evasi0n cydia fix UIKit Tools

Some of you who used evasi0n to jailbreak their iPhone earlier this week might have encountered an issue where the Weather app would just crash at launch. The evad3rs were quick to identify the issue, and yesterday, they released a “manual” solution to fix the problem.

This fix, which we detailed and explained, required a bit of code manipulation, and was not really the easiest way to go at it. Fortunately, the evad3rs have now released and update that can be downloaded right from Cydia…

In order to fix the Weather issue (as well as the long reboot issue that was also reported by a few jailbreakers), go to Cydia, and hit the “Changes” tab. From there you should see the an upgrade available for UIKit Tools and for the evasi0n 6.0-6.1 Untether packages.

Upgrade both packages, and reboot your device. Not only your device should now reboot faster (assuming you had the long reboot issue), but your Weather app should also be fixed.

Don’t forget to reboot!

Once you’re done, please come back here and let us know how this worked for you by leaving a comment below.

  • Kenneth white

    Hey man thanks a mill. Like dude said go change find iOS 6 weather app fix. Install. Done. And WORKS THANK U VERY MUCH IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY IT DOES WRK IPHONE 4s6.1 again THANKS. App sync had nothing too do with it and forget about the ulkit update. Just install iOS 6 WEATHER APP FIX. WOLA

  • Collin

    Nah still nt wrk

  • Danny Broughton

    Tried everything and it still won’t work

  • Free Palestine

    Best way after trying everything is to download from cydia (iOS 6 weather app fix) and not (weather 6.x fix) very important. I hope it do work 4 u guys. (FREE PALESTINE)

  • SingingTurnip

    My weather app has just started to refuse opening. I have checked Cydia and no update is waiting for me.
    How can I fix it?

  • Simon

    It worked for me 🙂 I had to uninstall app synch and reboot