Auxo beta nightly

A3tweaks, the team behind Auxo, has put together a beta repo which will host nightly builds of its popular tweak for paying customers. That means that if you purchased Auxo, you can simply add this beta repo to your Cydia sources, and enjoy the latest features before the general public.

In fact, there’s already a new beta build available for download right now. Take a look past the break to learn how you can easily access the bleeding edge upgrades.

To add the Auxo beta repo, do the following:

Step 1: Open Cydia.

Step 2: Tap the Manage button at the bottom, and ensure you see the Packages, Sources, Storage options on the page. If you do not, tap back until you see the Manage page.

Step 3: Tap Sources.

Step 4: Tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner, and then tap Add in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 5: Type the following in the Enter Cydia/APT URL box:

Step 6: Tap Add Source and the source will be added, then tap Return to Cydia.

Step 7: You should now see the new A3tweaks Beta Repo, tap it and you will see the latest beta build of Auxo.

Auxo beta 2

Now you can download the latest version of Auxo before the public versions are released.

What do you think?

  • auxo post #10,001 🙂

    • Hahaa, not to mention Zephyr.

      • sambuzzlight

        both good tweaks though, i have been bitching constantly about auxo cause of bugs and memory leak but I’m happy to see they are letting users beta test

    • Probably it’s a tweak of theirs!

  • So Jeff, have you seen any real changes with this beta repo?

  • Sentry

    Hi everyone, please don’t add this repo if you are not experiencing issues or crashes with Auxo. This is intended purely as a way to get feedback on latest builds to improve upon stability issues that some users are experiencing.

    So, in other words, only add this if you intend to help us out (i.e. actually beta test)! Otherwise, the server probably won’t be able to withstand the load, and we won’t gain anything beneficial.

    Hope you all understand,

    • Was literally just about to add it. I won’t now though. I love Auxo and I hope everything goes smoothly for you on your way to an iPad release.

      • Sentry

        Thanks for your understanding!

    • Will it have some sort of reporting feature? I love Auxo but it does cause my phone to crash often

      • yea same here but still love it 😀 hope it get fixed

    • Xavier du Coudray

      I would love to actually help with the beta testing. But I’l like to know what is the best way for me as a user to do so.

    • Auxo is still not as fast to open with Zephyr like the original multitask bar, always a delay… iPhone 4 iOS 6.1

      • Rickm_jr

        I don’t use Zephyr, I use it via activator. Better in my opinion.

      • chin2793

        I also use Activator.

      • more powerfull yes, but the zephyr gesture is so smooth and geniuine

      • Rickm_jr

        I mean I use hooks law anyways, lol, not gonna notice

    • RyanFoley

      So if I were to help out with this, I could install these betas and then what? Contact you via twitter or something with any bugs I notice?

      • Sentry

        In the Auxo’s settings there is a support link where you can send us an email directly, giving us any feedback. (or via twitter, by using the heart in the top right)

      • RyanFoley

        Okay great, so if I notice crashing or bugs that relate to Auxo, I’ll be sure to do just that

    • Yea please don’t break my server lol.

    • queen_ir3ne

      When, oh when will we see iPad support?

    • asdlb4

      You are a very proactive developer. Wish they all were like you. Thanks.

    • Why have you listed auxo as not being compatible with iOS 5.0.1 R1?

      There is litteraly only 1 single major issue i’ve found with it on 5.0.1r1 and that is a crash when pressing the music app icon to the right.
      Everything else works perfectly.

      Why have you guys done this? Please make auxo compatible with iOS 5.0.1r1!

      • Which amazingly is now fixed. If auxo works without any major issues for 501 can we find a way to include these users?

  • Guest

    This is off topic but is there any video out on how to make a custom a theme on pages+ I’ve been trying to figure it out since the first day it came out. Thanks

  • J_W97

    Guys, go easy on this repo. I set it up for it to be intended to be used by a small amount of users. So if it seems unresponsive, try again later

  • ImBakedAf

    This is off topic but is there any video out on how to make a custom theme on pages+? The instructions they have are not so clear. Thanks

  • JoshS

    What new features are being tested right now? Just curious

  • I try it but not working

  • MrShutEmDown

    Since theis is beta.. can we make a request to have two rows of icons like Switchy? That’s the only thing that this is missing to get me to go back in all honesty. Two rows just looks fluid

  • kdawgie

    Love the app but it crashes like crazy. Uninstalled it so I don’t have to restart springboard every 5 minutes.