Google Project Glass (image 003)

Silicon Valley giant Google rightfully trusts tech enthusiasts will be falling over themselves to adopt its Android-driven Glasses, going as far to commission a pro to take a series of fashion photographs featuring beautiful, smiling models. Apple, on the other hand (pun intended), is said to be entering the wearable computing space with a smart watch-like gizmo believed to be conceptualized as your most intimate computer yet.

Google’s bet is that advanced augmented reality features are enough to talk people into putting up with the unusual glasses dancing on their nose. And if iWatch talk is for real, then Apple must be thinking its users won’t have a problem wearing a curved-glass watch around their wrist like some Dict Tracy copycat.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle: some folks will readily adopt these wearable devices and others will wave them off as a function over form. Which brings me to today’s poll: if you were forced to choose between the two, which one would you rather wear in public – Google’s Glasses or Apple’s iWatch?

The comparison isn’t totally fair because one is the existing product and the other is just vaporware at this point. Not that it’s stopping analysts from predicting a $15 billion addition to Apple’s bottom line from iWatch, by the way.

Here’s The Guardian’s iWatch mockup.

iWatch graphic

If that thing looks too hideous to you, here’s another concept by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg.

iWatch concept (Anders Kjellberg 004)

And the back.

iWatch concept (Anders Kjellberg 006)

I also like this one by an unknown artist.

iPhone Wrist (Yrving Torrealba 002)

Okay, cast your vote now.

As always, you’re invited to detail your vote down in the comments and discuss whether we as a society have evolved past these things.

Is the time nigh for wearable computing?

Will we as a species ever be cool with wearing unusual devices disguised as fashion accessories?

  • Boss

    Why would you need an iWatch when you have an iPhone and iOS is getting boring and outdated they could at least refresh it?

    Google glasses all the way something new I want to try out

    • Craig Melville

      All phones are getting boring in my opinion and why would anyone want to slap a pair of glasses on there face. No one that wears glasses really wants them and after seeing and using the Oakley goggles I would say the glasses idea is an epic fail. A well implemented watch on the other hand that say allows me to control some of the feature on my phone and say my TV then your talking.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        And how do you know what everyone wants? There are people who like wearing glasses, and there are people who have to in order to see properly.

        Also, why would you need a watch to control functions on your device or the TV? Is it so hard to take out the device out of your pocket? That’s the problem with the iWatch. I can only imagine it being closely tied and dependent upon a smartphone. Glasses, not so much. Current design of the glasses isn’t the best, but if they could improve it, have the entire lens (or both) display content, it would really be the definition of augmented reality.

      • jilex

        good point, i really like wearing my glasses, but i never get used to wear a watch, dunno why

      • Well one thing that they could do to make the iWatch more unique and more separate from the iPhone, is adding fitness tracking features similar to Fitbit Flex and Nike Fuelband. You can argue that not everyone wants that or would use that. But just simply don’t use that feature, just like how many people don’t use Siri, at least on a regular basis. Then all your records can be transferred to your phone via a special app.

        Having it dependent on current iOS devices would cut down the costs of the iWatch. Sure you can slap on a SIM Card tray, Bluetooth Headset, and facetime camera and get the same features but something like that could cost about the same price if not more, as the iPhone but it wouldn’t be as powerful.

        Some people do like wearing glasses, but Google Glass just looks out of place over ‘fashionable’ glasses. If they can make the final design better somehow, then I’d be a little more open to it. but it’s still a year or two away from being released.

  • Callum

    Really? Not everyone needs glasses. Terrible comparison

  • Glasses look more goofy than a watch with a big face. Theft is the biggest problem for the Google Glasses. I wouldn’t want a $1000 pair of glasses stolen right in front of me.

    And with Apple’s Design Philosophy I think the iWatch will look better than most of these concepts. And who honestly likes wearing glasses?

    • s0me

      well i dont like wearing glasses but i have to and it would be great if you could change at least 1 lens with a focus lens (if i say it right) on those google glasses, as for the watch i prefer a classic watch over any smartwatch

    • Tr1pTr0p

      I cannot even imagine how amazing it would be to have all the content you desire, literally, right in front of you. Over the years, Glasses will evolve, and hopefully cover the entire field of view. The possibilities are endless, while a simple watch can only do so much, on such a small form factor.

      • Once the Smartglasses develop more, security, function and design wise, then I would consider it over the smart watch. But until then I’d still pick the smartwatch.

  • The whole point of Project Glass is a hands-free experience, was it not? With a Apple smart watch you’d still be using both hands half the time.

    • hands free…but mind free too..imagine using around chinatown in nyc….lol can you say hit and run?

  • iwatch until some day google come up with a contact lens, yay

  • Those glasses look lame. Now, a smart watch…that is something slick and intriguing. Would make me feel like James Bond Rather than Jimmy Bond.

  • Those Glasses Kind Of remind Me Of Dragon Ball Z Glasses

  • I’d like to have Google Glasses just to search someone with a fight level over 9000

  • Both the day they come out!

  • As a man who has to wear glasses because of genetics, I absolutely cannot wait for Google Glasses. If I gotta rock the lenses, bet your ass I want to rock digitally enhanced glasses that augment reality and connect me with everything my phone and computer do.

  • when i want to fall down or get hit by a car or bus, ill get google the mean time i rather have something more useful and easy on my eyes and that doesnt require extra insurance policies…

  • I appreciate technology but do not want to be engulfed in it either. With that being said, I think the watch is useful but the Google Glasses seem pretty cool too. I’d say both. Just make sure you take the glasses off while you’re driving or… well you know. And as far as theft goes for Google Glasses, if you let someone take the Glasses off of your face, then you deserved it, I’m sorry. But I doubt someone will be that bold to try and snatch them off your face without a good jab to their face, first.

  • Codvisp

    iWatch TV ((:))

  • If there’s a company who can do it right the first time, it’s Apple, Google, you won’t take my money this year because last year, when I bought a Nexus device, it was fast, now it’s so crappy that I’m seriously considering installing Ubuntu on it when it’s available to download.

  • christodouluke

    Those concepts are rubbish but I’d definitely wear a watch over a pair of glasses.

  • I think the guys and gals at google just got WAY too high and watched WAY too much Dragon Ball Z. I’m a fan too, but NO! Just no. You already look like an idiot trying to get those “super cool” low angle camera shots. Add the fact that the camera is now on your face and it’ll double the amount stupid idiots trying to take really stupid picture of shit that no one cares about (because nobody in fact care about your stupid google glass).