Want a Harlem Shake on your Springboard like we showed you in yesterday’s post? Then head over to Cydia right now, because Harlem Shake is now available to download for free. To activate the tweak, simply assign an Activator gesture to Harlem Shake, and have at it.

  • adam lompis

    Thanks Jeff!

  • gbrandme12

    I’ve enjoyed IDB for a number of years now, and appreciate what you and the team has contributed to the community, I do. That said, how can you continue to post write-ups on tweaks like this, all the while failing to acknowledge one of the most popular tweaks in Cydia, LockInfo 5? I, along with a host of others loyal IDB users would like to know. I hate to see IDB lose credibility.

    • What the fuck is honestly so great about LockInfo 5? Tried it for a little while. Hated it. It’s redundant. I don’t need every notification on my lockscreen at all times. That’s why the NC exists. I’ll admit this Harlem Shake tweak is dumb…but that’s just the point. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It is a joke.

      • jose castro

        lockinfo 5 is not that popular man… its pretty buggy.. that why most people prefer intelliscreen X

      • shinratdr

        Who are “most people?” You mean you? That’s not everyone.

      • gbrandme12

        Whether you like it or not is irrelevant, because the tweak is unquestionably popular. As a blog that covers what’s available in Cydia, wouldn’t it make sense that they at least provide information on it?

      • Spencer Venard

        I agree… I like LockInfo much better… I don’t need all that extra Intelliscreen foobaz anyway, plus I’ve never had LockInfo crash. Great app…

      • shinratdr

        You not finding a use for it doesn’t make it redundant. LockInfo 5 is awesome. I can check Twitter, weather, time and date, important notifications as well as toggling key functions on or off before unlocking my phone. If that’s not useful to you that’s fine, but that doesn’t make it redundant at all. From that standpoint SBSettings is redundant, as well as the weather widget, NCSettings, the Share widget, the stock widget, the app switcher, etc…

      • You are absolutely right. I’ve been using Intelliscreen X for a time now and decided to try something different. So i tried that crap called Lockinfo 5. Is stupid, twitter feed doesnt update and is very dull. Worst 5 bucks spent ever!

  • croup7

    why not on IOS 5 plz state clearly in vids minimum operating version plz

  • It don’t think it’s useless tweak, that would imply it serves absolutely zero purpose. It’s definitely entertaining, it makes me and my kids laugh every time I launch it and that certainly counts for something. Big ups to Bigearella and his ingenious creativity!

  • queen_ir3ne

    It should have started off with one icon “dancing.”

    • DanielMaciasJr

      Thought the same thing. Installed the tweak and it does.

      • queen_ir3ne

        Oh yea it does, but it stops too soon. Still entertaining

      • DanielMaciasJr

        It does stop early at times and some times it doesn’t. It is still entertaining!.

  • Mark

    Cool! haha

  • Hey, i need to know the name of the tweak that show where you touch the screen.

    • Display Recorder.

      • Alex, i want a tweak that let me only mark my finger without recording.
        Do you know something like that?

      • Ethan Nelson-Moore


    • 🙁

  • Kaptivator

    Ok…Thats it!! I’m jailbreaking my iPhone tonight.

  • Oh` now I know where he was wasting his time instead of taking away useful features from springtomize.

  • Guest

    i think infiniboard makes the tweak crash springboard, not sure though.

  • i think infinidock makes the tweak crash springboard, not sure though.

  • I never jailbroke my iPhone. But i did it right now just to have this!

  • 1337lolzorz

    Great tweek, too bad there’s no way to stop it though if u activate it by mistake.

  • Manjinder Dulai

    What is the sources

    • shinratdr

      It’s part of the default sources. It’s hosted on BigBoss.

  • deepdvd

    Awesome. My kids love it

  • Does it actually play the song? or just dance around?

    • Ray V

      It plays the song as well. Enjoy.

  • deepdvd

    i love that this tweak works anywhere on the SpringBoard. If you start it while you’re on the Lock screen (looks great with LockInfo 5 data) and then double-tap your home button to start music and press play, it keeps going with your music instead of the audio from the Harlem Shake. I like that I can activate it to show people crazy stuff when I want… instead of having something like Barrel which isn’t “useful” either.

  • kings121

    i still cant get it to work on my ip5

  • MacServiceGuy

    BE CAREFUL WITH THIS TWEAK! It’s hilarious, yes, but what if you need to make it stop (work, whatever) – i can’t find a way to make it stop immediately if i need it to. You can kill the volume by turning it off on the mute switch (thank God) but it still is going nuts on the screen .

    or if it screws up and just keeps going ( a bug im guessing..?), that just happened to me. can’t get it to quit!

    I used weecloseaps and it stops it on the current screen – then again on the next screen and so on. as i sat here writing this it was still going.

    Is there something i’m missing? is there a way to kill this as needed if you start it accidentally?

    if not – just be careful you don’t hit it by accident! lol

  • LeoNgo

    This is just so weird 😀