MyStat for Notification Center Featured

So I just installed MyStat for Notification Center, as it just appeared on Cydia’s BigBoss repo a few minutes ago. Here’s a word of warning: don’t bother installing it yourself.

To put it plainly, it’s a sad attempt at a statistical Notification Center widget. Your time would be better spent elsewhere.

Apparently this widget was hastily thrown together and placed on Cydia. The developer didn’t even bother to change the asset name of the widget in the Notification section of the Settings app.

TestConnection Widget
Exhibit A

But that’s not really where the problem lurks. The problem is that the widget just isn’t visually appealing at all. Some of the text overlaps, and there’s no options, no swiping, or anything else involved with the tweak.

MyStat aims to tell you the following stats:

  • Networks SSID
  • Battery Status
  • Model
  • Device Name
  • iOS version

It does just that, but it sure isn’t pretty while doing it. Like I said, there are other tweaks, like OmniStat for instance, that do a much better job handling this task. Even though MyStat is free, I still can’t recommend that you use it.

  • RarestName

    Having a widget on Cydia for the sake of having a widget on Cydia

    • Yep it’s like all those useless search x site from your notification center widgets which are just unnecessary…

  • Stupid & ugly tweak imho.

  • Sentry

    Would be nice for Cydia to have an Apple-like (just not as strict) approval process to weed out effortless stuff like this. No offense to the creator.

    • iphone4sgamer

      However, I heard a while ago that someone had posed the same question.

      Saurik went on to explain that he has very little control over any of
      the content in Cydia, much in the same way that Firefox has no control
      over content on Reddit. Cydia is really just a glorified web browser.

      if he wanted to, Saurik could just take control of the whole store and
      setup an approval process for each tweak and repo, but that would take a
      lot of time and money, plus it would defeat the purpose of Cydia

      ” I
      really mean it when I say this: the reason Cydia is interesting and the
      reason jailbreaking has been successful is specifically because we
      decentralize so much of it. I have been very adamant since the beginning
      that I didn’t want to see myself become an arbiter of content, and I
      actually do sometimes intervene to “maintain the balance of power
      between repositories in the hope of guaranteeing a good mix.”

      us, it seems like Saurik’s belief that jailbreaking should be
      decentralized is spot on. The reason why jailbreaking is popular is
      because it gives users an escape from Apple’s walled garden where they
      are forced to comply with Apple’s standards. Creating another walled
      garden for jailbreaking would completely defeat the purpose.

      Via: Cult of Mac

      • Sentry

        Yup, I remember that. Generally do agree, though I suppose i was was posing it more rhetorically.

        Restricting content isn’t the answer, but neither is not having a robust discovery system. iDB does so well partly due to how difficult discovering quality content on Cydia is at the moment (vs say, the app store), so people rely on sites like iDB in order to walk them through what’s hot or not.

        Cydia is complicated, but there’s definitely room for improvement. Main issue is that it almost seems like a one man team who primarily holds the ship together in one piece rather than getting new sails and adding a fresh coat of paint (which’s understandable, tbh).

    • tstsr6

      The whole point of jailbreaking is to remove restrictions so I think it would be quite contradictory to screen the apps before they become available on cydia

      EDIT: don’t have time to read through hat iPhone4sgamer said but after skimming through it I think I just said what he said!

      • Damian W

        I would let people put on cydia anything they want as long as it does not have viruses and does not mess your system. Cydia is free and without restriction.

    • EpicFacepalm

      It is repo owners’ job, not Saurik’s.

    • Diego Gastón Milano

      Keep in mind Apple is a company which has full time App reviewers, whereas that doesn’t truly apply with Cydia.
      I think that adding a rating and review system to track users’ personal experiences with the tweaks and their reviews should be more than enough.
      I remember how AnyAttach made me restore my old 3Gs every time I would install it (not to mention how ridiculously arrogant and little supportive its developer was on his unhelpful replies to me). So, why not add this functionality to Cydia moving forward? 😉

    • omg thank you and why do we have to browse threw so many things that are outdated on a modern device.

  • more BS tweaks,… lol and no

    • Damian W

      to update backgrounded there needs to be a developer who knows how to code by heart. Most of these BS tweaks are probably made by kids who have spent one week coding.

  • Jerry

    why did the maker of backgrounder abandoned that project? it’s one of the best tweaks ever created

    • Quasar still hasn’t been updated either, which performs a similar task…

      I expect it from free tweaks but not paid as much.

      • Damian W

        Quasar was an expensive Guinea pig. It was quite obvious developer Is gonna abandoned it. It was not compatible with tons of tweaks. And it was quite buggy by itself. It resulted in endless crashes. Basically, you would need a team of people to make this tweak work the way it supposed to. Instead, there was only one guy working on it.

  • It’s not a trivial task to create a tweak. In fact, I think most of the people reading this do not even know where to start. May be this is a beginner just testing out a complete pipeline (tweak creation to publication). Plus Cydia is open source so anything can be posted… There is thousands of “useless” themes and yet no one complains about it. At least kudos to the guy for making to an idownloadblog story.

  • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

    Its clear that the developer is playing with the iPhone and its learning, bashing him for the fact that he is trying is not cool, not to mention the fact that iDB staff members will lick ass when it comes to Auxo/VeXXXX but when a simple tweak is released they bash.

    I mean for real does anyone thinks that iDB contributes to the community in any way? Its not like we need Jeff to film the tweak on its iPhone or the lame-ass tutorials.

    • I feel we contribute a lot to the community. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but we give some incredible coverage to tweaks and their developers, often generating extra income for these developers who in turn develop more tweaks. We also have some of the best jailbreak tutorials out there, which of course promote jailbreaking while helping people new to it to understand how it works and how to do it. We also pay a sizable amount of money to JailbreakCon as we are an official sponsor of the event. Finally, we donate to evad3rs/jb team whenever a new jailbreak is out. So yes, in short, I think iDB contributes a lot to jailbreaking in many different ways.

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        Then why bash a new developer? Its hard enough to try and even think of competing with the people who actually hacked the phone you’re using, let alone see your tweak dismembered in a public blog. Not to mention the regular Joe’s expecting every tweak to be polished and perfected, case and point:

        “Stupid & ugly tweak imho.”

        So yeah bash, but provide active advice, the bar is only going up and it would be hard to see new comers if even tweaks are dismembered Its not like anyone marketed the tweak or put a $0.99 price on it.

      • Except reviewers have a duty to inform the general public of their opinion of the specific thing they’re reviewing. It’s nice in a review to say what something is and state the specs but if a reviewer looked at something and immediately thought that its garbage and is pointless installing it would be wrong for them to say otherwise…

      • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

        If you’re reviewer (and a good one at that) you should when a product/tweak/app is finished and when its not. Case and point this is not a finished product and along with the bashing they could provide ideas, advice’s what could work better etc.

        So yeah up-vote Sebastian and keep killing newcomers and at the same time next year start crying for a jailbreak for the next iDevice.

      • If you don’t like it don’t read it. It’s as simple as that really. Also Jeff did provide feedback. At one point he mentioned a criticism that text occasionally overlaps so the feedback (although not written down) is simple! Fix that and other problems…

  • It may not be the best of tweaks, but you have to start somewhere and I think the person who programmed this has probably gained numerous hours of knowledge in the transition needed to venture from a user to a programmer. If that is the case, then well done and I’m sure their tweaks will get more polished with time.

  • DAnny

    I like your video but this is not nice Jeff. You can ignore it if you don’t like it. You are not judge.

    • Jeff

      But I am, though. That’s the problem with reviewers these day. They’re too much of a fence sitter, gain some backbone. If I made the same app, I’d expect the same response.

      • Maybe you should get into jailbreak app development, after all you have a huge audience! Also then people will respect you judgements as well!

      • Some people have better talents then others. Jeff being one of the experts in the Jailbreak community, has the right to state his opinion, and you can take it as you will. Have you not noticed that the developers who have the best looking tweaks always have a creative director. There is always going to be someone with better taste, some people are blind to this. Sentry is a good example of an amazing creative director and Artist, because he just knows what looks good. And understands the philosophy behind iOS design.

      • Love you Jeff don’t take bs from anyone, this is your part time job and I look to this community to see what works and what doesn’t. So if developers release useless tweaks like these we need to express it here.

  • Thoughts when I read tittle: a productive tweak to help save time
    Thought after reading article: I just wasted my time reading about a tweak that is garbage

  • blu

    I tried it earlier today and all it did was crash my phone.

  • You shouldn’t do reviews on things that are bad, Instead do reviews of things that are good, after all, being negative doesnt help anybody, and if it does crash peoples phones they can find out for themselves

  • loloololloolol thats all

  • Dylan Kelly

    Aha, well thats embarrasing. As Franck Kamayou said, I am just a newbie to this. I’m not even sure why I posted the tweak this early on. But it feels nice to have made a idownloadblog post, didn’t have to have a go though.

  • Dylan Kelly

    Also, I love the amount of respect the iDownloadBlog team have for new (I wouldn’t call myself a developer) authors of packages, especially when their brand new to development and only 16 years of age.