are really dirt.. like stole ideas, concepts, designs, etc… I just can’t.

        They did this with Motorola.. with Nokia…with Sony and now with Apple…

        Real innovative brands got killed because people stared to support companies like Samsung… and even the south korea guys know this… Samsung CEO have a lot of lawsuits in ther country and he was never arrested because Samsung it’s a important part of South Korea economy…

      • You forget that AFAIK Android is Open Source meaning there is nothing wrong with Apple supposedly “stealing” it. You can’t steal something that’s open to distribution and modification by anyone and everyone.

      • They’ll get there eventually (Google).

  • lol why is apple patenting stuff that most folks are tired of seeing anyway??

    • Tired? I could never get tired of watching my icons “jiggle” on my devices gorgeous retina display screen

  • Ray V

    I like my iPhone but intellectual property laws in general stifle competition / progress.

  • Typo, users create an iOS folder simply by sliding one “APP” icon atop another; unless the iDevice has been freed from Crapple’s limitations.