Today is a big day for iOS gamers as Electronic Arts launches the third installment in its popular Real Racing franchise. The game was originally scheduled for February 28 release so it wasn’t clear why Electronic Arts decided to post it today, but we’re not complaining even though the game initially launched in the New Zealand and Australia App Store.

The good news don’t end here: as promised, Real Racing 3 is a free download with some unaggressive in-app purchases, a major strategic shift for Electronic Arts which typically prices its most recent iOS games between $5 and $10.

It’s a massive download: you will need to have up to two gigabytes of free space on your device to install Real Racing 3, but Electronic Arts swears “it’s worth it”

At post time, the game was available from the App Stores in New Zealand and Australia.

It isn’t clear whether the game is set to officially launch in the United States today or on February 28, but rest assured we’ll update the post with the US link in either case.

Real Racing 3 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

The game features the new new Mint 3 Engine which delivers persistent car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors and dynamic reflections for a super-enhanced racing reality.

Here’s the full list of features:

Real cars
Featuring Real Racing’s largest roster of cars yet, don’t miss our new manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, Dodge, Bugatti, and Audi. Take the wheels of over 45 intensely detailed racers and test your skills on an authentic 22-car race grid – for the first time on mobile.

Real tracks
In another first for the Real Racing series, burn rubber on a full lineup of real tracks in multiple configurations from top locations around the world, including Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, Hockenheimring, and many more.

Real people
Like nothing you’ve seen before, our innovative new Time Shifted Multiplayer™ lets you race anyone, anytime – even if they’re offline! Every career event is filled with fully interactive, AI-controlled time-shifted versions of your Game Center or Facebook friends, as well as other players from around the world.

More choices than ever
Compete in over 900 events like cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges, and drag races. Upgrade your car parts to maximize performance. See the action through a variety of camera angles and fine-tune the controls to your personal preference.

The premier racing experience
Powered by the remarkable new Mint™ 3 Engine, Real Racing 3 features persistent car damage, fully functioning rear view mirrors, and dynamic reflections for a super-enhanced racing reality. Enjoy a rich, next-gen game with the most advanced cross-platform social and competitive racing community ever. Real Racing 3 delivers it all.

And two more screenies.

Real Racing 3 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)

Real Racing 3 1.0 for iOS (iPad screenshot 003)

The eye-candy is best enjoyed on newer devices, like the iPad 3/4 or iPhone 5, though Real Racing 3 is also compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, fourth-gen iPod touch and iPad 2. You will have to run iOS 4.3 or later to play the game.

If you’ve already tried Real Racing 3, do share your hands-on impressions with fellow readers down in the comments.

  • Mrsammy

    When does it come to the app store ? Beacuse i cant find it now when i search for it ?

    • Did you at least read the article ?

      • rain111

        but you have to admit, the topic is mis-leading and would put people off.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Jose Gonzalez

      As stated in the article:

      “At post time, the game was available from the New Zealand App Store.

      It ain’t clear whether the game is set to officially launch in the United States today or on February 28, but rest assured we’ll update the post with the US link in either case.”

    • Guest

      New Zealand App Store only for right now, iDB will probably post another when it’s availble everywhere.

      • lol.. +review

  • rain111

    Global? you sure? definitely not out in UK lol

  • j0rdan

    i am going to check out now

  • Jerry

    why is it only available in the UK?

  • I hope it comes out tonight! 🙂

  • j0rdan

    nope, not out in uk yet (i am in the uk)

  • Not available in the US yet. 🙁

  • seyss

    if you’re not in NZ: store.heaveniphone DOT com/2013/02/real-racing-3-iphone.html

    • syldd


      • seyss

        iDB deleted my comment 🙁 they dont like saints

      • No, we just don’t like piracy. Saints are ok 🙂

      • seyss

        can we pirate a free app?

    • I’m getting a message saying “The App not found from HeaveniPhone” hmmm…

  • “Unaggressive in-app purchases”
    Wish more developers followed that model 🙂
    Also, I like the “realness” of real racing but I’m more of a fan on the asphalt 7 physics. Real racing does look beautiful though

    • Falk M.

      I find it rather aggressive to offer only 75% of a game and make you pony up for the rest of it…

      • Yea but you get 75% free/25% paid and you get to try it before buying. Also better then CSR where they spam you with in-app requests and make you lose the game unless you do.

      • Falk M.

        I want the game to be paid upfront, end of story.
        Either they offer a lite version that can be beefed up with IAPs _AND_ a full version or they won’t see my money.

        That’s just me though.

        “try before buying”, well, that’s actually something I’d expect of Apple to handle, not the devs and if anything, they could just offer a demo version. You know, like in the old days when games still had demos… Today the studios don’t bother making those anymore, which is a shame.
        That got totally overtaken by the beta hype. I swear to god, most of these betas devs offer are plain marketing.

        CSR is no match.
        It’s an awful game and not even a full racing game, but just a drag racing game.

  • Apple always updates their “feature” front page apps every Thursday, so the developers probably won’t release it till then or late tonight

  • FlamingOzone


  • must be a cydia tweak to allow other regions in the app store?

  • Britishguy99

    When is it available in UK App Store, I want it in my iPad 3

  • I just made New Zealand account.. Cant wait

  • Damian W

    in-app purchase in this game is a shame. I just created a new Zealand account even though i am from canada .

    • How did you do that? I tried and it said my credit card wasn’t from New Zealand so wouldn’t work

      • Damian W

        yeah what i did, I went to new zealand store and try to download free real racing 3. It redirected me to the page where i create account. I chose as a payment method NONE. And then put fake new zealand address.

        Thats it.

        Remember that you need to first download a free app/game from the store and then choose a payment method as NONE.

        Next, I had to verify my email addresses.

      • Hmmm thanks for that, but it’s asking me to review my information as it’s not been used in iTunes yet, I go forward with that and it just shows the payment screen again with no “none” option available. Hmmm..

      • Damian W

        Did you download the free game first, before creating account??

        I got a choice of payments as follows: master card, visa, NONE. I clicked on NONE and go to fill out address

      • Well from the NZ App Store in iTunes, I clicked the “free” button for the game, this then promptede to put in my login details and I clicked create account, once filling in the form, it came to the payment page and I couldn’t only enter a credit card or redemption code

      • Damian W

        well, I cant help you here. Where are you from? Maybe it depends if you are from Canada or other countries.

      • Ayee no worries, thanks anyway, I’m in the UK

  • Faizaan Mohammed

    It’s only available in the New Zealand App Store as of now

  • Guest

    Thats not any “ahead of schedule” lol. Go back to school and learn basic geography! its 28th in New Zealand now, idiots.

  • n00b

    just confirmed: IAPFree 3.3 (from insanelyi repo) works with RR3… get all the “gold” and cash you need.. lol good riddance IAP whore companies

    • Damian W

      I am usually against piracy, but this time it will save us all a headache.

    • smtp25

      Hope your right :/ Required password instantly set and with IAPFree standalone on or off purchase went through no password prompts

      MASSIVELY expensive game you BUY Credit in game and then BUY tokens to speed this up like car repairs AND if you buy a mod with credit you BROUGHT you have to spend tokens that you BUY too actually get them with out waiting 5-30mins+

      • Damian W

        it does work. I bought all of it with fake New zealand account where i have no credit cards. I bought things for about real $1000. Fucking ridicules.

  • bullshit misleading title. it did NOT hit GLOBAL app stores. it was released in new zealand only… IDB does this ALOT!

    • We did not say the app “hit” (past tense), we say it “hits” (present tense), as it is hitting all the stores around the world. It’s not misleading at all, and when it hits the US App Store in a few hours, it will indeed be ahead of schedule

      • seyss

        you may be right but the title is a bit misleading cuz most ppl read stuff in a hurry

      • Haha, ok but I can’t be responsible for people reading in a hurry 🙂

    • how else would they get people to read their articles and make money? and sebastien is being a total douche trying to defend himself when he knows exactly what he is doing with the headlines to pull quick ones like this.

      • Really, there is no need to call me a douche, or anyone else for that matter.

    • I apologize. You were right. The app was only available in New Zealand and Australia for some reason. We believed that the app would slowly roll out to the rest of the world, as it usually do. So, mea culpa. Our intention was not to mislead anyone.

  • Just downloaded real racing 2… Real racing 3 out now #SuccessKid

  • ibrokeiphone

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