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Earlier today, the evad3rs uploaded two new packages to Cydia that were built to fix a few bugs found in the latest jailbreak: one that caused the Weather app to crash, and another that caused longer reboot times.

This afternoon, the team has released an update to evasi0n, bringing the utility to version 1.1. And as expected, it includes these bug fixes, so users should no longer encounter them when jailbreaking their devices…

If you’re already jailbroken, and either aren’t experiencing any of the aforementioned problems or have already downloaded the fixes through Cydia, then this doesn’t really apply to you. There’s nothing new in evasi0n 1.1.

But for those who haven’t jailbroken yet, or plan on doing it again in the near future, you’ll want to grab the new version of evasi0n to keep the process as painless as possible. As usual, you can find it on our Downloads page.

Once you’ve downloaded it, make sure to visit our dedicated evasi0n section. We have step-by-step tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for both Windows and Mac platforms.

  • SchoolBoy

    I just have a other problem since i make the JB on my iphone 5 – 6.1 everytime i try to delete an App the iphone go on save mode and it dont delete the app.. there is someone else sith this problem ???? sorry for my english but i try my best 😉

  • can i run it over the first jailbreak?

  • Street

    Worked fine at my Iphone 4S with Ios 6.1
    Thx man 🙂

  • i updated via cydia, and weather app now works.

  • Crushed

    Well installed the fix and woohoo weather app is working fine now, but my phone sure still takes abit to boot up ….. but thats is ok with me as long as it starts i’m fine with that. 🙂

  • Hans

    try repo . cracklords . info
    iOS 6 Weather App Fix
    It works on my iPhone 4S and 5.

  • I’ve been dealing with different iphones and you can solve the problem if you restored, but before you jailbreak your device make sure you open the weather app and After That You can jailbreak the device and That will solve any problem in the future

  • Gordon

    guys, 1.1 just fix the long reboot bug but the weather,have a look at the description in Cydia.

  • mtfr

    Thats why I don’t jailbreak from first time, I wait till I hear if everything is fine and a better version of that jailbreak tool (easi0n now) is better and has a fix for a problem then i update and jaibreak (in short: be patient)

  • harideep

    HI All,

    Please let me know do evasi0n jailbreak unlock SIM card restrictions in Iphone 5?
    In my case jailbreak is succesfull but not able to use otheer carrier Sim card

  • iPhone4life

    My JB iPhone 5 keeps on freezing after using it for about 5 minutes. It becomes unresponsive. Anyone know y?

  • Fernando

    it wordek for me if deleted the appsync but when i deleted it i also deleted ipa store ,,i cant seem to find the ipa store download on cydia without appsync which sucks so i reinstalled ipa store which comes with appsync and again isnt working but w,e i rather have the ipa store then the weather app,,

  • Tricki68

    I haven’t had either of these 2 issues. My problem is after JB’ing my 4S & installing inTelliscreenX, springtomize 2 & EZDecline for IOS 6, my phone crashes into safemode when receiving a call every single time. Any suggestions? I might have to install one at a time & try it like that.

  • 3aloo1

    i set the upper picture as my background

  • Icecoolg

    Hi, I have a bit of a problem with apps like infinidock. You see, about a year ago, I had my old iPhone 4 jailbroken, but when iOS 6 beta came out, I upgraded, loosing my jailbreak. A little while later I got a new 4S, and I FINALLY jailbroke it yesterday. When I install apps like infinidock though, it seems to go back to the homescreen configuration on my old iPhone 4. All the folders are the same as I remember them. This wouldnt normally be such a problem, but I have changed my folders so much scince then and changed apps that it would just take too long to sort out. It is also definatly infinidock as when I uninstall it, my apps and folders go back to normal. Any ideas on how to clear this saved configuration that was carried over? 🙂

  • John714

    I restored my phone, jail broke again using evasion 1.1, and everything went great, but now my mail app don’t work! I cant receive mail! please help

    • Kurt

      All these bugs just to have a half way decent OS…Android is looking more and more appealing. Sorry you are having problems with mail. I’m having problems with messages app, weather app, siri (siri crashes my phone!)

  • Michael Luu

    Running super clean on my iPhone 5 16gb, 6.1. I waited till today to JB with Evasi0n 1.1. Backed up my device, restored it, ran Evasi0n (which took in total 5 minutes to run through), checked if everything ran good on my iPhone, then I put my back up back on my device. Weather, Music, Mail, App Store, Siri, & of course Cydia, are all running up to par. Thank You @evad3rs !

  • you have eather installed lot of repo source you must try to remove some. or there is one repo that you added is bad try to remove the last one before the prob happen and in your case it may be i0s.us

  • zapatista

    how to fix white icons in my iphone 4s/6.1 jailbroken.pls help.

  • robert

    please put a tutorial on iphone jb with absenthine 5.1.1 upgrade to evasi0n 6.1 tq

  • Didn’t help me neither!!! It worked for a while then started crashing! iphone 5

  • Taylor Canoy

    Ok so I have a tethered jailbreak with redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4 and I was wondering can I run evasi0n-win-1.2 on my device to get an untethered even though the redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4 there? Will it mess up my phone? Right now the keys are missing in my redsn0w_win_0.9.13dev4 program and my mobile substrate is not functioning properly and Cydia won’t open. I’m just so tired of my tether jailbreak I want untethered and I really just want to hook it up to evasi0n-win-1.2 and be done with it if it will be perfectly fine and not brick it. Any thoughts? And please if you’re not for sure don’t try to tell me something you have no clue about.