Since the evasi0n jailbreak was released last week, we’ve seen a wave of tweak and package updates as developers rush to fix remaining iOS 6 bugs and add new features. Today, our favorite theme joins in; ayecon 1.3 is now available in Cydia.

The update is fairly significant, as it includes a number of additions and improvements. There’s a new dial pad (for iOS 6+ only) and new icons for apps like Google Maps and Netbot. We’ve got the full change log for ayecon 1.3 after the fold…

Ayecon 1.3 change log, via Surenix’s website:

  • New phone dial pad (iOS 6 only)
  • Auto-theme small App Store icons in Preference (not Cydia tweaks)
  • Fixed 2×2 folder layout for iOS 5.1.1
  • Fixed Siri theme/background
  • Fixed Safari top bar with proper ayecon feel
  • Fixed iPod lockscreen control bar
  • Share media icons should work (if it doesn’t, you just need to clear your cache—which I don’t know how to do but all the files are in place)
  • More icons added (ie. Google Maps, Mailbox, Netbot and more)
  • I do hope this update will clear my inbox for me 🙂

My favorite thing about the update so far is the new phone dial pad. I think the darker-toned grey looks much better than the previous version—which I can hardly remember now. What was it, blue? Silver? At any rate, the new pad looks very sharp.

I also appreciate the fact that Surenix continues to add icons for new, popular apps. I don’t have Netbot, because I’m not sure I believe in App.Net as a platform yet. But I do have Mailbox and Google Maps, and I’m glad their icons now fit in with the others.

Finally, I hadn’t noticed any stability problems with the theme before updating. So I can’t speak to any of the bug fixes. But the new goodies alone are worth updating. Ayecon 1.3 is free for existing owners, and $2.99 in the BigBoss repo for everyone else.

What do you think of the new ayecon update?

  • Bob

    That dialpad looks yuck. I like ayecon but wtf does it do to the icons, why does it make them soo small. There should be more user configurable options for Ayecon.

    • Can you use springtomoize to make them any size you want?

      • Bob

        You can but it kind of distorts them as it was not designed to be bigger, so doesn’t look as crisp.

    • I think it looks good, just not sure if it’s better than the original. Just wish the display area would have been darker to differentiate it a bit.

  • the perfect theme nothing to say!!

  • j0rdan

    does this update work with a cracked version ? my friend just asked me this

  • Can we call with iPad? not voip :S

  • Love this theme, but hate the new phone dial pad!

  • j0rdan

    ok i found out that cracked versions are the same as other versions but for free

    • Themes don’t need cracks. They are just someones hard work with images and stylesheets. There is no drm or security. Calling it a crack gives the people who steal them too much credit.
      You should have wrote is, “hey I’m a thief and I can’t pay $3 for someones hard work but I own a $800 phone. Can someone help me steal an update until my parents give me an allowance.”

      • j0rdan

        btw it wasnt me it was my friend

      • RarestName

        It’s not only images and stylesheets. I’ve tried it out before (and uninstalled it minutes later) and it has a MobileSubstrate for the 2×2 folder previews.

  • j0rdan

    honestly i do not know what graviboard is up to… 5 months already !!! 🙁

  • j0rdan

    can anyone give me ideas to sell something for an iphone 5, off contract ????

  • Andre Grey

    i hardly use tweaks and much less buy themes but this…i had to get this when it first came out…

  • Falk M.

    Winterboard… Hmmm… Having a really hard time right now…

    I’ve wanted Ayecon since day one, but I value my performance and messing with my phone as little as possible and Winterboard is pretty much the definition of “waiting to decrease your experience and battery life” or has it improved since the last time I tried?

    Mind you, I need my battery life (usage time, standby isn’t thaaat much an issue) a lot, so even slight impacts will probably tick me off… 😀

    • Saurik released a bit update for winter board a little while ago. It’s fast and stable on my i5

      • Falk M.

        Have you compared the battery life?

      • Seems fine. Haven’t done any real tests. Try it again. If you hate it, then remove it?

      • Kurt

        Battery seems ok for me too. But updating to 6.1 and 6.1.1 and jailbreaking the battery seems worse than jailbroken on 5.1.1 I don’t think its winterboard as I was using it on 5.1.1 also. Give it a go.

    • Yamir Ortiz

      Well im using an iPod Touch 4G and thats normally slow out of the box, and ayecon is running like out-of-box. Havent noticed any changes.

    • I’m with you. Back in the days I messed with Winteboard and found that it decreased a lot of battery life so I sucked it up and uninstalled it.

      • Winterboard used to be a drain, on older devices, but the A6 chip and 1GB of RAM, devours anything I’ve thrown at it, with plenty of resources to spare.

    • Falk M.

      Thanks for the input everyone. I might give it a shot this weekend 🙂

  • Any of you knows how to fix this…. After installing “Ayecon” I was fixing infinite folder and the background for the folder is just a tiny square…. Has this happen to you ?

  • the icons in my dock have got a little black/dark frame after the update…also in my multitask bar. Ugly 🙁

  • Why is my status bar blue rather than black?

  • mickey

    Hate the new dial pad. The old one showed the level of detail ayecon is known for. The new one just looks like a simple gray gradient dialpad. The old dialpad meshed with iOS better than the stock dialer, but the new one just looks out of place to me.

  • s.hel

    I really like Ayecon and even replaced my beloved SuaveHD theme 🙂
    Some little design parts are not my thing (music/video controls)
    Luckily you can turn those of separately 🙂

  • I want to to pay with Amazon Gift cards!
    I don’t own a credit card:(

  • Can anyone please tell me how to clear the cache so I can get the share media icons to work??

  • Gwapo

    Any body know how to get iphone 5 camera shutter button on iphone 4? I like it coz its bigger and harder to miss. Ang makes it feel more ios6. Thanks

  • salve il tema e stupendissimo tranne il dialer grigio era bello azzurro non ce un modo per metterlo azzurro che era cosi bello?