As promised, super publisher Electronic Arts and developer Firemonkeys just rolled out a major update to the awesome free-to-play Real Racing 3, bringing out over a hundred new events and two Chevy vehicles. The one feature I’ve been waiting for is an improved game saving capability: in Real Racing 3 version 1.1, your progress is now saved and synced across all your devices via the cloud.

This finally lets me to kill a few minutes on my iPhone while standing in the line at a bank and then continue playing right where I left off on my iPad. More tidbits and some nice screenies right below the fold…

The aptly named Chevrolet update features the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1. Also cool, now there’s an all-new Hunter mode and you can compare and compete with friends using the new statistics leaderboard.

Here are the Camaro ZL1 and Cobalt SS, looking like a million dollars.

Real Racing 3 (Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and Cobalt SS)

Grab your free update from the App Store now.

Your official release notes follow:

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. American fan favorite Chevrolet makes its return to Real Racing! This update features the Chevrolet Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1, an all-new Hunter mode, Cloud Save functionality, and 100+ new events! Plus, compare and compete using the new friends leaderboard.

• New manufacturer – Chevrolet! The Cobalt SS and the Camaro ZL1 join the lineup
• New event type – Hunter! Chase down the hunted car and overtake within one lap
• 100+ new events! Total number of events now exceeds 1,000!
• Cloud Save functionality! Transfer your save data between devices
• New social features! See who is online and compare how your friends are doing with the statistics leaderboard
• Check your TSM mailbox for the latest friend notifications
• Improved tutorial and main menu
• Numerous additional improvements, fixes, and performance optimizations

By the way, Porsche surprised developers with a special gift, a 1:43 scale model of the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 for each person that works on the game.

Porsche gift to Real Racing 3 developers

Very cool, no?

The Chevrolet update to Real Racing 3 is “coming soon” to Google Play and Amazon Appstore, EA says.

  • seyss

    does IAPFree still work?

    • No

    • crly0n

      IAPFree worked for me on the new update. Both for gold and R$.

  • Jerry

    That game sucks. Need for speed is way better

  • Reskinned cars with same physics..laaame

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Timers 100% ruined a great game. Period, end of story. I couldn’t delete it fast enough.

    • Dave Lahoud

      What are the timers? I am wary about the new update…

  • kurdi kurdi

    Iap doesn’t work is there any other way to get money ? Help