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There are times when it’s useful to know exactly how much battery life you have left on your phone. But since you’re not checking it every second, the percentage meter mostly just adds clutter to the status bar.

With the new BatteryPeek tweak in Cydia, you can have the best of both worlds: the tweak will hide the percentage meter, until you actually want to know how much power you have left…

BatteryPeek hides the percentage meter and installs a plugin for Activator. You can set the plugin to whatever gesture you want in Activator’s Settings page, but I currently have it set to AnywhereDouble Tap Right (on status bar). This way when you tap on the status bar’s battery icon anywhere, the percentage meter appears just long enough to be read and then disappears.

batterypeek activator

I tested the tweak on my iPhone 4 in iOS 6.1, but it should work on just about any device. BatteryPeek is freely available in BigBoss repository on Cydia.

Do you think the battery percentage should be hidden unless needed? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • My name is in Cydia’s description ^_^

    • Lol you are Happy 😛

    • Ben

      At least your second try worked…

  • My name is mentioned in the Tweak’s description 😀

    • I didnt see your name

  • sheraaz

    useless tweak i think. prefer bolt which gets rid of the battery icon, which is kinda pointless if you can have a percentage.
    extra actions which are not required

    • above all prefer springtomize 2

      • sheraaz

        springtomise is good but its paid tweak, bolt does the battery thing and is free, i know sprigtomise provides other benefits but thats not what this article is about

    • deepdvd

      Or use both? Then you can see the percentage when you want, and it will only show the bolt icon when you’re plugged in.

  • jorith

    Just use springtomize to remove the battery icon itself and if you really want use bolt with that. Information and no clutter….

  • Dan

    eh, i’d rather keep the battery % fulltime

  • It just download a app called battery that show the percentage on the screen..then just close the app .. Or you could use a activator to open the app and see the percentage on the screen.. Why install another tweak when you already have activator, just put the app in a folder or hide it

  • Such an awesome tweak. Very useful and makes your status bar clean

  • Daniel

    I’m not sure why exactly but I am glad this was made into a tweak. Personally I prefer to keep the battery icon on and the percentage hidden; it just seems like a cleaner, simpler look to me. But there are a few times I want a glance at the exact percentage, usually when I want to distinguish between 20% and 2%. This tweak isn’t really ground-breaking or anything like that but it is useful enough, and much easier than diving into the settings app. Now I don’t even have to unlock the phone and I can get a quick peek to tell just how desperate it is for some power.

    • Agreed, definitely. I would however add some enhancements like the ability to permanently show the percentage when charging since you can’t really tell via the icon whether it’s low or high.
      Good deal overall, I’m grabbing it, FAR from useless for those who want to keep the screen clean and avoid numbers which look ugly in my opinion, I’m sticking to icons instead, thanks. 🙂

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  • What’s the best cydia tweak for having icon notification in status bar for facebook, twitter, mail, messages etc. ??

    • Brian O’Connell


  • Does anyone know how to enable the battery percentage on iPod Touch 5? Seems like it’s the only idevice where you can’t do that from the settings. Tried this but still no battery percentage.

    • Florian Lerch

      Springtomize is always nice 😉

  • I prefer to see the exact time i have left. With Powerleft you can do this. Although I’m currently having issues on iPhone on ios6.

  • ic0dex

    Great tweak if you like having your battery icon on the status bar. I set activator to double tap the right corner to show battery %. But the only thing I did not like about it is you only can use it on your spring board, if you’re in a app it won’t work.

  • Don’t get this. If you uninstall, you can’t get the battery percentage to stay on constantly afterwards!

  • Antzboogie

    I like this tweak and thank you very much. Im compulsive and dont like to see my battery percentage always just when I plug my iPhone in to not over charge.

    • There’s no such thing as overcharging

      • Antzboogie

        That’s what they want you to think. You must believe everything anyone tells you lol

  • disqus_X6Mnso1cW3

    Will be better if it hides battery and shows % in auto for example when battery is 20% or less – it will make life easier when at “red line” 🙂