Apple’s unreleased iWatch is already inspiring a bunch of me-too products from big name tech giants (nothing wrong with that, mind you). Bloomberg recently quoted a Samsung executive who went on the record to confirm that his company has been “preparing the watch product for so long.”

Then, the Financial Times newspaper shared knowledge of Google’s Android team working on a smartwatch product to act as an extension to the smartphones using Android.

And now we’re hearing that the South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation better known as LG is also developing its own iWatch contender, in addition to a wearable gadget akin to Google’s Glass eyewear…

The Korea Times newspaper has the scoop, per“a source familiar with the matter”:

It is one major part of many currently non-commercialized products under development by LG Electronics.

The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation maybe.

Along with a smartwatch, LG is said to be working on “an innovative smart product similar to Internet giant Google’s Glass” as well.

The company is reportedly considering either the Android or Firefox mobile software to power its watch product. LG announced earlier it will market a Firefox OS-driven cell phone later this year. An LG-branded smartwatch should presumably be able to sync to smartphones and provide notifications and more.

The company isn’t new to smartwatch products: LG used to sell a watch that was compatible with handsets and able to check messages in 2009, here it is.

LG, like Samsung, is in a good position to turn some profit on smartwatches because it also happens to make a bunch of components like chips and screens, which will come in handy to keep bill of materials under control. Additionally, LG, just like Samsung, also has its own bendable display technology that could be used on a smartwatch product.

By the way, isn’t it funny how everyone has raced to announced their own smartwatch but only after iWatch rumors started swirling?

  • Almost every company seems to be developing SmartWatch.
    Smartwatch news is getting old thing

  • Ok, let’s all wait for a unbreakble Nokia iwatch

    • The old myth. Nokias were great in the past…with great quality products…almost no one could beat them. But not today…or since the last 5 years, were products break so easily, specially the internals. I got one Nokia unusable because when I dropped him to the floor, the SIM CARD slot broke inside, because it was hold by a cheap piece of plastic.

  • shinx2ran

    Shamsung is nothing in Smartphone battlefield without Google’s droid. They are still waiting for Apple to release the iWatch, then those shamer will come with full force imitating iWatch

    • This article is about LG… not Samsung…. So can people not bring up Samsung all the time?

      On a side note, whoever comes out with it first gets the bragging rights.

      • who is LG?

      • Kurt

        Jealousy complex of the people on this site is ridiculous. They aren’t Apple (as Apple is a company) but because they bought an iPhone they take things personally. Pathetic. I never owned an Android device, but have no problem admitting the Note 2, SIII, SIV, Lumia 920, HTC One are better phones than my iPhone. It’s nothing personal, no need to down vote me people.

    • i said it 2 years ago.. samsung should have made their own damn OS fro their phones but now it too damn late… android is the main reason that samsung cant beat apple..lol sad

      • Z3r0ViP

        The build quality also make apple my first choice. I feel more premium-ness of an iPhone more than the plastics.

      • Kurt

        Class action suit happening here in S.Korea. iPhone 5s have scratches (some 3 inches long on the side) and even chips in the metal. I didn’t believe it until my wife showed me the picture of the chip in the metal. Brand new phones opened in the store. I’ll take quality built plastic of crappy quality that apple has been producing since the iPhone 5. Plus when you drop it the plastic takes much of the impact. The metal just transfers it to the innards which is why gps quits functioning on iphones as well as other things. I hope you won’t have problems like scratches and even worse chips in your iPhone. Awful product. 4S is still the best iPhone

      • Z3r0ViP

        Shut up. I’m done with you. I stand by my preference, you stand by yours.

  • Apple twitter is now followed by: Samsung, Nokia, Google, Microsoft, LG, HTC (…)

    • Also Fanidroids…

      Abit like those with droid phones visiting idownloadblog.

      Everyone wants some of the Apples pie.

      • I actually come here for Android news sometimes…because almost every other article has something to do with Samsung, Google, or Android as a whole.


  • Jurassic

    The rumor that Apple is working on a “smart watch” is totally unsubstantiated, and even if it does become reality no one has any idea what this new product will look like or act like.

    Meanwhile, Apple’s competitor’s are jumping on this rumor and shouting “Me too, me too!”. But their concepts of smart watches are conventional and not very innovative.

    Whatever Apple finally presents as a “smart watch” (if it actually does), we can expect that Apple’s competitors will later introduce technological clones… just as they did after the introduction of the iPhone.

    • Describe any innovation in watches since the first one came out… There is no innovation anymore, just creativity. Creativity as in, gimmicks.

      • wow you’re stupid. Do you even know what innovation is? You use creativity as a pejorative. Get fucked!

  • I like the idea of an iWatch but it needs to stand out from the crowd. Built in Navigation would be kool. Buy one for the kids and being able to see exactly where they are would also be handy. This is all possible on a phone of course, but on a watch we want much much longer battery life.

  • Kurt

    “Apple’s unreleased iWatch is already inspiring a bunch of me-too products from big name tech giants”

    Seriously? Apple gets the credit even before it creates something? Before Apple even acknowledges it. Why not give credit to other companies that have brought out the smart watches. Ziberg, you make it hard to stick up for you from time to time with the crap you spew out.

  • 특수문자

    Have you looked at the date of the LG youtube video;? 2010 LOL