After months of teaser videos, and years of speculation, Sony has just unveiled its next-generation gaming console, the Playstation 4, at its “See the Future” event in New York City.  That’s right, it’s supercharged, it’s intuitive, it’s social, and it’s finally here.

This might seem a bit off topic for iDB, but with growing rumors that Apple’s looking to add apps and games to its set-top box, you don’t have to work very hard to create the connection. Not to mention, we love games too. So without further a do, here’s the PS4…

First up, there’s the hardware. The PS4 is based on a “supercharged PC architecture,” with an 8-core X86 processor, enhanced PC GPU, and 8GB of unified high-speed memory. Sony says its capable of providing almost 2 teraflops of computational performance.


Next, the controller. The system uses Sony’s new DualShock 4 controller with a touchpad, share button, lightbar and headphone jack. The lightbar pairs with a camera system on the PS4 that allows the console to track the depth (distance away) of the player.

As for features, Sony covered a ton of them during its keynote. So we decided to bullet point all of our favorite ones.

  • The new DualShock 4 controller connects to an included light bar, which can identify players and their movements via a 3D camera. No one is calling it Kinect-like yet, but it sounds like it serves a similar purpose.
  • The PS4 has a low-power state that auto-saves games. If you have to step away from your console, just tap the power button. Then when you return, you’ll find your game right where you left it. Sony says “long console boot times are a thing of the past.”
  • And the system can download games and other content in the background too, even with the power off. So no more annoying game-stopping system updates. Likewise, this also means that downloadable titles can be played as you’re downloading them.
  • Social is a huge aspect of the PS4. You can upload videos of your gameplay, while playing, watch other games being played, and even invite a friend to remotely play on your system.
  • And it can learn your likes and dislikes. “Long-term vision is to reduce download times to zero… if we know enough about you we know what game you’ll purchase next and can download it in the background.”
  • Gaikai technology lets you see what games your friends are playing, share screenshots and videos in-game, and take over their controller. It also allows owners of the PS Vita to remotely play the PS4 from their handheld devices.

After talking about the console, Sony proceeded to bring some 10-15 developers on stage to talk about and demo their games. And while they say they used ‘live action gameplay,’ footage we’re pretty sure that’s not the case. Still, they looked sharp.

Here’s Drive Club:

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall:

Deep Down (working title):

And Knack:

So now for the big question, what does the new PlayStation look like? Well, we don’t know yet. Believe it or not, Sony held a 2 hour long event talking about the PlayStation 4, and never actually showed one, or even a picture of one, on stage.

The consensus is that the PS4’s casing and hardware is still very much in the prototype stage, and Sony’s reason for holding its event so early is to get a head start on Microsoft—who is also expected to unveil its next-generation console this year.

This also explains why Sony didn’t announce any pricing details, or availability, outside of ‘Coming Holiday 2013.’

At any rate, the event is over. And we’re dying to know. What’d you think of Sony’s PS4 announcements today?

  • I think they will unveil the console and talk more about release date and pricing at E3.

  • Guest

    Finally the wait is over. Watched the whole event live via IGN.
    P.S Microsoft now wake up, someone’s kickimg your butt. xD

  • WatchTheThrone

    Show the actual console Sony!!!!
    But I like the controller it looks a little more ergonomic!!

    • Guest

      Its like a strip tease, that we will pleasure in Q3.

  • abbyruleover

    That’s 3 hours of my life i want back! How does Sony get by without even showing us the console! Go home Sony!

    • WatchTheThrone

      Exactly!! I think we were all watching it to see what the console would look like along with its specs!! Not some stupid social thing ill probably never use!!

    • The title said the Future of PlayStation. The event was perfect..they CONFIRMED that there’s gonna be PS4. What’s is specs are! What it’s capable of!

      Now all you have to wait for E3. It’s basically like a strip-tease.

    • Kaptivator

      E3 is when it will pop off! They have to give you a teaser.

  • Yeah, you’re headline is wrong. Sony did not unveil the PS4. They unveiled a controller, and demo’d some of the PS4 tech. Did you see a PS4? I didn’t.

    • abbyruleover

      PS4. The new invisible console by Sony.!

    • your*

      Am I right?

    • The controller IS the console! 😉

    • Notice how they put the word “unveil” in quote marks, as if to to imply that they didn’t actually unveil it? See? This is what happens when people ignore grammar use.


      I must be the only one who doesn’t care about the console itself. It’s not like a stare at the %^&*ing console when I’m playing a game.

      • enrique iglesias

      • I agree man why do people care so much about a plastic case, its what is on the inside that makes the difference and the controller is more important than the casing too as tha is what your holding all the time. They will save the ps4 reveal until E3 gaming convention.

    • hasan51h

      wait for the E3 .

  • sony always wins always high tech best quality


    “ONLY $599.99 and comes with riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidge raceeeeeeeeeer”

    For real though, they won’t f up like last time with that high ass price. That’s part of the reason Xbox got such a jump on them. They are smart too about sticking with established pc tech. Quick development times and already trained developers. It’s looking beastly. All I want to see is the next cod and how effing awesome it’s gonna look!!!

    • Microsoft wake up, someone’s kickimg your butt!

      • How do you know that when they haven’t even shown of the next-gen Xbox? For all we know it could double what Sony have just shown.

      • and sony just showed you an invisible console.

    • Definitely smart to build on standard x86 hardware. Will make it MUCH easier for dev’s to build games for both PC and console. The problem with consoles typically is they really aren’t upgradable and therefor fall behind PC’s in capability. Moore’s law makes it inevitable. I’d like to see a console which is upgradable in future generations.

      • JaeM1llz

        They already have a console that’s upgradeable, it’s called a PC 😛 for real though, consoles will never be upgradeable. The last thing the console scene needs is hardware fragmentation.

    • Only 599.99 THAT’S A TONE OF MONEY WOW

      • It’s reported that it will be $400, as they don’t want to make the same mistake as when they released ps3

    • pawfyd

      We’re on Apple blog, why are we talking about something being overpriced? Almost everything dicussed on this site is overpriced… 😛

  • I can’t wait for the new xbox

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Who cares what the actual console looks like… if it delivers im game. I dig most of the features brought to attention. This is what the ps3 should have been instead of the whole proprietary OS/hardware crap. PC friendly hardware/software=more love from devs and easy to develop for. Sony take my money now

    • So you don’t care if the next iPhone is the most hideous looking gadget, so long as it delivers?

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Idk about yall but i dont really stare at my gaming console when im playing a game. It sits in entertainment center lol. The conference is to show what the system can perform under the hood. I more concerned what it can do rather than how it “looks”. I spend most my time looking at the games/movies on the tv.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        They showed me wha realky matters, the power, the controller, and software support.

      • Kaptivator

        Cant compare something that you carry around daily to something that just sits by the rest of your tv and audio components.

      • Hmm yeah, I see what you mean but I do think visual appeal has a bit of a say in the matter, I’d certainly prefer to buy something that looks as good as it runs. I’d be extremely put off if it came in a white rectanglular box with no curves or shine to it

      • Kaptivator

        I get your point. I cant speak for anyone else, but it could come in a white rectangular box as long as it delivers the goods with the hardware they described. my ps4 will replace my ps3 that is in the media cabinet that hides all of my other tv and audio consoles..;-)

  • Who in his right mind decides to unveil a new console without even showing the actual console? Do you agree with me it’s absolutely ridiculous, no matter what their excuse for not showing it is?

    • Apple: “Here’s own brand new iPhone mini. It’s going to be the best phone EVER! Check out its home button and charging cable. Coming soon sometime during the holidays.” Lol

      • Here is not the PS4

      • Well then, here is not $599. Give me one. lol. Hey Sony, I have the money for the PS4, see here’s a $1 bill. I’ll give you the final details and rest of it in Spring 2014.

  • Noelix

    I appreciated their simple approach to architecting the console. I also appreciating them reaching out to developers large and small.

    As a Vita owner the ability to play full fledged console games on it appeals to me greaty.

    The “immediate” sensibility is nice. I’d love to see them follow through on that.

    Still – they have got to sell me on their store. And I’m not. Apple and Google Play have it right. It’s so easy for small devs. Sony’s store is not.

  • chjode

    This is definitely iOS related news.

  • maverickmax

    fail is like a wedding day ,the day has arrived but they are nowhere close to being prepared ..

  • sadaN

    Hopefully not as difficult to jb as ps3 was

  • Jerry

    This is not even a strip tease. This is like asking for 599$ and then telling you that your not going into the champagne room!

  • Sony has already messed up it’s sales people who own PS3 games don’t get to play them on their brand spanking new PS4 then what’s the point in buying such a gay console?

  • I was disappointed that there will be no PS3 native backwards compatibility. Why would I even want to upgrade now if I can’t play my PS3 disc games?

  • Where’s geohot?

  • lushbro

    I just wish that apple would step in to the gaming world and kick Sony out of the gaming market !!!!!!

    • lushbro

      3 hrs just to hear “PS4” what a waste of time!!!

    • That’s why they don’t step in because they can’t kick nobody out lol

  • disqus_ju4NgyIjaZ

    People are on here talking about what the next Xbox will bring. As of right now PS3 is hands down a better console. Free online play, you say Xbox has a better online world and that’s why you pay, I say free is always better. PS3 is BluRay built in, discs don’t scratch anywhere as easy as Xbox. Xbox no BluRay. I can watch Netflix, MLB, NHL, HULU, etc without having to pay extra to get online. Xbox is ripping people off with having to pay to get online on top of the subscriptions to those streaming services. The next Xbox will be more comparable to PS3, nowhere near the PS4.

    • It will be more comparable to the Ps4 because it is the next generation. Microsoft would be stupid to fall behind and make it just as good as the ps3… And not better than te ps4

  • “Idownloadblog: iPhone iPad iOS” where does Sony fit in with this??

    • Stfu. Don’t read it if you don’t like it. It’s his blog he can do what he wants

      • Theme of the site is, once again, “idownloadblog” not Sony. This has nothing to do with iOS or apple in that matter. Just a pathetic attempt at views.

  • ummm 8gb of unified memory??? in 2013?? thats too low

  • Denmark

    Wait 80 years, then you can buy a Playstation 88,

  • The event was great. Let us know:
    – what specs it has
    – how it can perform
    – all the features
    – the controller
    – the light bar
    – games
    – more games

    If you are crying that the console wasn’t revealed then that’s just childish. How hard do you think it is to make a casing that looks better than the ps3. All that matters is what’s inside the thing.

  • they lost me at it still using discs

    • pawfyd

      They would loose me if they said they’re not using discs anymore…

      Come on, all digital sucks. I love boxes, I love CD’s, I love really owning my games. Apple brainwashed you with all this iTunes stuff. Physical media will never die, deal with it.

      I like iTunes, I buy some songs there, but nothing will beat a brand new CD from a store. You can still add it to your iTunes library, it’s cheaper and it just feels right!

  • That is one stupid looking controller. I use a converter and play with an XBOX controller on my PS3.

  • HadPS3B4xbox

    Wow…Sony finally got on board with Xbox…you can now chat and do things at the same time…lol. Game downloading has been happening in the background with the console off for a long time now. Having both systems and using the xbox about 98% of the time, I’ve been tempted to get rid of the PSJunk for some time…only reason i haven’t is because I also use it for playing my 3D blu-rays and occasionally god of war or one of the few single player games that are actually good on the PS3. The only thing its good for is a couple Sony exclusive single player games…other than that its pure garbage…the hassle just to setup a game…or having to wait over an hour for an update for a brand new game just released before playing it…why? I will be waiting to see what the new system is like…any of these idiotic blunders and I won’t waste my money on that crap. Oh and Xbox Live blows the doors off sony’s sorry network. And thats comparing both the paid online services Sony’s plus crap doesn’t hold a candle to Live.