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Lockdown Pro, the popular jailbreak tweak that allows you to password-protect individual apps and folders on your iPhone, was updated this week with some new features and improvements. It can now hide apps, and it feels much speedier.

But the big news is that in addition to the update, the developer has also released 3 new Lockdown Pro packages. There is now an iPad version of the tweak, as well as two free ‘Lite’ versions—one for the iPhone/iPod touch and one for the iPad…

The iPad version is exactly like the iPhone version, except that [obviously] it supports the tablet. It installs into your Settings app, and allows you to “lockdown” any apps or folders that you’d like to prevent people from opening, with a password.

As for the Lite versions, they’re surprisingly capable. They still allow you to password-protect apps, folders and photos, and are still compatible with Activator. But as you’d expect, they both feature advertisements, and are missing several options.

So what do you get if you pay for the apps? In addition to the above features, Lockdown Pro allows you to hide applications, and launch them with an Activator function, lock/unlock apps from your Homescreen, set Lock delays, and much more.

After testing out the Lite iPhone version with a number of apps (both locking and unlocking) I can confirm that it’s as solid as the original. I don’t have anything in my phone worth password-protecting, but for those that do, it’s worth checking out.

If you’re interested, you can find all 4 versions of Lockdown Pro in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo. The paid iPhone and iPad versions will cost you $2.99 a piece, and of course, the Lite versions are free.

Have you tried the new Lockdown Pro? Or do you use another app for password protection?

  • Blahblahtldr

    I use applocker on my iPhona and iPad, works great.

  • I love this tweak, and with the activator feature it is even more useful now! I’ve been using it for months and never had issues.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    I use iProtect

    • Is iProtect now iOS 6 compatible?

      • Mohammad Ridwan


      • I protect stole my money. Changed devices and wanted me to pay for the app again…

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        If that’s the case you might wanna contact with the devs.. idevmobile (dot) com + twitter @idevmobile

      • been there, done that. I’ve tried to cantact them several times and no answer whatsoever, so i gave up.

  • Usung Applocker for one year now

  • Dan

    I use applocker, but this tweak looks good as well. Really useful for locking up your email.

  • So late

  • Pashto

    They need to make one that doesn’t use mobile substrate so people can’t use safe mode to get in

  • I’ve been using Lockdown Pro when it first came out, then switched to Applocker when it became incompatible, and now I’m back with Lockdown Pro. Lockdown Pro implements the protection of the photos app (within other stock apps) better.

  • Ben

    I use both so they have to put in two passwords to get in…

  • Dlck

    why do you guys even need this app? do you guys have like a huge stash of porn or something? freaking perverts ruining society these days.

  • adam lompis

    I am on 6.1.2 and everytime I go to chose an app to lock it crashes and goes into safe mode!

  • Can the developer please password protect photos from mail attachments. Even though I have password protected my photos application, my photos can still be accessed by going to the mail application and attaching a photo/video.