iPhone 5S colors (teaser 001)

With Apple’s annual developers conference approaching fast, we’re starting to see some credible leaks pertaining to the iPhone 5S, Apple’s seventh-generation iPhone. We’ve already seen the leaked Home button and vibrator parts earlier this week and claimed speaker parts from before. And with analysts predicting a June launch for the device and Macotakara claiming earlier this month that Foxconn has already started the iPhone 5S production, now the same Japanese blog issues a new report that gives as the reportedly official announcement date for both the iPhone 5S and a more affordable model for emerging markets: Thursday, June 20…

Macotakara claims to have quality insider knowledge on this and goes on to mention that the iPhone 5S would go on sale shortly after, in early July.

That sounds like Apple.

The June 20 keynote would also see a preview of iOS 7 as the software apparently isn’t ready for prime time yet. Finally, the event should also see the unveiling of a less-pricey iPhone featuring a polycarbonate body, with the device going on sale in August.

Note that Macotakara has some decent sources in Apple’s supply chain. The publication has established a pretty decent track record reporting on the Apple rumors and has been increasingly accurate lately with these things.

Another Japanese web site, MacFan, corroborated Macotakara’s report.

Budget iPhone (Martin Hajek 001)
Budget iPhone rendering courtesy of 3D artist Martin Hajek.

Another credible hint: TechCrunch yesterday ran a story reportedly based on a confidential Foxconn presentation that points to a firm June 2013 launch for the iPhone 5S. “It is some of the most convincing data we’ve seen relating to new Apple launches,” the publication assures us.

But that’s not all, the internal document allegedly highlights a few new cases and chargers for iPhone devices, including a Qi-enabled wireless chargers and dongles for the iPhone 5.

Furthermore, TechCrunch singled out one third-party vendor with an interesting inside track to Foxconn which is apparently working with Foxconn directly to launch its product immediately upon the launch of the new iPhones.

This sort of leak – a launch date, direct contact to a certified manufacturer, and mention of direct cooperation with Foxconn – is fairly unique in the world of Apple news.

It also suggests a certain lack of fear in manufacturers as they approach a new, post-Steve Jobs Apple.

Apple hasn’t announced WWDC 2013 yet, but with Google’s I/O scheduled to take place May 15-17 at San Francisco’s Moscone West, Apple for sure won’t be waiting for too long to reveal its cards.

  • King

    iPhone is already Budget Apple just charge a bomb for it

    • Agreed

    • Mustang5Oh

      Yeah you’re right. That must be why it outsells every other device out there.

      • King

        Probably costs Apple 150$ max to make an iPhone

      • iospixel

        Closer to 8$ I reckon.

  • What if apple is just trolling with us by following such rumours and really host an event on June 20?!!

    • I don’t think we will not be seeing a budget iPhone

      • @dongiuj

        Why didn’t you just say “I think we will see a budget iphone”? It would have been a lot easier to say. Or do you mean you know there won’t be a budget iphone?

      • Yashirah


  • Apple should troll us by hosting the event June 19 or 21.

    • King

      They always bring out the new MacBooks in June mostly

    • June 21 cause itll my bday

  • Jonathan

    Steve Jobs would have never made a budget iPhone….. Its called buy an iPhone 4.

    • King

      Steve Jobs would have never made a iPad mini but he’s gone now

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Exactly, Steve Jobs didn’t wanted the people of to do what he would’ve done. He told them to do the right thing. And iPad Mini was the right thing to do.. And budget iPhone would bring a ton of trouble to Android world… and it would bring the opportunity for a lot of folks especially in poorer/third world like India to own an iPhone.

      • Really ? Poorer world like India ? Get your facts right and see the recent numbers for the IP5 over here.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Accept it or not, but India still is a third world country. And like it not MOST (Notice how I didn’t say ALL !!) people in India are poor (about 44%). There are more than 1.2 BILLION people in India.. so no matter how many iP5 was sold it doesn’t even scratch the surface of the ocean of people. And having a less pricey iPhone would mean more people in these region would be able to afford the iPhone.

      • Rodney Coleman

        That’s true. If you got your facts straight most third world countries like India only get 2G 3G speeds. They won’t be seeing LTE until 2017. I’ve talked to people from over there. Get your facts straight sir

      • bigzjoseph

        He’s gone But His legacy lives on… “think different”

      • King

        “think different” shame all the Apple products have looked the same for the past 3+ years

      • bigzjoseph

        Well i guess you’re right… that’s why ur King

  • i dont care.. will be skipping the 5S..

  • Daniel Lopez

    Just a quick question i have a iphone 4 and want to upgrade but i dont know if should get the iphone 5 or wait for the 5s(or 6) can someone help please!!!!!!!

    • Ben

      Just wait, you’ll be glad you did.

    • Matthew

      Wait for the 5S only a few more months.

  • pauleebe

    No. New iPhones never launch without New iOS software. iOS 7 developer previews would have needed to see release by now, to meet this June release date.

    • Exactly. You would think the tech blogosphere would have picked up on that trend by now. I mean we are coming up on the 7th release cycle:)

      • pauleebe

        Analysts and most of the tech blogosphere have their head up their butt.

    • Bieberkinz

      Maybe announce iOS 7 a week before, maybe during WWDC, and then an iPhone announcement a week after, then a later release date after June. Though it would break the usual release after a couple weeks, but that could help the “August 2013” release. Getting back to the old format of summer release… Maybe work a beta secretly in April, though through Apples not very good at hiding secrets, and then announce in WWDC, launch iPhones week after/at WWDC, release iOS 7 and iPhones 2 weeks later. I honestly don’t know…

  • I’m not buying the June release date, as we still haven’t seen the first beta build of iOS 7. The beta builds typically appear 3-4 months prior to the release of new hardware.