Fix for evasi0n Weather app bug on the way

By , Feb 4, 2013

evasi0n initializing offsets

Earlier today, we started receiving reports that folks were having issues with their Weather app after jailbreaking. It’s been the one glitch in an otherwise flawless execution of the evasi0n tool.

The issue appears to be limited to iPhones—the iPad actually gains Weather app functionality—and is only affecting some users. But nevertheless, the brilliant evad3rs say they’re on it…

Both pod2g and MuscleNerd of the evad3rs hacking team commented on the bug this afternoon, saying that they have—or more specifically planetbeing has— already begun working on a fix for it.

We assume we’ll see a patch pop up in Cydia sometime in the next couple of days that will fix the Weather bug. Until then you can either stay inside, as MuscleNerd suggests, or try restoring and re-jailbreaking.

Obviously, we’ll let you know as soon as this matter gets resolved.

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  • Markus Hudobnik

    “Just don’t go outside”


  • Jamie Chapman™

    Well, this time of year anyone can predict the weather anyways!

    • Andy

      It reminds me of an ad where a girl asks what a weather is like when there’s a window right beside her showing that it’s sunny outside.

  • Andrieux Querido

    My Ipad3 w Siri doesent show wheather app/. Please help us

  • Hakuna Matata

    I like the effort of humor despite of the glitches and bugs. These guys work hard, thank you!

  • David Soto

    Shit, I didn’t know the weather app was gone.

  • Muhammad Arslan Siddiqui

    When are the sources going to work for cydia

  • Burge

    Done the jailbreak twice to see if I can sort out the weather app and both times it don’t work .. Oh well who cares my device is jailbroke .. Roll on the tweaks

    • Tania Vining Jackson

      No doubt, although i had to re install Facebook but I don’t think jail breaking was the problem,

    • Tania Vining Jackson

      Looking for a tweak to hide the weather app now 😉

      • Burge

        Install sbsettings .. In there you will find a setting that will hide apps ..

      • Tania Vining Jackson

        Done and done, Now my music is all messed up, it keeps scrolling and wont play. It hooked up to Bluetooth in my car but wont let me choose which songs, just shuffle?! Any hints??

      • Burge

        Let me think about this one …
        Ok let’s just try a respring..

      • Burge

        This might sound silly but you did jailbreak with the lastest version of evasi0n ?
        The weather app should be fixed on that

      • Burge

        There is a easy way, just put it into a folder with all the other crappey apps that are on the device

  • FabianPVD

    Weather is working fine on my 4S.

  • Johnny Tucats

    I don’t know how I got OpenSSH to install. Nothing will finish installing now.

  • DosXX

    Also siri wont open apps. It simply says “it doesn’t look like you have an app named safari.” Not that I really use siri, especially the opening of apps but it is related to the jaikbreak.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Opening apps working 100% for me. Just told her to open safari so I could reply to your comment.

      • DosXX

        Have you rebooted your phone?

    • disqusted

      After you jailbreak, you must append or prepend the word “bitch” to your commands. Such as, “Open up Safari, bitch…” or “Bitch, open up Safari before I smash ya ass!”

      You can use other derogatory words as well, which I will not mention, bitch.

      Whoops, sorry! I’ve gotten so used to it now, it’s become second nature!

      • DosXX

        hahaha that made my day. As I attempted to, for the hell of it, say “open safari, bitch” I burst into laughter. Ironically, it actually works. You sir are a genius!!!

      • disqusted

        Haha… I do what I can, which is “very little” to “nothing”, so I am pleased to find that someone actually responded to one of my trademark “off-color” remarks. Thanks! LOL

  • Rickm_jr

    Anyone else unable to see the package queue button anymore? Did it get moved or something?

  • Jonathan Jaimes

    My works fine

  • Dardan Rexhepi

    atleast u can se the wather when u pull down the notification center, there it will work, but opening the app wont.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Neither work idiot.

      • Lucas Kunert

        Actually it does…

      • Richard

        Actually your the Idiot mine shows in notification area but my app dont open.

      • Tania Vining Jackson

        Works for me just fine :)

  • Ismail Sondai

    simply open ur notification center and check the weather 😀

    • Johnathan Jennings

      You can’t idiot. There is nothing there.

      • @dongiuj

        Is he an idiot? My weather app doesn’t open but NC weather works fine.
        Think about who the idiot is for a moment.

      • Ismail Sondai

        Ty FOr ur support:D

      • @dongiuj

        No worries. I just hate people that are too sure of their self. Like the same people that said “iPad mini would never happen/ Apple would never make an iPad mini/ It’s just not Apple to do something like that”. These people are T W ATS!

      • Tania Vining Jackson


    • Tania Vining Jackson

      My weather app isn’t working but the weather in the notification center is! TY

  • Josh Cacho

    Very good. On a side note, ipad mini or ipad 2?

  • Georgi Georgiev

    The application doesnt works but this in notification center works perfect.

  • Rodney Coleman

    No issues on the 4S…..

  • Rodney Coleman

    Works well in the iPad mini

  • Hollywood333

    I still can’t download anything in Cydia. I need to know what is going on A$AP! :(

    • Lucas Kunert

      It’s caused by thousands upon thousands of people trying to download the same stuff all at once. It’s mostly caused by repos, too, not even Cydia.

      • Hollywood333

        So what should I do, just wait it out?

      • Lucas Kunert

        Yep. I’m having to do the same. I’ve only managed to get like 4 or 5 things to work so far. It may be a few days before it calms down. Patience is a virtue with this haha.

    • John

      Sorry what?
      You’ve waited how long for this jailbreak and only NOW you *need* too know ASAP…?

      Fuck, you impatient cunt.
      How about you do something else and wait LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS TOO!

      • Hollywood333

        You need to watch your language please. Different ages ask for help on this site and you never know what kind of influence you can have. Thank you for your response.

      • John


        If you’re not mature enough to understand that there’s a few “naughty” words thrown around on a website that is designed for adults then take your crayons and fuck off back to the kids table.

  • Nada Tosnas

    It’s hardly a ‘flawless execution’ when most users haven’t been able to download anything off cydia

    • Lucas Kunert

      The jailbreak is flawless except for this minor issues. Cydia isn’t in their realm of support or anyway affected by the evad3rs team, dolt. It’s caused by thousands upon thousands of people trying to download the same stuff all at once. It’s mostly caused by repos, too, not even Cydia.

      • Nada Tosnas

        Agreed, the JAILBREAK is flawless, the execution, far from it. I wasn’t blaming the evad3rs team like you try to imply, they have done an amazing job. I just had a problem with the use of the word ‘flawless’

  • Quang Truong

    Luckily I got Auxo and Zephyr installed on my iPhone 5…Its like iOS 7 for me :)

  • patmack

    it’s also affecting my ipod touch 5g

  • Blue$now

    I was able to DL a few repo’s and now Cydia is crashing on me now, anyone having this problem?

  • Henry Loh II

    Thank you, evasi0n team! Once I confirmed a cydia app, I donated $10 – jailbreak is the most important feature on my iphone 5!

  • John

    I’m curious to know why the fix is “on the way”?
    Wouldn’t something THIS obvious have been discovered during the beta testing?

  • Benson

    Donated to these guys.. not much, but they deserve it.

  • Rickey Grant

    No issues on my iPhone 5

  • Pmcaa TM

    Fuck pussi. I can’t download things that I needed. Not working app weather

  • phua

    I had the probs too, but after rebooting and respringing(din know which one did the trick). it is fine again!

  • Nirvana

    problem with weather app must be on other folks’ iphone., just summon the noti. center and it’s there!

  • Nickson Ng Junn Ee

    weather bug is make ur screen blank?

  • Chris

    So after the update my weather app still does not load