YouTube for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

Google last updated its official YouTube iOS client on December 4, adding native iPad and iPhone 5 support, the ability to beam clips to your Apple TV via AirPlay, a brand spanking new icon and other under-the-hood goodies.

Today, the Internet giant has issued a new version which improves streaming over slow Wi-Fi connection and packs in overall stability improvements. In addition to a pair of these tidbits, two major changes stand out.

First, you can now use the new YouTube app version 1.2.1 to pair with YouTube on your Xbox or PlayStation 3 console and control playback from your iOS device. This also works with Google TV devices and Android users got the ‘send to TV’ feature in November 2012. Also, the program finally lets you record and upload video clips via YouTube Capture, a standalone app Google released on December 17, 2012…

All the key features in this release include:

• send to TV: control YouTube on TV, Xbox or Sony PS3 from the app
• improved streaming over slow WiFi connection
• ability to record and upload video via YouTube Capture
• overall stability improvements

Unfortunately, this version doesn’t seem to bring back the ability to play video in the background.

You can grab the free universal update for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices straight from the App Store. As much as I love Google’s software, I still think YouTube for iOS lacks some important features, though Google seems to be getting there.

YouTube for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)YouTube for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)

In terms of elegance and ease of use, I find Morrissey Exchange’s free Jasmine app to be a much better proposition. And if you need a feature-laden YouTube alternative that can cache videos for offline viewing, I highly recommend Yuqing Zou’s excellent MCTube, available in either somewhat limited free or the full $1.99 ‘pro’ flavor.

Am I missing out on other great apps?

What’s your favorite YouTube client on iOS?

  • Lordthree

    Jasmine is good but be careful of McTube- it wants email permissions for no apparent reason. Jasmine just wants YouTube permission. Anything and everything is better than google’s app

    • Al

      Although I like Jasmine, it goes to full screen immediately. And it doesn’t give the option to choose between full screen or any alternative. If they had that option.. It would be a winner in my book…

  • the only feature they need to add is the background playing of videos! ughhh

    • Lordthree

      Did they fix the letter boxing and add soft volume controls?

    • Kurt

      Isn’t that an issue that Apple has implemented? Notice no apps can play videos in the background anymore.

    • Thats an iOS issue not the app -___-

  • I’ll stick with ProTube HD. Surprised this wasn’t on your list.

  • ap3604

    Where’s the Roku support? 🙁

    Oh well, at least the Twonky Beam app lets you send YouTube videos to your Roku player (and its free)

  • Can they please add the option to select video quality in the app? This is so retarded

    • This app is choosing quality depends on your internet connection speed. Although there is a way to choose quality, but in order to do that your iDevice should be jailbroken. Install 3G unrestrictor, add YouTube app and than choose quality.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Protube is better for that functionality

      • Or ProTube 2

  • Al

    Quick question… I have the ProTube extension that’s built into the Google YouTube app. Has anyone updated the app to see if extension still works?

  • Kurt

    Remember Apple’s made YouTube app? ufff. I’m glad things worked out the way they did and Google is not in charge of their apps YouTube and Maps

  • Ray V

    Protube is by far my favorite. It lets you download videos from YouTube and save them to your Camera Roll. Extract / download audio from videos. Another feature I love, it actaully lets me see my “Likes” and not just my Favorites. Why didn’t Apple and Google ever let me do that? Also, very easy to share URLs with others.