flip clock widget

Flip Clock is a jailbreak widget that allows you to add an animated flipping clock to Notification Center. The tweak features a nice helping of options to configure the look and feel of the clock to your personal liking.

Once Flip Clock is installed, simply enable it in Settings > Notifications in order to display it within your Notification Center. The tweak also works with packages like LockInfo for placing the widget in more places than just the Notification Center panel. Check out a few more tidbits about this great looking jailbreak tweak after the break…

flip clock widget 02

The best thing about Flip Clock is its animation, which is buttery smooth and features a nice bounce effect for added realism. The options contained within the tweak’s settings allow you to hide the day and date, adjust the language based on region format, change the color of the seconds from red to white, and more.

flip clock widget 03

Flip Clock is a nice looking widget, but it won’t be for everyone, especially for those who aren’t fond of the skeumorphism trend. You can find it on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for an asking price of $0.99.

  • If I can get it on my lock screen, then I’m all for it, but from what I just read, it doesn’t look like I will be able to do that, so I’m not interested.

  • @Kevin If you get intelliscreenX you can have this on your lock screen.

    • Intelliscreen x is only worthwhile buying if you wait until a couple of weeks before the iOS 7 jailbreak. That way you’ll get there reduced rate upgrade price as opposed to having to buy the entire tweak since intelliborn are greedy like that. I found my self not using it much any way (plus it hogged battery life) and bought Bulletin instead for the purpose of getting my notification centre to show on my lock screen…

    • Just saw this.. lol

      Inteli is a big package though..

    • I already have IntelliscreenX but I don’t like to have the notification center open when I have my lockscreen showing (I still use intelliscreenX on a regular basis). If maybe they can make the clock show every time I check my lock screen, that would be a pretty neat thing to have on my iPhone.

  • Kevin,
    You said it loud and clear. I was thinking exactly the same. I do think ill be navigating through my Notification to actually enjoy the creativity of the app unfortunately..

  • had few a week now looks amazing on the springboard with dashboard x

  • Ernie Marin

    I’ve have this, but after the first update for some now there’s one on top and one on the bottom of Notification Center.

  • Now what i need is a version without the annoying seconds

  • Abuthen

    I can’t get it to display!!! I have enabled in Notifications .. I also have Lockinfo. Not showing. Is there some special way or setting?

  • Great Tweak …. any way to disable the “seconds” ?