mailbox shake update

The folks at Mailbox have had a pretty good week. Not only were they acquired by Dropbox—to the tune of what some are reporting to be $100 million in cash and stock—last Friday, but they just filled their 1 millionth reservation.

To celebrate, the team has released the first update for the popular email client since it was released to the public back in February. The update brings the app to version 1.1, and includes a new ‘shake to undo’ feature, and more…

Here’s your full 1.1 change log:

What’s New in Version 1.1.0

-Shake to undo!
-UI enhancements
-Bug fixes and performance optimizations

Though I haven’t spotted the UI enhancements yet, I will say that the new Shake to undo feature is nice. With Mailbox’s swipe gestures, I get going through my inbox pretty fast. And it’s nice to have a quick way to undo my mistakes.

As far as the milestone goes, garnering and supporting one million users in just 6 weeks is impressive for anyone—especially for something as tough as email management. But sadly, a reported 400,000+ people are still waiting in line.

The team says that fulfillment times have improved though, and should continue to do so now that Mailbox has backing from resident cloud expert Dropbox. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can download the app for free from the App Store.

  • got it, deleted it, since it didn’t support iCloud, gmail only as far as i could see.

    • iDon’tWantToShareMyDetails

      And i wouldn’t see anything supporting iCloud, as Apple don’t like other people using their services.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Mailbox is awesome

    • reachsak

      I love it

  • Waited for it during 4 weeks, deleted it in 2 minutes. Sparrow plus Sparrow+ is the only solution you should consider for a mail app.

    • That’s exactly what I think. I used it for a few days, but once I realized that I needed to use my previously created labels and I didn’t want to make a whole new set, I switched back to sparrow and sparrow+.

    • that’s how I was with Tempo. didn’t suit my needs. But i did “force” myself to use mailbox for a week, to see if I truly like it – I wanted to give myself time to try a new email process.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    iCloud sync between my iPad and iPhone is a reason enough to stick to the default mail app.

    • gmail imap syncs between the iPad and iPhone without iCloud. (this is true for any email imap service – yahoo, apple, gmx, etc).

    • Mailbox syncs perfectly to my Android Gmail client. You might be doing something wrong.

    • I agree. Doesn’t sync for me. I’ve deleted and reinstalled on second device over wifi as the FAQ states. Won’t be worth it if I can’t.

  • Crashes!

  • It’s at least way btr than the stupid gmail app …

    • Oh good, I thought I was the only one who hates that app. It’s like 20 seconds just waiting for it to check itself. So slow.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I got it after waiting for 500,000 people.. Deleted it after 2 days. It would never send or recieve any of my gmails. It just didn’t work.

  • I got it just last week hahaha

  • M Last

    Mailbox is sucks!
    after restoring have to stay on the line again,WTF????
    for push notification I am using gmail app.

    • Not if you backup your saved data and then restore it after. I use DataDeposit from Cydia.

      • reachsak

        Just get Ifile and backup the ” document ” folder in the app folder

  • Love it! The Clear of Mailbox Apps! It hasn’t crashed once on me and I think looks and works great. Remember it is a mail app!!! Nothing else, so people need to stop getting their panties in a bunch about Mailbox.

    • why is this so useful to you ? doesn’t the stock mail ios app do its job ? are they providing something so grand ? .. Im not here to start a fight. Im just asking

      • You didn’t ask me, but I’ll offer my 2 cents –

        1) the swipe to archive/delete/label/snooze is so much faster than apple’s app. One tap or swipe to either archive or delete, in both the inbox (list view) and when viewing an individual message. And only two to label/snooze. The app is so fast in email management. Also jumping from the inbox, archive, and snooze sections is one tap each. Getting from apple’s inbox to archive is multiple taps.

        2) drag to reorder your inbox. Want an older email at the top? hold and drag it to the top. Emails in your inbox can be reordered however you’d like.

        3) snooze. I didn’t think much of this feature (there are other ways to accomplish the same idea), but it’s so handy for those email you can’t deal with now but don’t want to archive. having them “out of sight” helps clear the visual clutter and deal with the emails that are more relevant.

  • To people saying they got it and deleted it after 2 minutes, there in lies your problem. Use it for a week and see your inbox dwindle down faster than you can say ‘iCloud’.

    • i used it, and liked it, but i never use gmail, so i am not going to use it at all, because gmail isnt my main email account.. So yea.. deleted because i cannot use it for my main email account(s).

      • Fair enough. I just forward my other email accounts to gmail. Works great for me.

  • It really needs iCloud support to be a true contender. I simply don’t use GMail – therefore this app is rendered useless. I’ve still got it sat in a folder because it is a beautifully designed app, but if the day never comes when it supports other email providers – it’ll have to go.

    As far as iCloud integration not being available in non-Apple apps: take a look at Fantastical. It can be done to amazing effect when done correctly.

  • mailbox is the only third party app I genuinely would hate to see disappear, and Iwould easily pay in the “premium” $10 range for this, if they had charged.
    It has changed the way I manage email. Can’t imagine going back.

  • No Whammy

    2 questions:

    What is a reservation in this context?

    What is being fulfilled?

  • J M

    I also have not spotted any UI enhancements, at least noticeable ones. Still love it, and first time in years I have zero message in my inbox 🙂

  • reachsak

    300000 ahead of me

  • Wassim Omais

    70,000 ahead of me. Big improvement of the 780000 I started with. I think I have been waiting for a month or so.