Real Racing 3 01

It’s been a long wait, but it’s finally here. Real Racing 3 has officially landed in the US App Store as a free download. A couple of weeks ago, we spent some hands-on time with the game, and came away blown away by the graphics. Some of you guys might not dig the game’s new freemium approach — an approach that ditches paying up front in favor of paying for in app purchases — but only time will tell if this negatively impacts the game’s reception.

Real Racing 3 features tons of new cars, tracks, and all sorts of upgrades for your vehicle of choice. It’s a polarizing title due to the fact that iOS’ most popular racing game franchise has taken an abrupt turn towards the freemium model. But even if you don’t appreciate the new approach, you owe it to yourself to download this game just to take in the visuals. Real Racing 3 is eye candy in its most concentrated form.

Head over to the App Store now to download Real Racing 3. The app is universal, working both on the iPad and the iPhone. Be sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments below, and be sure to check out our video hands-on.

  • cant search for it here in canada but can downlad it with your link there… thanks!

  • TesticularFortitude

    Great game… The Bugatti is a beast.

  • I already played this game and I got bored. lol you have to repair your cars every time you race.

    • MarcPhilippeB


    • You don’t have to, you can.

  • I’ve been hyped about this game for what seems like forever!

    • Damian W

      the prices in the game will bring you down.

      • I’m not worried. I don’t spend money in games. It’s not hard to be patient.

      • smtp25

        lol clearly you commented before playing, if your not using gold coins you’ll need to be veeery patient

      • Damian W

        lol clearly he did not wait for the car delivery yet.

      • lol you can just use IPAFree you know…. im against piracy expect in freemium games….

  • sloanq

    Link doesn’t work

  • s0me

    I played like 6 hours total and i have to say its not that bad after you buy 2-3 cars, you can change between them as you wait for repair timers (its not necessary to pay with irl money).

    • smtp25

      yeah but tune ups and the like cost

      I think its a good game,
      And if you don’t mind freemium model,
      Patience is a virtue,
      Fun game for a while
      Repairs can be annoying clicking through each one
      Eventually you can stab your way through it pretty quick
      Excellant graphics though

  • Finally here. All the comments I’ve seen thougj make it sound like the game doesn’t live up to the hype.

  • woojun

    while playing the game, a message pops up leading you appstore to rate the game. and once you rate the game, after that time repairing dosent require waiting time. only service dose.

    • seyss

      bullshit. the app cant know if you rated the app. most apps that force you to “like” their facebook page, follow on tweeter, or rate it in appstore, gives you the content as soon as the facebook page opens. no need to like/rate/follow

      • woojun

        yes. just tap ‘go appstore to rate’ when pop-up apears. then all things done

  • Available… EVERYWHERE ELSE!!!

  • enjoy the crappy free to play solution bring from EA to rob you

  • I think freemium is the way to go if you want to beat piracy, by making in game purchases verified via server there is actually no way pirates and can get through. I’ve always wondered why they don’t offer any game as it is for free then charge as an in game purchase to have the full game.

    • Ofc there is.
      Is a tweak on cydia to get unlimited gold.
      I dont use it becose it will ruin my game expirience but i know it works, i have a friend that use it.
      And u can play whitout w8ting for repairs, just turn wifi off and change date to the next day.
      But your idea is the best choice i think, free game then buy in game the full game

  • This freemium game isn’t worth your time. The wait times are ridiculous, some times you have to wait a day or so for your car to be delivered.

    I would’ve been more than happy to pay a one time fee for this game. ($10).
    I just cant seem to enjoy this game as the way it is. TBH, everyone should just crack the in app purchases, the prices are insane.

  • simso3

    Whats the name of the song when you´re starting the game?

    • Vitor


  • Just saw the app icon and saw the EA logo in the bottom right corner and it made me cringe so hard. So far I’m not hearing any good things about the freemium platform. Only good thing I’ve seen so far is that it is a universal app, no more spending double for the same game on different devices.

  • Hey guys I want to ask does the game lag on iPad 3 or not ?

    • Alexander Dohms

      its free, find out for yourself…

      • I know that .. But just a qustion to who have the answer

    • smtp25

      nope no lag ipad3, didn’t notice lag on the 4S either

  • Go to real racing find event.dat file, use Hex Editor to open modify some values and Got it!

    so EA go f*ck with your new modes of cheating people.

  • CamSince89

    Anybody want to race? It’s GameCenter compatible.

  • Macy

    Anyone knows how many GB is this??

  • This game was made for iAP! Suck on that EA.

  • Hardstyle

    5 hours to repair…
    exit game…
    change clock to 5 hour later…
    car repaired

  • Ruth Harpham

    I downloaded Real RACING 3 … 4YRS. AGO.. I put a lot of money in it. Then one day it disappeared. .I would either like to have it put back on my new game or cash.. please it is not fair when you have money involved and then the game disappears and you lose your money and cars..