iPhone 5 camera

Now that Samsung has unveiled its flagship handset for 2013, all eyes are on Apple as the tech world waits to see what it has in store for its next-generation iPhone. The word is it’s going to be an ‘S’ model, meaning it’ll likely only feature internal changes.

And a new report out of China this morning reaffirms that theory, claiming that components for the iPhone 5S will start shipping in Q3 of this year. It’s believed that the handset will offer an upgraded camera and processor, among other improvements…

DigiTimes reports:

“Components for the next-generation iPhone will start shipping at the end of May with the new smartphone to have a chance of showing up in the third quarter, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

The sources pointed out that if the components are all shipped smoothly, manufacturers should be able to deliver the new iPhones to retail channels in 1-2 weeks for them to be ready to sell in the third quarter.

The iPhone 5S is expected to feature a higher-end processor as well as higher-megapixel camera modules, the sources said.”

While it’s true that DigTimes is notorious for its hit-or-miss track record, it’s worth pointing out that the outlet has also been right on a number of occasions. Besides, today’s report falls in line with pretty much everything we’ve heard about the 5S to this point.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and iMore’s Rene Ritchie—both of whom have been fairly accurate in the past—are both reporting that the 2013 iPhone will land sometime during the summer, featuring an improved camera system and other spec bumps.

Other reports have suggested that Apple is planning on using its newly acquired AuthenTec technology, adding both NFC and a fingerprint sensor to the new iPhone. And Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty promises the handset will offer at least one “killer feature.”

In addition to the iPhone 5S, Apple is also said to be working on a sub-$300 handset that’s expected to launch later this year. DigiTimes’ report actually mentions the device, but refers to it as a ‘rumor,’ suggesting it hasn’t seen any supply chain evidence of it yet.

  • wonderboydave

    so yeah. apple will downplay this a lot. unveil will be treated like a ipod nano upgrade. release key specs, show new features, and probably a TV ad like every event… just saying.

    • Qiren_94

      Aren’t all product launched are somewhat like this? Just saying.

      • yeah life is well.. life.. just saying

  • Scott

    On another note, I predict that the iPhone 6 will feature a redesigned outer body, upgraded/faster processor, more RAM, longer battery life, upgraded camera and iOS 7. Dare I say a new redesigned UI with toggles in the notification area……maybe.

    Lets see, each iphone has come out with increased processor, better camera than it’s predacessor except for maybe the original iPhone and iPhone 3G (I started off with the 3G) so making these claims is pretty obvious and not really something they need to be stating. In that case you might as well reference back to this post in 2014 when iPhone 6 comes out and I claimed that the features above would be in it 1.5 years before it’s announcement/release.

    They really didn’t give us anything that we already didn’t expect to see in the next new iphone.

    • The frame for 5 is really bad, it looks very nice but it just doesn’t last… Mine already has scratches and dents on it within few months…

      • Yashirah

        buy a cover. 😉

      • ashton wilson

        but if you buy a cover for it, dosnt that take away one of the things people buy the iphone for anyways?

      • I put a cover on mine cuz i was paranoid …. the stupid thing scratched the angle bezel. I hate cases (unless it’s an otter box cuz it’s put onto the phone like a box, not stretched and grinding around the edges like other cases)

      • I do, I am using Elago outfit, but it doesn’t cover the top and the bottom part.

        And I don’t know why people voted negative about my post, and this is the truth.

        Gizmodo also has a post about the frame just doesn’t last.

        And they have compared a phone with a case and no case.

        Moreover, I don’t use any case at all for my iPhone 4 and 4S, and I never drop my phone. There was no scratch and dent at all.

      • Thats just wrong, i have not one scratch. Not even a minor one. And no cover since the day it came out

      • Why that is just wrong?

        When your iPhone has no problem and it doesn’t mean all the other iPhone are doing good.

        What kind of theory is that?

      • You are delusional. It’s one of the sturdiest phones out there. My wife is really rough with it and it holds up very well without a case. We don’t put a case on them because the design is so pretty not to show off.

  • Jaye

    Sucks for those who just bought or upgraded to the 5.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      If they would care they would have known that there will be a 5S soon.

    • dan

      theres gona an iphone 6 after the 5s ! I dont get ppl who waits for another device ! like wut do u got ! iphone 4 ! ill wait for the 4s.. then for the 5 then for the 5s ! its a 1 year phone why wait

    • We all know the product cycle for the smartphone these days.

      As for Apple product, you should always get it on day1 because the price is always the same… unless the new version released.

    • That’s why I am glad I got a iPhone 4S. So now I can upgrade to the iPhone 5S

      • i had the 5s and decided to get the 5 and skip 5S

    • 5S will have no JB.. i wil take a JB5 over a non JB 5S any day

    • I used to think that it’s really annoying that phones are being ‘upgraded’ and i use that term loosely, so frequently however I think it provides people with opportunities.

      It’s actually a good thing for consumers as they have the ability to sell their devices for close to retail value (closer than any other phone, thanks to iPhones retaining their value) so eventually if people get into the habit of selling their devices to people that need good but cheaper bought out devices, then they can get a new phone every six months or year.

  • King

    Apple are just getting lazy with their iPhone’s now other manufacturers are catching up and making the iPhone look like a toy

    • Qiren_94

      No, they are not catching up, they have already overtaken.
      If you just count specs.

      • Yashirah

        who has taken over because the only competition is samnsung and apple outsells samsung..

      • Twice as many specs, twice as fast specs, twice as many megapixels, yet, the iPhone is faster, smoother, and takes better pictures. Now what?

      • ^^^exactly..

      • Qiren_94

        Don’t get me wrong here. I love iPhones. However I have to agree that competitors have already overtaken them, ONLY in terms of specs.

    • Cause this is of course true as gold

  • Jeffrey Yeo

    i hope apple can top S4’s air gesture thingy…
    but most important is hopefully it can be jailbroken real soon after its launch…

    • jailbreaking is mandatory for me to own an IOS device i cant use them with no jalbreak it just to to limited and boring..

  • BoardDWorld

    I think NFC and a finger print scan would be a good play for apple, especially to have it backed/utilised. Just put this in the iPhone 5 the way it is, have the backing & they would have my money…

  • I think I’ll wait for iphone6

    • iphone4life

      Why? When the iPhone 6 is out, you will see all the rumors for the 6S, and say “I think I’ll wait for the iPhone6S” next. Just go with the 5S and consider it a device to replace after a year.

      • i have never been excited about an “S” model iphone ..lol

  • Will Apple give me a reason to stick with the iPhone, or will they release a lackluster ‘upgrade’? Apple’s now following the path they took in the 80s when they had a lead in computers but refused to recognize that the competition had caught up to them and in some aspects surpassed them. We all know what happened to Apple at that point.

    • Thats was 30 years ago. Have faith, apple never had to play catch up and their stock was high. Now that it dropped they know its time to go big

    • it will be a typical “S” model and will be boring..

  • Manuel Molina

    That’s always what they put on this phone. They update the processor and camera. And the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 have the same frigging camera.

    I said it before and I’m going to say it again, if Apple continues to use the same features to wow people, me and I’m sure a lot more people are going to look for other options for cell phones.

    It seems that Apple is living of their trends and not their will to invent new ideas. Example: their UI, the iPhone’s features. When you name iCloud a feature when their is things like Dropbox around, then you know you aren’t creating new ideas. The camera is a new feature when the 4S is the same 8MP camera.

    • Manuel Molina

      Ultra fast wireless? Really? 1080P recording? We had that 3 years already. Siri sucks and I have it off since I can’t even use it without having Internet compared to Google’s counter part that’s even faster, and the display is out passed already in PPI.

      • Siri does not suck, google phones cant even use google now by just taking phone out and holding a button so its useless. And the one guy is correct in that apple will need to innovate and give us many new features with this next phone. I have faith apple will because the 5 isnt selling as good as past iphones and people do want bigger screens. I am sure we will get more than just an upgraded camera and processor and anyone who thinks that is all we get is dumb. Apple is not that stupid the iphone is big business for them. If apple wants their stock back up, turn the apple tv to a game system. Release a second iphone with 5 inch screen,and a lower cost model which still is made up to apple standards, give ios an overhaul with widgets and all. And lastly if i was apple i would release some sort of gamepad attachment for iphones and ipod touches and make it work with any developer who wishes to use it. If apple did all that their stock would go to 1000

      • Manuel Molina

        Actually, you can. You hold the search button and the phone does use Google search to do everything Siri does 10 times faster and without data either. We’re talking about a company that stil has Siri in beta after 2 years now? Really?

        Apple has done this for years. We had the iPhone. Then the iPhone 3G came out which added 3G and been out for awhile. The 3GS added a compass and what? A camera and better processor? Sounds familiar to this article, right? The 4 came and it was new. The 4S? Camera and processor, and the beta Siri. The 5 iPhone? Updated processor and “camera”. So-call new iOS software, and a “new” look. Like I said, same shit every year, bro.

    • I’m thinking and hoping, that Apple took a real hard look at this and cannot do these incremental upgrades anymore. C’mon Apple, blow me away!!

      • Manuel Molina

        I hope as well, as I had a iPhone 3GS, then went to a 4, then moved to a 5 for LTE but was shocked I couldn’t talk and surf the web with it via Verizon like all other Verizon LTE phones. If this phone isn’t changed, the galaxy 4 will be my friend.

  • Blendi Krasniqi

    Unless there are some COOL new features with iOS 7 this is the end for apple…

    • It will have a virtual girlfriend who wont stop talking and complaining until you complete all chores on the to do list. Then it show sexy pics of itself on the screen and act slutty but when u want something it will fall asleep or say she has a headache. Then u touch the screen to try to wake her and say come on baby i need you as u rub the screen, then she yells rape and the cops show up and arrest u. Im so friggin high right now, i need to get off here

    • i wont say the end but they will no long automatically be seen as the best.. android still sucks ass so when apple falters there will be a massive vacuum for the top spot and we have to hope tat a company can step up

      • “android still sucks ass”… wow, that’s an amazing assessment. you sound really super smart there champ!

  • iphone4life

    Who cares about a new iPhone if it cannot be jailbroken. I’m hedging my bets on HTC One, or Samsung Galaxy S4 this time.

    • HTC one is nice and HTC payed apple to use patents so it is very nice.. BUT it runs android so i dont want it..

    • you should check out the international motorola razr hd (or droid razr hd if you’re on verizon). i hate to say this but i owned a galaxy S3 for about 4 months and damn, it was a piece of crap, in the physical sense.

      From my understanding, HTC makes it difficult to root phones. Motorola is very root friendly giving phone owners the option to unlock their boot loader for permanent rooting (without need of root exploits) and/or for installing custom ROMs.

  • The 5S needs to have iOS 7 with enough “Ivy” design elements and better features, plus it really does have to be at least a 4.5″ or 5″ display. We are behind the times in that department. Got a 4S and I’m upgrade eligible now so the wait is killing me.

    • i have been using my 5 for a while now and the 4/4S screen look really really small now..

  • Well_Said

    Ain’t nobody got time for an iphone 5s
    Typing from my LG Optimus G pro lol

  • If they don’t come up with a refreshed UI I will switch to Android. Just a better Cam and a better CPU is not enouth Apple!