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Sony held a pretty big press conference last night, where it talked about its next-generation gaming console. And although the PlayStation 4 itself didn’t actually make an appearance, the company offered a plethora of details about the system.

And shortly after the event, it added to the day’s announcements by unveiling its official PlayStation mobile application. The app, which will land on both iOS and Android, will expand PS4 gameplay by offering a ‘second screen’ experience… 

Here’s Sony’s press release on the app (via Engadget):

“A new application from SCE called “PlayStation®App” will enable iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets to become second screens. Once installed on these devices, users can, for example, see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.”

The concept sounds pretty cool. Not only would it be handy for in-game maps and dashboards—which you normally have to pause gameplay to see—but it’d be nice to be able to purchase and download games from your phone while out and about.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of being able to actually play games on your smartphone or tablet yet. But I’d assume that they’d like to keep that feature exclusive to their PS Vita handheld console, which they talked about quite a bit yesterday.

It’s not known at this time when PlayStation App will become available, or whether it will cost anything, but we should hear more closer to the PS4 release. Sony says that its next-gen gaming system will be ready in time for the holidays this year.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Cool. It seems that everyone is following the model set by steam and itunes/app store.
    Edit: it is a good thing Sony did not make that feature exclusive to their phones.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    If done right this could destroy Wii U, as it most prominent new feature is similar but very limited.

    • Agreed. Although the Wii U might destroy itself with the way things have been going. Sony could just bury them completely with these features.

      • But the Wii U DOES come with the gamepad and is not an expensive accessory, I don’t think the Wii U will die, I think it will loose its change of becoming a hard gamerer system, as I am not and buying a Wii U soon, I just want it to be cheaper because I got screwed when I bought my 3DS just a week later they took a $100 off the asking price.

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Yes, but in the case of the vita/ps4 and the andrioid-ios/ps4 you do not only have gamepads, you have full playable consoles with this own games, apps. You will not take the Wii U gamepad with you everywhere you go. Yes it brings one free gamepad, but chances are you already have a PS4 “gamepad” on you right now.

  • Hyr3m

    I like my epsxe app better 😛
    I’ve been playing FF7 on my S3 while commuting for a few weeks now ^^

  • the last ps app sucked… will this one suck too?

    • Shuhei Yoshida

      You Suck.

      • Vintersorg

        No he doesn’t. The current iOS Playstation app hasn’t been updated since november 2012.. And it STILL has no support for The iphone 5 screen.. Meaning it has big black borders. Also, posting on The Playstation blog from The app hasn’t worked for about a year.. Great..

        It’s horribly bad.. 🙁 I just don’t get why they don’t update it.. 🙁

  • Will this be for ps3 to?