Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee

Is South Korea’s Samsung preparing to settle ongoing mobile patent disputes with Apple, perhaps curtailing the firm’s dependance on smart phones for future profits?

That’s the conjecture as Samsung’s chairman prepares to meet reporters later this week, following comments on returning from a three-month trip to Japan and Hawaii.

According to one South Korean newspaper, “several pending issues” will be on the plate of Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee…

The Korea Times report comes on the heels of last week’s International Trade Commission ruling that Samsung devices infringe on Apple technology for selecting text on mobile devices.

As well, Samsung recently announced $7.7 billion in profit during the first quarter of 2013 – more than half of which was fueled by sales of smartphones. According to The Korea Times, Samsung could “cut its reliance on its mobile business.”

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The comment appears awkward, given the imminent release of the Galaxy S4, as well as the large sum the South Korean firm has spent on marketing its family of Galaxy handsets. That reliance on smartphone sales has also cost Samsung its chipmaking business, Apple, which makes the rival iPhone.

The Samsung chairman, pictured top of post, told reporters when arriving back home that the company should “always have a sense of crisis” and aim to “run faster and always study to have insights.”

What should be made of Samsung’s new comments?

Is there a sense of complacency at the company, which the chairman believes has come to be known only as a cell phone maker?

Are the comments meant for Apple as a signal that Samsung wants to stop the expensive legal wrangling, perhaps regaining Apple’s lucrative contract?

The questions remain unanswered until possible Wednesday, when the Samsung leader is expected to again speak with reporters.

  • Manuel Molina

    If we think on how much business Apple and Samsung makes for each other (Samsung because of their chips and before that, their displays, and Apple since they make great products and draw consumers to their devices) we can say that it would be a win for both.

    Either way, hopefully we can finally hear one last post about their legal stuff saying its done, as I’m sure everyone on every website is tired of reading these damn legal lawsuits on a daily basis.

  • AMB_07

    Anything to sort out this huge legal mess, I’m tired of hearing about it.

  • Lee Kun-hee … his biography is scary!

    People should Google more about him…
    youtube com/watch?v=-3Xd1aRX_zw

  • well, samsung better save money cause if the crazies in the north bomb the hell out of the south, they may be in for some tough financial times, not to mention what if everything is wiped out…then again I’m sure, we will be there to sell them weapons and tech (who said war cannot be profitable?)