Making phone call on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Talk of an Apple phablet dates back to March 2012 when a pretty credible Japanese blog mentioned an unreleased iOS device with a five-inch 1,600-by-960 Retina screen which may or may not be the 4.8-inch iPhone 6 some analysts see coming in 2014.

The phablet, I’m sure you know, was popularized against all odds by Samsung of South Korea, its jumbo-sized Galaxy Note devices selling millions of units (ten million as of August 2012).

Just yesterday, the company released its latest iPad mini contender, the eight-inch Galaxy Note. In addition to the S-Pen, an IR blaster and a quad core processor, Samsung’s baby outsmarts the iPad mini with its ability to make phone calls over cellular networks. The question is, would you dare use such a giant ‘cell phone’ – and I’m using the term loosely – in public?

That image top of post got me floored, via Android Central.

I don’t think Apple should ever make an iPhablet.

That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to a five-inch iPhone or an oversized iPod touch falling somewhere in between the four-inch iPhone 5 and the 7.9-inch iPad mini. Heck, more than half of you who voted in iDB’s non-scientific poll are warmed up to the idea of a larger iOS device.

But whatever oversized device you’re working on, please Apple don’t call it a phablet.


The phablet, as you know, is a cross between the smartphone and the tablet – hence the name. A phablet that doesn’t make phone calls technically isn’t a phablet – it’s a tablet.

While Apple could have easily added cellular voice calling to the iPad mini, boy am I glad they didn’t. Cellular calling surely makes a nice bullet point in other companies’ side-by-side comparison sheets, but we’re talking Apple here and I sincerely doubt iFans would make fools of themselves by pulling a jumbo-sized iPhablet out of their pocket and press it against their head.

Maybe we need a netiquette of sorts to using these things.

I don’t know, you tell me: is it socially acceptable to use phablets to make phone calls in public?

  • Jaye

    No one wants a damn clipboard in their pocket. F*** 4″+ screens. No iPhablets, please.

    • smtp25

      EXCEPT for 10,000,000 people who brought Galaxy notes; 5,000,000 who brought the Note 2 in 4 months; 40,0000 million S3’s, – so yeah no one except them

      • its all a matter of preference. TO EACH THEIR OWN. Sheesh STFU.

      • smtp25

        Douche read the OP, he’s saying no one wants one, when clearly with personal choice they did. So STFU m’kay

    • I really don’t see the hype with big phones… 4″ is far enough.

      • Jaye

        Exactly how I feel.

  • ap3604

    Wow what a shortsighted, whiny article.

    If YOU don’t want to use the feature on a tablet… then don’t use it.

    For other people out there, having cellular capabilities on a tablet to make calls WITH A BLUETOOTH HEADSET would do wonders as an all-in-one device.

    Quit being some no vision tool that complains about things that you can simply ignore.

    • seyss

      can’t others have opinions? if YOU don’t agree with it… then at least respect it

      • ap3604

        Obviously everyone has opinions… even dim-witted ones like the article above.

        That doesn’t mean I have to respect their opinion at all. If anything I’m free to call them out on it and let them know their closed mindedness is bad for others (like I did above).

      • You’re an obnoxious dick. Plain and simple. I’m neither pro or con a phablet, let along an ‘iPhablet’. So eat it, you blimey troll.

      • ap3604

        Oooooh an internet tough guy who can name call. Scary stuff :rollseyes:

        As for me being a troll? Get lost. Obviously you don’t know how to read since my original comment has an 80% approval rate (28 votes for out of 35 as of this comment).

      • You still lose.

      • ap3604

        Now scurry off little one.

    • Amen!

  • Jeff

    I still can’t believe that image is real.

    • do to theVerge’s website to see that phone-tablet 8inch Samsung device

    • Wassim Omais

      I know, I will have nightmares.

    • Matthew

      Is the note 8 a phone?

      • It has phone capabilities, but they stated that the US version will not have phone capabilities. I’m guessing its just another tablet here but you can order the overseas one if you do want one. LOL

    • It a new breed of phone altogether, as you rightly point out if it makes calls its no tablet… The term Sadphone seems about right.

    • Neither can I Jeff! If I saw someone with that I would just shake my head, laugh out loud, and snap a pick to send to iDB. Who would think its a good idea to put a book sized electronic device on their ear to talk? Video calling over cellular would be great, but voice… Samsung is really trying to hard!

      • asdlb4

        But really who cares? Of it works for them what’s the big deal? I think we’re too locked into our past ideas of what’s ‘socially acceptable’.

      • It’s not bad that something is socially unacceptable. It provides us with boundaries. It doesn’t always mean we’re intolerant, just logical. Did you hear about the 5 year old who’s parents are suing the school district because the child at age 5 has decided that he is cross gender and the school refuses to let him use the girls bathroom.

    • It just like an ipad mini with cellular, plus it can make phone call. PLUS! I remember there was a number of post in this blog write about jailbreak tweak “how to make phone call with a cellular ipad”, and now you seem “total shock” over the idea. We all know idb is bias, but dont be dumb

    • you see people taking photos with their ipads all the time – some people would use a phablet

    • kzshantonu

      @Jeff I hate to say this… but sooner or later… it’ll become mainstream (IF Apple makes one :P). It’ll no longer be awkward to hold an 8″ device to your head!

  • I wonder how they will make pants with this thing…
    iPhone 5 barely fits in my brother’s skinny jeans…

    • Yes, smartphones should fit in my jeans… If i want something bigger I’d buy a tablet…

    • Why does your brother use skinny jeans?

      • because its fashion. im sure you would of heard of it lol, you clearly havent got a clue either “use skinny jeans’ LOL Wear is the word you’re looking for

      • Thanks, english is not my first language

      • “would of heard of it” And “have” is the word you’re looking for.

      • FlamingOzone

        Fatty jeans would sure be helpful

    • 2008crna

      Never understood wearing jeans that crush your junk. Skinny jeans are a sperm killing testicle molester.

  • Anyone else notice that guys forehead?

    • That’s the forehead of a typical Android user… Relax, just kidding.

      • Jerry

        Hahaha! Must be all the radiation from their big phones

    • FlamingOzone

      Bro, the phablet is blocking it

  • smtp25

    I always said the 3.5″ screen was too small and People said apple would never change, then the 4″ came out and most raved about it, I can fully see the day when the 4.3-4.8 screen comes out. Tunes will soon change.

  • Mark

    Lol if Apple released this you’d all be loving it. And I’m not a hater, I have en iPad and iPhone, but sometimes these articles are ridiculous

    • TonyVee73

      Not me. I had an iPhone 5 for a week and gave it to my wife and took my old iPhone 4S back from her. That was too big. I tried a Galaxy S2 (I’m on T-Mobile) and that was way to big for me. I again switched back to my 4S even though 3G speeds are spotty for now in NYC.

  • Mike Lauber

    I’m thinking of a world where, the tablet does all the heavy lifting in terms of cellular calling and so on. But the interface device is something much smaller perhaps something on your wrist, that can notify you when a call comes in or display pertinent information when you need it. Maybe it would be a voice interface device as well. I wonder if Apple is working on anything like that?

    • smtp25

      And they could call it iWatch

    • photohounds

      Everyone is working on a variation of that idea. SONY already have the watch on the market, as do 4-5 other makers (I did not say ‘marketers’).

      Google has its glasses. . We tire of the fan-boy gushing (again) that apple has had an original idea. Dick Tracy watches here we come.

      Now they need an ipad that comes within cooeee of the rest … thus far absent. This tablet kills the mini ipad, plain and simple.

  • If apple dose not make one game over the us is saturated with smartphones china loves the bigger screens and so would lots of people here in the USA. Apple needs to step to the plate or risk loosing everything even the IPad is being threatened. Competition is catching up way to fast for them to do small changes they need to leapfrog in terms of functionality and hardware Samsung is already passing apple by in both areas.

    • Mike Lauber

      “Me too” devices often catch up to the market disruptive product over time. The real question is whether Apple will be able to disrupt the market again.

  • Is it socially acceptable to physically tell your phone what to do (siri)?

    • s0me

      i wonder how many ppl are using siri outside the usa where siri is useless

  • Like seriously… i have been asking myself this question since samsung dumbly came out with that big thing they call a tablet… who needs a tablet as a phone come on world we moving foward not back to the old and first motorola

    • smtp25

      Why not? If it already has a cellular radio for data, might as well enable it for voice. You always blue tooth headset it or some other headset.. In car paired to hands free

  • eisforme

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Why can’t larger devices make calls? While it would be absolutely ridiculous to put an ear speaker on the front, like the iPhone, there are other options. How about using a headphone/mic or Bluetooth headset to call? Yes, holding a tablet to your face is absurd, but making a call on it via other means isn’t.

    • eisforme

      Also, I wouldn’t buy a tablet w/ calling capabilities as my primary phone. I already have a phone. I also have an iPad. It would be very convenient to be able to answer a phone call on my iPad. When I’m using my iPad, I don’t want to grab the phone to answer it. It would be cool if the iPhone could forward calls or something to the iPad if desired. I would use this feature all of the time. I usually wear ear pods while I’m using the iPad anyway.

      • or just use the speaker when you are alone at home lying on the sofa and using the tablet.

  • Guest

    for a moment i thought this guy was back

  • Plain and simple, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it!

  • I’m sorry but I can’t, I just can’t. I would start laughing if I ever saw someone do that.

  • Pedrogamer

    I would be completely embarrassed and ashamed if I sported an ugly brick bigger than my head. I would laugh at anyone and do laugh at anyone who owns one and uses it as above. I’d also like to point out that since its bigger than your head its a safety concern walking the streets as you can’t see from one side when crossing the road. I can also see these users getting mugged withou even seeing the robber. Do people have no self respect in using a device like this? Have people stopped caring what other people think of them? Might as well wear a pink shirt and call it salmon.

  • JoblessGuy2

    Consider this: The iPod touch currently serves one major market: teens who can’t afford/ whose parents won’t trust them with iPhone, and ESPECIALLY those for whom the Gameboys and 3DS’ just can cut it for gaming any more. Apple’s tagline for the product being ‘engineered for maximum funness’ all but confirms that.

    But given the way the iPod touch is being promoted as a digicam or gaming device replacement, it isn’t Apple’s best effort. The A5 and 5MP camera aren’t bad by ordinary standards, but are so by Apple’s own. Plus, the lack of physical buttons is a reason why many dedicated mobile gamers (check out what the folks over at The Verge say about it from time to time) are not considering it at all.

    Now imagine this: the iPod touch, only magnified by 25 percent. A gorgeous 5 inch Retina Display, A7 processor, and with enough space in the chassis to add a great (as in iPhone 5S-great) camera and a new Apple standard for external physical controllers, which also would help it double up as the remote to Apple’s rumored addition of apps to the ATV. Plus, given the fact that the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad mini have augmented costs due to miniaturization majorly, this thing could be sold for about as much as the current ones.

    The other products improve with time as they would, staying within their categories, but the iPod touch evolves to become Apple’s first purebred mobile gaming powerhouse.

    And the best thing is, that if they manage to shove in an optional 3G/ 4G LTE radio, it can even get rid of the general public clamour for a cheaper iPhone, while allowing Apple to skirt around what they had previously said (‘Phones’ should be used with one hand. But we never said anything about gaming monsters now, did we?), kinda like with the iPad mini (no freaking 7-inchers, unless you got some sandpaper on you!)

    All the pieces seem to be falling in place to me. It’s time for the iPod touch to evolve, if you ask me.

    • Kurt

      you should be ceo. because these great ideas will never happen with apple. apple is known for innovating at first and then quiting. they dont innovate anymore. thats why you should apply for the job.

    • photohounds

      These ideas ain’t bad.

      A pity they’ require innovation and actually deviating from a “sure-thing” marketing formula.

  • sunny

    is as simple as that, given two 3g ipads, one with voice capability and one without. same price. which one will you buy? always better to know that you can. although you will never use it. but the image is for sure funny haha

  • Crystal Clear Media

    Very narrow minded attitude in this “article”.
    The day your eyes start straining to see those tiny screens you’ll change your tune. I can count on 1 hand how many times I hold my phone to my ear. Speaker or Bluetooth…. The images and arguments here are just link bait. I am all for consolidation into useful tools. Being vain isn’t part of my productivity. Get over it. Phone calls via a tablet is coming and will be welcomed by many. And I’d venture to say MANY more than you would like to believe. Galaxy Note sales proves it. And let’s not forget Mr. Jobs aversion to a 7″ tablet… Smh

  • Hyr3m

    Retarded sensationalism…

  • s0me

    apple fans will buy whatever apple makes

  • Guest

    Link bait

  • Eldaria

    Actually, I would love an iPad mini with phone functionality. I even looked at making my iPad 3 able to use as a phone, it is too much hassle to make GSM calls, but I do use it as a SIP phone to make calls. I had several people ask me how I can make phone calls with my iPad.
    But I would not hold it to my head, and look like an idiot. Instead I use a bluetooth headset, and not having to bring two devices around would be very handy, the iPad mini is perfect size to go into an inner pocket in jacket, where the iPad is slightly too big.

    With Siri, and a nice Bluetooth headset, you would never need to bring out the iPhablet from the pocket to make or receive calls.

    If Apple release a iPad mini with Retina display and phone functionality, I would buy one in an instant, throw in some true world-4G, and you have an amazing device.

    But as it is now, my iPhone 3GS, and iPad 3 does the job.
    I won’t upgrade to another iPhone unless Apple get their shit together and makes one that has NFC and preferably 4G in Sweden.
    I have held back for a long time now, I have a large amount of apps that I bought so i’m hesitating to change platform. So I hope the next version has at least NFC, otherwise Android phones do look more and more appealing.

  • i would use the iPad mini as a phone with a bluetooth headset. that would be the best phone apple ever made! (of course the ipad mini needs some dire upgrades, but i’m sure the ipad mini 2 will have those!)

    i hope apple makes the ipad mini with ability to make phone calls over cellular networks, they offer a sim card slot so why restrict it to only internet browsing????????

    • Kurt

      “i’m sure the ipad mini 2 will have those!”

      what are they? besides retina.

      • photohounds

        Retina LOL:
        marketing by : Apple
        made by : Samsung.

      • Kurt

        +1 hahaha
        sad part is they are choosing inferior manufactures. Samsung makes the best quality screens.

  • photohounds

    You use it with a good bluetooth headset … the screen kills the ipad mini.

    I see ipad users making calls with those wired headsets … if they are happy what do I care? I don’ childishly laugh at them, it is their choice.

    This thing WILL easily fit in a suit pocket or lady’s handbag and the S pen (by WACOM) means it is far more useful than watermelon fingers for fine detail use.

    I have a note 2. iNuts giggle when I tell them it fits easily in a pocket. They argue it wont of course, as that is what they have been brainwashed into believing.
    Soon they eat crow. Why? Because they CAN’T see a “huge” pocket bulge, and I deftly slip it out of the pocket – no fuss, no drama and meekly say “Oh ..won’t it?”.

    The Note 2 works very well indeed, 2 apps on the screen at the same time if you need it. Nothing comes close to being as useful (at least for a few months).

    • Kurt


  • photohounds

    The only “sad” thing is brainwashed people criticising without ever giving this kind of device a chance to show how very useful these things are.

    The Original Note must have sold 30 its million units or so because – no one wanted them or found them useful. They just felt sorry for Samsung.

    Too bad, but that’s what happens if you make up your mind BEFORE giving something a decent chance and using your brain instead of gabbing. Getting ever smaller in the rear view mirror is what happens when one is rapidly overtaken.

    See ya ……………………

  • Wow That’s So Cool

  • trumpet444

    The simple answer is that most people (if one could make calls with an ipad mini) would simply use a bluetooth earpiece. I hate holding my current cell phone to my ear, much less something larger.

    • Kurt

      I never see people hold their phones to their ears anymore. maybe its a city thing but we use headsets when walking or riding the subway, etc. and less radiation. btw, the radiation problem is real. my friend who works for a cell company is a lawyer and he told me never to put it in my pocket. that they have been working for years on the future lawsuits that will arise.

  • Ever hear of a Bluetooth earpiece?

  • I use my 5.5″ Note 2 phablet all day in public. I gladly gave up the iPhone 5 for the baby, Even if the iPhone 6 had a 5″ screen the iOS just doesn’t keep up with the Android OS.

    • Kurt

      so true, that’s the reason I’m switching to android. I’m waiting for the note 3 this summer. my 4S contract will be close to being up and then Ill go from a baby phone to an adult phone with so many awesome features.

    • MvP77

      I totally agree. I love the size of my Note 2. The battery life blows every other, phone except the razor maxx, out of the water. The rate that android is improving is impressive. The old excuse of laggy, no apps, ugly apps don’t hold up any more. If developers get more tablet apps for android I would happily ditch my iPad for a nexus 10 or note 10.1.

  • The iPhone 4S was the greatest phone made. The size of that phone was perfect and very comfortable. I really wish i did not sell my 4s for the 5. No iPhablets lmao, big screens are useless.

    • $S was the best iphone4… the 5S will be the best 5

  • Yeah…it is freakin’ ugly

  • blckaapl

    Lol! It looks weird IMHO.

    Okay. Something to declare.

    I’ve used the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus waayyyy back in early 2012.

    Guess what? Thinking naahhh. I could use a headset for it. And then, I left the headset at home. T.T

    Got an important call (darn it!!!), picked it up, and I got stares! And yes, I put myself in their eyes and somehow, I can hear them say “WHAT THE EFF IS THAT?!”

    Sold it three days later. (LOL)

    TBH its damn huge. Pocket? No. In bag. Equals missed calls/text.

    But anyways, there’s nothing much upgrades from the Galaxy Note II (which i’m honestly contented with now) apart from the screen size.

    It has lower pixel density (~189 ppi) while the Note II has ~267 ppi (i’m a sucker for screen resolutions ;P ), lower camera MPs, no flash. Nahh i’ll pass.

    Andddd I got the Nexus 7 instead.

    Ain’t no droid fanboy here. Its just that i’m tired of iOS devices being tied down to iTunes.


  • I think instead of using that monstrosity that’s in the above picture, I’d rather just walk around the streets holding my laptop whilst camming on Skype.

  • asdlb4

    Not saying its for me but, you know…if the shoe fits. I hope people aren’t just buying these devices for fashion. Personally, my ultimate quest is to shrink my mobile device collection to just one do-it-all device. It just makes so much more sense that carrying around several devices and trying to keep them all synced.

  • Naiem Y

    It’s an opportunity for Apple to come with a version of iPad mini with some magical iPod mini thing that can be used to listen to music and make phone calls.
    It should just not be bluetooth, like a mini that a part of it comes off and goes back with a sexy click.