FullForce for iPhone

We recently published a post about ScreenExtender, a free tweak available in Cydia that forces legacy apps to stretch to the iPhone 5’s taller screen. As we published the post, Ryan Petrich came up with his own solution to stretch older apps to take advantage of the taller iPhone 5 screen.

Similar to his iPad tweak called FullForce, FullForce for iPhone forces applications to show in full screen mode on the taller device…

Looking at the comments on our ScreenExtender post, it appears people are having issues with the free tweak. More specifically, some users seem to not be able to “unstretch” an app once it’s been stretched with ScreenExtender.

While I haven’t tried ScreenExtender, I can testify that I have not encountered any similar issue with FullScreen for iPhone. As a matter of fact, it works pretty darn well.

Once you have installed the app, simply go to Settings > FullForce, and you will be presented with a list of apps that are not taking advantage of the taller iPhone 5 screen. BigBoss repo manager 0ptimo explained to me that Ryan Petrich’s tweak has a smart list of apps that might need to be stretched, leaving the ones that are already taking advantage of the iPhone 5 taller screen out of the equation.

Even better, if you launch a legacy app that hasn’t been stretched yet, FullForce will display a pop up asking you if you want to stretch the app.

As often, you really get what you pay for. ScreenExtender is free but seems to come with issues. FullForce for iPhone is $0.99 and works flawlessly. My recommendation, you might have guess it by now, is to use FullForce for iPhone should you need to force some of your apps to show in full screen mode.

Questions? Comments? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • shinratdr

    FullForce is amazing. A must buy for anyone with the old AppShopper APK, turns it into an iPhone 5 app, indistinguishable from the rest.

    • Jimothy

      Makes me wish I could buy it. But I’m broke. There’s no way in hell I’d ever pirate it though.

      • legalidiot

        much respect.

      • You sir….you have my respect too.

      • Jimothy

        Thanks everyone.

  • dedegarrido

    Sebastien Page, do you think Ryan Petrich is going to uptade “DietBulletin” to IOS 6?

    • Hasn’t it been updated this morning? I see it at the top of the “Changes” tab in Cydia

      • Hey, do you know if this app will “Stretch” other JB apps? such as GPSphone?

      • Guest

        Sorry, replied to the wrong comment.

      • jorith

        seems cydia is still somewhat slow, dosnt show an update for me, but ill just keep refreshing!

      • jorith

        you sure it updated? cydia loads fine, and i see new stuff, but not this one. Wich version does it show sebastien?

      • shinratdr

        In Cydia it shows up as 1.0 but in the “Changes” section so I’m not sure if it actually got an update.

  • I still don’t understand why Apple doesn’t incorporate this into iOS in the first place.

    • That’s why we jailbreak πŸ™‚

    • Cause there are some apps wont work. I think Apple didnt want to risk

    • Because it would give lazy developers a reason not to update their apps and give them real support.

    • shinratdr

      Because it’s buggy with almost all games for good reason but not ones average users would understand as well as some apps, and it encourages developer laziness.

      Devs, despite what they may say, almost always take the easy way out. “Good enough” ends up being the way it always is for the majority of devs. This is also why Apple didn’t take the Android route of stretching phone apps to make tablet apps.

      You wouldn’t have seen nearly as many iPhone 5 compatible apps at release if Apple had implemented something like this, not to mention users complaining that touch targets are off, blank spaces in apps with custom UIs, or outright crashes.

      I for one prefer this route. Now almost every app on my homescreen is iPhone 5 native, and the 2-3 that aren’t (and aren’t games) because they’ve been abandoned or are made by lumbering organizations that don’t give a shit about their mobile apps are also compatible.

      • Really good point, I wish I thought of that. However, it would only be stretching about a half an inch in both directions, so there wouldn’t really be that much of a problem on most apps. Just raising the top bar and (if applicable) bottom tab bar, and making the canvas a little larger. Android scales, FullForce adjusts canvas size.

      • shinratdr

        True, but it even that small change does break some apps. TimePlay, the Cineplex Odeon games app has the UI elements move but the touch targets stay in the same place. IMO, unless you knew what was going on, this lead to a ton of user confusion. That in turn would force Apple to allow users to enable or disable the feature app by app, which we all know they would never want to do.

        I agree it wouldn’t be a problem for most GOOD apps, but so many apps in the App Store aren’t good. The crap I see on other people’s iPhones, especially casual users, always amazes me.

        That, plus the fact that the vast majority of games simply justify to one side when FullForce is enabled and so much of the App Store is focused on games (On the “Featured” tab of the app store 22 apps are visible via banners or icons. Half of those are games. On the “Top Charts” tab, 12 icons are visible, 7 of them are games.) makes me feel like they made the right decision.

        I don’t like the black bars either, but that’s kind of the point. Push devs to make real updates to their apps by annoying users just a little, enough to shave a star or two off their overall rating and watch as they rush to provide good native support. In practice, it seems to have worked. I got my iPhone 5 within a week of release, and within a month or two every frontpage app I have besides AppShopper had native support.

    • Because apple is stupid

    • Ernie Marin

      it’s the Devs responsibility to update their apps, but if Apple doesn’t pressure them they won’t care, the biggest problem is how some iphone 4 apps already have larger screen versions for samsung phones, but still have the same 3.5 screen version for iphone.

  • abdulla

    thank you i was looking foreword for this

  • jmarq

    does anybody know if this works with chrono trigger for the iphone app?

    • shinratdr

      I don’t have Chrono Trigger but I have every FF title and Secret of Mana, and none of them work properly with it. Looks like the way SquareEnix develops their iOS titles doesn’t allow for this tweak to work. The only game I’ve found that works well with it is PvZ.

  • NoBrainer

    It’s way smarter to buy Flex for 3 bucks and then get fullscreen for free. I bought Flex and got til now at least 10 tweaks for free including this fullscreen tweak.

    Just recommending

    • While that’s true, IIRC the Flex springboard patch doesn’t allow you to set apps that you specifically don’t want full screen enabled on.

    • Falk M.

      I want to replace some system sounds (like the sound it makes when I plug my iPhone into a charger), but I’m curious to know whether and if so how Flex would enable me to do this.

      Thanks for any advice in advance πŸ™‚

      • NoBrainer

        i think for changing system sound you might want to take a look at iSounds. It lets you do just that. Flex cannot do that since it only lets you change Variables and not change file directories which you obviously need to have access to in order to change the sound file you want to be played.

        Abd not sure but i think this might also be possible with iFile. You just need to find out where the sound files are located.

      • Falk M.

        I do not want to replace files actually…
        I’d like having a tool do this for me, because it’d be the central hub to revert the changes without having to *deep breath* restore -__-

        Thanks πŸ™‚

        And oh, I did try iSounds, but the concept is awkward…
        I’d just like to pick from sounds already on my device (even saved them as ringtones in iTunes and synced them to the iPhone) and go from there, not having to deal with downloading packs (of which there are not many) and yeah… packs… I’d like to choose the sounds, not a BUNCH of sounds. πŸ™‚

        Again, thanks so far, maybe my further input specifies a little better what I need. πŸ™‚

      • kevinstallone

        I think that Winterboard allows you to “theme” your sounds. Make a theme called “Battery Sound” or something like that and inside the theme folder make it look like this:

        Battery Sound/UISounds/beep-beep.caf

        Make the beep-beep.caf file what ever sound you want to play when you plug in your phone.

        P.S. /System/Library/Audio/UISounds has all the system sounds for your device. Just look through them and you can see if you want to add more to your “theme”

      • Falk M.

        Thanks! Much appreciated! πŸ™‚

    • how do you stretch app to fit a iphone 5 screen through flex? im looking at the methods but not sure which one to pick

      • NoBrainer

        Go to the Cloud -> Springboard -> Fullscreen Apps and download it.

        If you pirated Flex then of course you cannot download it and you need to Go to the Patched Tab -> + -> Choose Springboard -> Add Units -> Springboard – > Search for a class called “SB Application Method”. This class contains the method “(BOOL SupportsApplicationType (int)”. This Method you have to add and change the Variable from false to true. Then go back to the Patches screen and activate it by tapping on the check mark or what its called. Hope you understood everything.

  • Does Full force work on other jailbreak apps?

    • shinratdr

      Yes! I’m also using it to “fix” Barrel & iSHSHit.

  • This is the greatest tweak ever!!!

  • Anyone try out Maximization by rud0lf77?

    • Off topic, but I was glad to see the update. Makes me wonder if we’ll see an iOS 6 update of Quasar.

  • Doesn’t work for me… Any help?

    • shinratdr

      What doesn’t work exactly? It works on an app-by-app basis. Some don’t work at all (many games just justify to one side, TimePlay has it’s touch targets in the same place but the UI elements move & Pizza Pizza just sticks to the top) some work decently well but have blank spots or small issues (SpeedTest, Rogers MyAccount, Plants vs Zombies, Ustream, BMO & Blizzard Authenticator) and some work so well they look native (AppShopper, iSHSHit & Barrel).

  • shinratdr

    Wow, it even works with Plants Vs. Zombies! The dev did a great job, although I wouldn’t expect less from Ryan.

  • hellac00l

    Plants vs Zombies confirmed working fullscreen! This is a game I still can’t beleive isn’t supported on the iphone 5 yet πŸ™ Wake up game devs!!

  • Bob

    Awesome tweak.

  • notewar

    Doesnt seem to work with street fighter volt

  • Not worked with NBA

  • JinOnyxMusic

    Is anyone else having problems trying to purchase tweaks from Cydia? I keep on going to purchase an item and when I try to connect with facebook it give me a “page can’t be found” error on it?do i need to do anything or is this still because of the onslaught of people trying to buy tweaks right now? thank you for any help and advice.

  • Ernie Marin

    I used this on NOVA, Spiderman Total Mayhem, and Hero Of Sparta 2, and Star Battalion, all old games that haven’t been updated in years, not even for ios 6, so far only Star Battalion is the only only one that worked fine, the other either scaled down for no reason at all, or decided to send the screen to one side, and thus disabling the controls, still i’m glad i paid for it since i’m sure further updates should fix that. .

  • wadjj

    works much better than screen extender, appshopper works flawlessly

  • what about resolution?

  • Works nicely with Junk Jack πŸ™‚

  • Daniel Tamm

    it made my text plus app crash and my pandora app crash

  • Jasmine Sosa

    Needs update for ios 7