Pinnacle is a new jailbreak tweak designed to peruse the menu structure of the Settings app using a simple tap and hold gesture. The tweak contains an option that allows you to immediately go back to the root of the Settings menu, or to select from a list of sub-menus. To use Pinnacle, simply tap and hold on the current menu’s back button.

Obviously, a tweak like this is best suited for deep menu structures like you’ll find in the Settings app, but Pinnacle also works with any app that uses iOS’ stock chrome menu interface for navigation. I look at it as a different take on Ryan Petrich’s SwipeBack tweak.

Pinnacle is a free download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think about it?

  • Love it!

  • I just noticed that if you tap and hold on on the tab back buttons in Instagram, it’ll take you back to your initial page. Obviously this isn’t the result of this tweak or anything, but I didn’t know this and Pinnacle inadvertently helped me realize this

    • I think it is Pinnacle, because when I tap and hold in Instagram nothing happens!!

      • I didn’t quite understand your problem, elaborate please?

      • idhanta

        I didn’t quite get your problem, elaborate please?

    • Tapbots apps (Tweetbot, etc) support this too

  • Like Tweetbot functionality 🙂

  • Love tweaks that make phone better

  • ReanimationXP

    I hate tweak names that have nothing to do with their functionality -_-

    • Kurt

      same here

      • Hey, the name pinnacle is perfect because pinnacle means to the top. And that is exactly what the tweak does 🙂
        Don’t worry, we wouldn’t choose the name if the tweak didn’t do what the name means.

      • idhanta

        Hey, the name is perfect because Pinnacle usually means to the top and that’s what the tweak does, it takes you to the top level of your app. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t choose the name if it didn’t mean what the tweak does.

    • I named it ‘Pinnacle’ because the original prototypes didn’t include the menu and simply took you back to the top-level view. Its function has a relation to the name (Pinnacle: “The highest point; the culmination”)

      • ReanimationXP

        I know what you were trying to get at, but that would be the root (bottom) of the menu. A tree doesn’t start from the top. A name like Origin, AllTheWayBack, BackToStart, BackTrack, ReturnToRoot, something more intuitive like that would have been better.

        Not bashing your tweak it’s a good idea, I just want to remember what a tweak does without having to read the description as I’m browsing Settings.

      • LP918

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I would stray away from a tweak named, “ReturnToRoot.” Pinnacle works fine in my opinion, although a nicer UI would be better.

      • ReanimationXP

        1. Uhh, ok? Why?

        2.This tweak doesn’t have or need a UI.. wtf are you talking about?

      • LP918

        1. Well, first of all root basically means, like you said, the origin. This might cause users to think that installing the tweak would break their jailbreak, returning to stock iOS.

        2. This tweak actually does have a UI…as far as I’m concerned, when you press the “back” button, a new screen slides up titled “History.” I think maybe a popup would look better, sort of like the UI on the new BadgerTweak.

      • ReanimationXP

        “Root”, in no way, ever, would imply “stock”.

    • Who seriously cares?