Looking to create some awesome ringtones? Then look no further than AudioExplorer+, a new jailbreak tweak, which scans all of the apps you have installed on your device in search of audio files. You can then use the audio files found, and import them into iTunes and use as ringtones.

After a few minutes of usage, I can firmly say that AudioExplorer+ is worth its $1.99 asking price, especially if you’re someone who likes to have custom ringtones. This means that any music contained with an app — whether it’s an email client with a particular jingle that you enjoy, or the music from your favorite game — can be used as a ringtone, or saved to your iTunes library. Check inside for a demonstration as to how it works.

When you first load up AudioExplorer+, you’ll be prompted to scan your entire app library for sound files. This scanning process can take a while, depending on how many apps you have installed on your device. I probably have 60 or 70 apps installed on my iPhone, and the scanning process took about 60 seconds.

Once your apps are scanned, they are organized in alphabetical order. Only apps that contain music files will be displayed. For instance, Find My iPhone doesn’t contain any audio to my knowledge, hence, the app isn’t displayed in the main list of apps.

AudioExplorer 02

The nice thing about AudioExplorer+, is that once you scan your list of apps, it will list all of the audio files underneath that app, regardless of their directory structure. That means that you’ll simply have a list of all of the audio files contained in that app without having to browse this massive structure of directories. I’m assuming that the developer did this by means of alias links, as you can still display the full path of the audio file by tapping its disclosure triangle, selecting Open in > and then Path viewer.

Adding sound files to your iTunes library, or more importantly, your ringtone library, is as simple as simple can be. Just tap the blue triangle to the right of the sound you wish to add, tap Add to, and then tap iPod Library or Ringtones. Doing this will add the selected files to the queue, which can be accessed by tapping the Queue button at the bottom of the app. All of the items in the queue can be processed by tapping the Save button in the upper left-hand corner of the Queue page.

AudioExplorer 03

Once you’ve processed all of your audio files, you can head over to iTunes, or head over to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone to select the ringtone that you imported. I really can’t think of any easier way to extract music or sound effects from your favorite apps. AudioExplorer+ is a well designed app that works exactly like it promises with no limitations that I could find. If you’re at all into ringtones, then I highly recommend you give it a shot.

There is a free version of AudioExplorer that you can try out if you’re hesitant to shell out the cash. It’s just called AudioExplorer, and it’s slower than the + version, less responsive, and doesn’t have recursive searching after installing new apps. Still, it’s a good way to test out the jailbreak app to see if it’s indeed for you.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be downloaded today for $1.99. Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

  • Nice.

  • Ian

    Can this audio also be used for alert tones like texting etc?

    • Any ringtone can, so I assume so

      • Ian

        Cool Thanks, Just making sure before I purchase.

    • Ian

      Yep! 😀

  • Chris R

    “whether it’s an email client with a particular jingle that you enjoy”

    The above statement is misleading…….
    I thought it would be able to extract sounds contained within my emails, not the sound effect that is part of the actual email client.
    I thought, wow … what a great feature!! Email myself any audio clip — and AudioExplorer+ would import the clip into my Ringtones.

    It does not do this, but I really wish it would. 🙁 Boo! Oh well.

    • Meunome

      If you want to import audio clips to ringtones you can download UnlimTones!

      • Erik Eisenberg

        Yeah, but not from your email like the OP was asking about.

    • Upgrayedd

      It said email client, not emails. I don’t think it’s misleading at all.

    • bloodshed

      maybe bridge will do it for you..i can add audio files from anywhere into my using that tweak.
      just email yourself an audio file (or download m4r audios from youtube (Protube)) and then you can choose to add it as a song, ringtone or podcast. i never really tried anything other than importing a song, but i guess it’s there. it’s a worth-checking tweak.

      • Erik Eisenberg

        Bridge won’t do this any better than AudioExplorer+. Actually, AE+ will do it better because it filters out empty directories.

    • Erik Eisenberg

      Late reply, but anyway: AudioExplorer+ can do this, you just need to the right directory. On my device it was: /private/var/mobile/Library/Mail/

  • Sweet. Just changed my unlock.caf with this.

  • bloodshed

    dunno, but i guess developers have become more greedy than they used to be!!
    lately i see many paid tweaks that are not even worth it!..i would pay a dollar for any tweak, even if it’s not much and i know i won’t be using it along the way, i really like to support!..but when i see a simple tweak like this for a $1.99, it pisses me off!
    a few days back, i got Activedock for $1.99 and i think it’s worth it. But for this or MyVibe for instance, i think 0.99 would be fine..and maybe devs would get better chances of people buying their tweaks.
    a little from many, is better than a lot from few..this is unquestionably true.

    • The only other apps I know that you can use to set your ringtone are Bridge and AnyRing, both of which are either the same price as AE+ or more expensive. And neither of them have the search function that AE+ offers.
      Don’t forget, there’s a big difference between Cydia apps (which AE+ is) and tweaks (which AE+ is not): apps are quite easy to pirate on jailbroken devices, while tweaks are (somewhat) more difficult. I think that’s one main reason why Cydia apps are more expensive than regular App Store apps: they factor in the piracy rates, while app store apps know most their customers (non-jailbreak) have to purchase the app in order to use it. Plus Cydia customers tend to favor tweaks over Cydia apps, prefering to get their apps from the App Store.

  • Isa Altintas

    Can’t find the app, am I missing the repo?

  • See… now this, I would happily pay for lol, Gridlock for 4.99 ? ….

    • bloodshed

      now you see what i’m talking about regarding tweaks pricing!..luckily, Gridlock doesn’t interest me, otherwise i won’t be able to pay 4.99 for that, even if i could, let’s be reasonable!!
      i know chpwn mentioned that it required lots of time and effort, it’s not an excuse to set a price that much!..what does GridLock do other than giving the ability to place icons freely on the home screen!! so?! $4.99!
      it’s just too much in my opinion :/ .. sry chpwn
      for 4.99 anyone can get SDM, Airblue Sharing, Octopus keyboard, anyattach (2.99)..really handy tweaks that are actually worth the price.

      • It’s also not really place icons freely either it is confined to the default Apple 4×4 layout width. Use iconoclasm and layout maker (free) and it works out to still be cheaper than Gridlock alone and you have a more flexible layout and truly be able to move icons around freely!

      • bloodshed

        thx for the info..i use more-icons along with shrink, they do a pretty good job tweaking my SB layout to my liking. i have no use for leaving empty icon spots, or if i may say ‘locking the grid’..thu it’s good for tweaks like dashboardX, but i have no use for it either.

  • All sorts of awesome. I have been wanting something like this for years! Sooo… want to hear some “can’t miss” app sounds…

  • Isa Altintas

    Can’t find this on the BigBoss repo?