Do you always use the scientific functions on iOS’ Calculator app? Do you find the standard calculator to be worthless without scientific functions? If so, then try LandscapeCalc.

LandscapeCalc is a jailbreak tweak that locks the calculator’s orientation into landscape mode. After the first rotation from portrait to landscape, the calculator will never return back to the default orientation until the Calculator app is killed or stops running.

This tweak is useful for those of you who are talking algebra courses in school. There are no options to configure, just install it and go.

LandscapeCalc is a free jailbreak tweak available right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Share your thoughts about the tweak in the comments below.

  • Muy facil!

  • Halabinya

    What’s that circle battery tweak called?

    • Jeff

      How did I know this would be asked within the first few replies? 🙂

      • Mauricio

        Please share it with us c: I’m also interested

      • tell us please

      • Halabinya

        It’s very eye catching! What’s the name?

      • oh common jeff 😀

    • Also would like to know

    • haha don’t tease these people jeff.
      It’s called Custom Battery 🙂

      • don’t tease us lemonhead! It’s not Custom Battery!

      • U got the wrong one then I just installed the theme custom Battery resently and now it works…

      • hjr9890

        Do you know how to configure it? I have it installed and it doesn’t affect anything.

      • There is nothing to configure…Custom Battery only changes your Lockscreen Battery while charging…

      • hjr9890

        Then what is the circle battery image in the picture?

      • That’s the million dollar question! We all wanna know what’s the tweak called like in that pic! 🙂

    • RarestName

      Live Battery Indicator by Philip Wong

      • Thank good guy RarestName.
        Ps: It doesn’t work on my iP4 iOS 6.1.2 🙁

      • RarestName

        Works on my iPhone 4S (iOS 6.1.2) though.
        Try reinstalling/respringing?


      • looks nice. but i can’t find it in the default repo?

      • Search Google for it, you will find it.

      • Still doesn’t work. Try reboot also…

      • RarestName

        Must be a conflicting tweak then.

  • Eric

    As a pre-calculus student, I find the calculator as a whole to be mostly un-useful for anything beyond the basic 4 functions. If I had another calculator near me, I would steer clear from the app all together.

  • I bet it’s an upcoming tweak! 😉

  • That battery is nice, what’s it called?

  • My iPhone already does this when I turn it to landscape. I see no need to download a tweak that does what the stock app already does. Just because it keeps it in landscape is no big whoop. The stock one will stay that way until the orientation is changed. To me it’s a waste of space, but that’s my opinion. If it is useful to someone then great.

  • how hard is it to tilt your phone in order to have the sci cal? :/

  • 笑傲江湖1

    信春哥 得永生

  • Here’s the link for that tweak – Live Battery. Add this to your Cydia Source :

    http : / / cydia . myrepospace . com/pw5a29ip4/

    PS: remove the spaces. 😀