iPad mini (Minimally Minimal 002, white, desk, Magic Mouse)

Two days ago, sources reported AU Optronics, which alongside LG Display supplies Apple with 1,024-by-768 display panels for the iPad mini, recently began work on new screens for the next-generation iPad mini. And with yields allegedly now meeting Apple’s exacting standards, Taiwan media Friday claimed AU Optronics started mass producing 2,048-by-1,536 324ppi Retina screens for the device, which is said to use the dual-core A5X chip and quad-core graphics to drive the display…

According to a report by My Drivers, a Chinese website that covers IT industry news (translated to English by BrightWire), AU Optronics has now started mass production of second-generation iPad mini panels. Yesterday’s images of the purported iPad mini 2 rear shell, seen below, also indicate manufacturing may have recently commenced.

DigiTimes reported this morning that panel shipments for the iPad mini reached over five million units during January 2013, with AU Optronics responsible for 1.5 million and LG Display for 3.6 million units.

The My Drives report also cites inside sources who claim production cost for iPad mini 2 has topped $200 per unit versus an IHS-estimated $188 per iPad mini unit.

The 1,204-by-768 iPad mini panel costs an estimated $32 per unit and the same research firm now estimates a Retina upgrade with more LEDs for the backlight module could add up to 30 percent to iPad mini 2 bill of material.

ifixit ipad mini 1
iPad mini teardown via iFixit.

Apple typically updates its gadgets with new technology while keeping prices intact. Rarely does the company increase the price of a product just because it added a new technology. True, Retina MacBook Pros do cost more, but non-Retina ones are still available. Moreover, Apple recently cut prices of Retina notebooks by as much as $300.


Because seven-inch tablets are quite popular, I doubt Apple will simply replace the current iPad mini with a pricier Retina model. Provided Apple gives up some of its margins, a Retina iPad mini 2 should start at the same $329 entry-level price as the current model. Moreover, Apple should recover from the short-term margin hit when Retina panel costs come down, and come down they will as soon as Apple works out kinks in the manufacturing process.

iPad mini 2 rear shell (WeiPhone 002)iPad mini 2 rear shell (WeiPhone 001)

I’m also curious as to what happens to the original iPad mini once iPad mini 2 is out.

Will Apple phase out the iPad mini entirely or discount it as the company typically does with older iPhones when a new model gets introduced?

What say you?

  • CollegiateLad

    I’m ready… Take my money, Apple.

    • Guest

      come on dork, get a new line already fucking fag

      • CollegiateLad

        lol… Maybe I’ll get two.

      • haters gonna hate…

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  • Surely no self respecting Apple user will buy an iPad mini once the iPad mini 2 is released? I certainly wouldn’t. If they drop the price low enough though.. It may take some of the “we won’t be held to ransom by Apple” droid market share.

    • Lordthree

      I’m thinking $250

      • Clearly the iPad mini beats all the droid 7inch range at the moment, if apple pitch the price at a similar level to the better droid 7 inch tablets then it could attract users over to iOS.

      • um not in tech

      • What good is a superior tech spec when the OS is still glitchy, updates are non existent, apps are no different to mobile and things still crash but only faster… Tut tut droids suck!

  • DJ Garcia

    As if the price for the 1st iPad Mini wasn’t enough.

    • You get what you pay for, you buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini because you can afford it and it suits your needs, would you ask Ferrari to reduce the price of its car to the level of a ford?

    • it wasn’t enough .. it was old tech under powered BS…fact

  • Guest

    if thats true, new devices are there way sooner than expected!

  • I think apple will discount the iPad mini as soon as they release the iPad mini 2.

    • no they will discontinue the ipad mini 1

  • Toni

    i dont think its comming soon. Why? Because the only way apple could implement a retina display in the mini is by using an Izgo display which arent ready jet. Without izgo the mini would be much bigger because it would have to push even more light than the ipad 3 had to when it got retina because the mini would have a higher ppi.

  • yay!!!!! so now apple will release the ipad mini they should have released in the first damn place…loll damn lame