Velox mail

A few new screenshots were posted on Apex Tweaks’ official site, and one of them shows the way that Velox will interface with the Mail app. This is significant, because this wasn’t available in the preview version that I demoed a few days ago.

The screenshot shows the typical Velox view, with what appear to be scrollable messages with titles and a two line preview of the message. It looks, judging from the screenshot, that a swipe gesture, or a tap of the email, may allow you to reply directly to messages from Velox’s enhanced email folder.

Velox Music

The eta is still two weeks away, but the more I see of this tweak, the more excited I become. Be sure to head over to to see more screenshots and info regarding Velox.

  • Bob

    **Eta should be beta I think.

    • selcukcura

      ETA = estimated time of arrival

      • It should be capitalised.

  • Ecko Vas

    Hurry up!! Lol I can’t wait!!

  • NeilLeFevre

    looks awesome jeff!

  • riyadian1

    is this working with ipad mini???????????????

  • Any idea when it will be realesed? 🙂

  • Can’t wait

  • It will be AWESOME !!! apple should think of some thing like this not just the old UI which is to be frank becoming boring by the day ….

  • looks fun and refreshing…

    • Ben

      You liked something? Wow…

      • yeah but i disliked your reply cause its ignorant…

      • Ben

        No problem, I got 16 likes to one dislike. That’s a 16:1 ratio (if you didn’t know)!

    • Malay Mody

      It has the “Joe Jonsen seal of approval”! You can release it now!

      • seyss


      • 4p0c4lyps3


      • careful i might change my mind…..lollooo

  • This is gonna be HUGE. What a game-changer (hopefully)

  • Dang, this tweak is so awesome it will become my first purchased tweak! Any ideas on the price?

    • Rickm_jr

      Guessing you’re not a fan of Flex or Auxo (my recent purchases)

  • another reason to jailbreak!!!

  • God, Velox is so sexy. I could just slither my tongue up and down its sleek, smokin’ interface.

  • seyss

    why not just open the app

    • cause that normal this is new and different…

      • seyss

        then you ppl should stop being in denial and get an android device

      • bloodshed

        dude nobody here needs an Android, can’t you see that from the “likes” your comment has!
        will you, Android fans, please stop telling us how cool your os really is!!
        *i keep wondering why you guys are even here at first place!

  • Milad Khahil


  • I can’t wait for this tweak!!!

    “Awesome job on the iDB podcast. Hats off to both of you!”

  • totally can’t wait for the release!!!!!!!

  • Jeff can you stop teasing us now

  • Bring it…Quick!!

  • You can easily say that Velox is a brilliant new iOS available only for wicked Jailbreakers.

  • nick

    found untethered jailbreak ios 6.1.3

  • Devam

    Hope it is compatible with ipad!!

  • I will be truly excited when someone sets up an interface for the newly beloved Mailbox app.

  • aajaas

    IPAD ??

  • LeeYu

    Prefect! I like it! When can it be downloaded?