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Remote Messages is a jailbreak tweak that allows users to access full SMS and iMessage functionality on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S from a desktop browser. It’s a clever utility that allows the iPhone to run as a server, which creates a chat window front-end on desktop browsers. This front-end comes complete with support for profile pictures, attachments, and Emoji icons, as well as for sending and receiving texts. This utility is especially handy if you like to have your phone connected to a stereo away from your desk or if you prefer typing with a full keyboard and screen.

Unfortunately, it seems the $4.99 app is mostly popular with pirates. According to a Reddit thread by the developer, 7 out of 8 installs of Remote Messages are pirated copies…

remote messages server

Interestingly enough, the developer asks in the thread: “Would you consider $4.99 too steep for a tool like this? It’s been a slow grower, and it’s seemingly very popular with the pirates in Vietnam and France (try before buy, my arse!)”

We’ve seen high piracy rates for jailbreak apps in the past, most notably when Filippo Bigarella released piracy stats for Springtomize. Springtomize 2 actually had a higher piracy rate, at 92%. This is despite the fact that the tweak even costs less, at $2.99.

While Remote Messages is priced at the high end for a utility on Cydia, keep in mind Remote Messages isn’t a simple MobileSubstrate tweak; it’s a functioning server that plugs into iMessage and displays a browser-friendly front-end for viewing and sending texts.

What is your advice to the developers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

  • Tav

    Add better security code.

    Chpwn made the tweak “Chip” (i believe that what it is called) My friend tried pirating it and he kept saying it would crash his springboard. Chpwn stated that he added a security feature to crash the device or something.

    • Falk M.

      Just what the world needs… more DRM *eyeroll*

      • Not really. There is an app called PhotoAlbums+ I think. They have some crazy DRM, and is pretty much uncrackable at the moment. It’s not that nagging like requiring a server to log in, or having obtrusive ads. It just won’t run. Not all DRM is bad DRM.

      • Falk M.

        I give up, folks around here accept DRM, which I personally don’t so yeah. The talking base is pretty much set up for dispute.

        I personally am moving on. 🙂

      • Kurt

        hey, i’m with you, all drm is bad. innocent people get the shaft

      • hotdog963al

        Including DRM is just asking people to reverse your software, which we do not want.

      • Falk M.

        That’s very true, it’s like giving a child a box and telling it to not open the box.
        Once you leave them alone guess what happens.

        One could also compare it to a good riddle that those with skills want to test said skills with and obviously get some fame or credit along the way.

    • they can get around any security that is put into a tweak.
      Think about it, we jailbreaks get passed Apples security.

      • christodouluke


      • Kurt


    • It’s not worth it. If it makes your device or the tweak unusable, crackers will remove it. Many developers (myself included) just add a simple “if you pirated, please consider purchasing” message to somewhere like the tweak’s settings page, or don’t even add DRM code at all.

      On the other hand, this requires the cracker to modify the binary to remove DRM code, which has been known to make the tweak more buggy. If I was to add DRM code and crackers removed it, I’d probably see a few more purchasers due to the pirated package’s bugginess (or an email sent to me saying it’s buggy, to which I’d just reply to purchase or no support will be given). Most would just get the impression that the original tweak is buggy in the first place, however, and just uninstall it.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Wow lots of jailbreak stuff today 🙂

  • Falk M.

    I think a lot of the good tweaks need better marketing if you will.

    I think you can maybe even blame the demographics of jailbreakers for that a bit.
    I see way more pseudo-tech savvy or tech savvy young people jailbreak/jailbreak for friends than for example their parents’ generation, around and up.

    Youngsters, especially those in school, are often tight on money and for them a certain amount of money has a totally different meaning than to folks to make so “much” money (relatively speaking) that they can actually feed them and pay them pocket money if you know what I mean.

    • Tom

      I see your point but marketing requires a financial investment. Investment from a smaller pot of money due to pirated versions of the tweaks.

      • Falk M.

        Good point and I definitely agree.
        It’s a pity, however I also think that the community as a whole would profit of a big, popular curated website that promotes these apps, highlights reviews, youtube videos etc etc about them and makes them easier to find.

        At least I don’t know a website off the top of my head that does this.

        You know, with a nice catalogue, an index with a way to find tweaks that are made for niche needs.
        We ALL have niche needs, but it can be hard to find tweaks that help us out.

  • Best advise…
    In an app like this, make it free and force ads on us, at least that way you are still making money for your hard work.
    Most tweaks cant do that (while i believe this one could) Its sad, I like the ‘try-b4-u-buy” but most people dont use it like that, very sad.

    (note: i think there is another tweak like this that i had, i dont remember if it was free or not)

    More advice: release trails that expire in a week, i want to think if people like it, they buy it. People dont want to buy something that might not work for them. I had paid for callbar, and v1 didnt work for me, i had to wait til v2 before i got any use out of it.

    • Falk M.

      Expiring full version software is shady. I for one don’t support software like that. Yes, I’d rather miss out on a great piece of software.

      Abusive DRM is why I’m not going to get the new SimCity for example.
      I was super excited about it up until I heard they need to “run code on their servers”… Yeah, right…
      Sorry, if my i7 quad core can’t handle it, back to the drawing board fellas.
      But we all know it’s just an excuse to make the game not runnable offline even with an activation/verification server hack.

      • SimCity actually does have to run code on their own servers, they have some special algorithms for various probabilities of “things” that happen

      • Falk M.

        Oh come on.
        That stuff can be done on my i7, if not, the game’s not ready for the market. Simples.

        Of course it’s all just anti-piracy.

        Try to retro game that game.
        And we all know doesn’t care about servers of old games much.
        Sure, with Sims 2 they waited a while, but come on, a single player game with expiration date?
        GTFO, EA.

      • Kurt

        you are exactly right.i hate drm, it hurts people who buy it. it doesnt hurt those who get it for free. so it pushes people to get it for free…back when mp3s were loaded with it and you couldn’t play the music bought from itunes/amazon/or a brick and mortar store, people said nah, its faster and easier to go to a bittorrent. and people could play it on any device.

      • Falk M.

        Amazon has always been DRM free and mp3’s with DRM whilst technically possible were never used in digital music stores afaik.

        But yeah, I agree with your message.
        Many folks were massively pissed and it’s a pity the video industry doesn’t take some advice from the experienced of the music industry.
        I can only wish for betterment and actually, I wouldn’t mind DRM be legally banned from existing, but I guess voters aren’t bribing as nicely as the good folks over at Universal, Sony, Time Warner, …

      • Kurt

        i didn’t mean amazon had drm in their music. i was referring to apple. i changed my thought in the middle of writing. sorry about that…i meant that putting in your credit card and doing things legally is just too slow and you can run into problems. but going to bit torrents is faster and easier and no drm as you used to get from itunes and from other online stores. Amazon is a great company and has always been.

      • Falk M.

        Fair enough, I agree.

        Love Amazon myself :3

        Don’t think setting up the credit card or other means of payment is so much trouble, maybe for the occessional spontaneous track or album, but when you know you’ll use the store more often, it’s little effort compared to the benefits of easy prchases from there on.

      • Kurt

        i like one click purchase. and the ease of itunes and windows 8 when buying apps and music. but before things weren’t so easy.

  • I was just reading this on Reddit its shocking really. Pirates will always find a way they always do maybe we should meet half way with them? They always state it’s try before you buy so how a bout giving them that option and after a number of days what ever it is they r trying gets locked until purchased? Then again pirates will always find a way! (Had a good conversation with myself there!)

  • NoBrainer

    Online registration like for Adobe Software. If registration failed then put Device into DFU mode.
    But seriously who pirates apps?? Right, only kids and poor people. I can understand that you don’t want to pay 12$ and above for a tweak, but do you really have to steal something worth 2,99$??? That is really sad..

    • Hyr3m

      It’s not just 3 bucks when you have to get a credit card for it… a lot of people can’t afford to (and shouldn’t) have credit cards…

      • RarestName

        I linked my bank account to my PayPal account.

      • Hyr3m

        I personally know five people that had upwards to £600 stolen from their bank accounts (Natwest and others) through PayPal… Dunno if it’s the bank or PayPal but neither of them will have my trust in the next few decades…

  • i have bought all my tweaks from cydia . most expensive was celeste bluetooth tweak then pwntunes

    1.99 ill buy it now

    never tried it but will if its 1.99 4.99 is steap for a app i wouldnt use daily

  • is there a new installous yet?

    • NoBrainer

      I hope your iPhone’s display cracks tomorrow..

    • Ron


    • Falk M.

      If you want to use it in the spirit of Hackulous, props to you, if you only want free stuff, you’re better off staying away from this site for tips on how to get stuff for free permanently, we don’t like that around here.

      If you’re a honest buyet though, as I said, be our guest. 🙂

  • FabianPVD

    Remote Messages is definitely worth the $5, especially to those who don’t have Macs, and those who want to text via their iPads when they’re in class and don’t want to use their phone. 😛

  • how does the MyWi company do it? intelliXscreen?

    • NoBrainer

      IntelliScreenX my dear

  • Most people I speak to about jail breaking think its about getting copied apps.. And I have to tell them that its not.. It’s more than ripping people off and how would thay like it if some stole from them ..

  • Honestly, they need to make it easier to pay with Cydia…. If you could use Amazon gift cards… Perfect.

    • Falk M.

      That is a great idea.
      It wouldn’t be of much use to me personally, but having more options is ALWAYS nice.

      It’s something you should suggest to Amazon Payments.
      They probably already had thrown that out of the window, because it honestly is a logical idea, but something apprently made them not implement it.
      Maybe if enough people ask for it they may reconsider that?

  • pauleebe

    Just authenticate through a system like BiteSMS uses? Unfortunately Cydia’s piracy problems stems from it’s superlative – being open.

  • Gus Me

    Some people have stated that they can get around any security… Well, there are a few tweaks/apps that are not cracked. Now whether it’s an issue of it being “uncrackable” or the “crackers” not wanting to waste their time on getting passed it, who really knows. I’ve read some posts by these “crackers” and it seems that it’s more about them being “uncrackable”. Maybe they can talk with the the developers of these other tweaks/apps, and maybe give them a cut of whatever they make for using their protection.

    • RarestName

      Fabius, whom developers often talk to, doesn’t crack them if requested not to.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    It means that 12.5% actually is buying that crap. Try WifiSMS instead don’t need any crack, and you have the source code on github. Bet the idea and some code come from there.

    • hotdog963al

      WifiSMS is clunky and doesn’t support iMessages, we didn’t like it so we wrote our own from the ground up. We don’t use usage tracking, as I stated in the thread on Reddit, we merely check location (by IP address) and verify UDID (to make the support button hide if you’ve purchased). We’re not including DRM either, ever.

  • Guest 69

    Well, piracy is everywhere.

  • i didnt and i never ever heard of this tweak,..

  • My parents went to Vietnam and said that they don’t even use credits cards

    • Kurt

      they also don’t use forks…

      jk (korea here)

    • Tom

      Yeah. Mine went too. No ATMs there (WTF?).

  • I can speak for us here at ManChild Technologies,

    The amount of apps that were pirated From us Vs what we sold is just a let down.

    Our plans are never and never will be to make millions off people buying our Tweaks and Apps in Cydia.

    Money is spent in development and Release and testing to assure the end user experience is the best that it can be.

    When you see over 90% of your work stolen >.. it makes it very hard To repeat the same cycle over and over..

    So we took time and invested money into creating our own DRM. We know that nothing can ever be hack proof. but if it even stops a fraction of the people who pirated FaceSlideR it will be money and time well spent

    • Hyr3m

      Of those 90% of “thieves”, can you guess how many would actually buy your apps/tweaks if they were uncrackable ? Also, of those 10% left do you know how many got to know about the app/tweak from someone that was part of the 90% ?

      It’s not like you have a warehouse full of a limited number of boxes each worth something and you got 90% of them stolen, that’s a clear loss; you’re not losing any money when 1 or 1’000’000 people install a pirated copy of your app/tweak… Some of them might’ve otherwise bought it but you haven’t spent a dime towards what is being “stolen”. If anything, this million people (let’s assume) shows your fantastic app/tweak to other people who might in turn buy or hack it and show it to more people… They’re increasing your visibility.

      Of course it’s depressing, so is everything else about Apple… Go and code tweaks for android and sell them on the Play store. More people have access to it and are ready to trust it with their money than cydia…

      • Kurt

        i dont feel bad for devs who cry numbers about pirates. i only feel bad for them in one scenario, where their app speaks with their servers and saves ino on their servers and then they need to upgrade and buy more servers because of the influx of pirates. other than that one scenario i dont care to hear them whine. most people who pirate wouldn’t buy it. its such a small number who would buy it if they couldn’t pirate.

      • Hyr3m

        Agreed 100% Kurt. Add to this server issue the one Sentry brought up in this article’s first comment about user support. Besides these aspects they have to understand that more users (whether paid or not) increase visibility and therefore most likely end up increasing their revenues.

      • Kurt

        excellent point…and whining like children in this comment section and probably other places also is promoting their product without them realizing it. all because of kind pirates. perhaps they should thank the pirates?

  • dailen

    To me, the key to getting me to jump for an expensive app is a trial period. Preferrably 2 to 4 weeks….otherwise just make it cheaper. believe it or not, anything over 99 cent seems high. By pricing something at 99 cents you can significantly increase your purchases because impulse buyers don’t mind throwing down 99 cent to try something.

  • AndyDontCare

    Some of these apps are kinda pricey, too. I can say I’ve never pirated them for the sake of supporting the jailbreak community, I’ve paid those steep prices, but nevertheless: just sayin.

  • Sentry

    Newsflash: Pirating tweaks is ridiculously easy, and thus much of the jailbreak community opts to pirate. A large portion is made up of youngsters who don’t have credit cards or young adults on a budget, but I suspect an even larger portion may have the means but simply find it more convenient, and perhaps even safe, to go the piracy route.

    Most tweaks out there have a piracy rate of at least 90%. Auxo is right around 89% piracy, which is a bit of a “success” consider the typical rate are around 94-96%.

    No matter how fairly you price something or how worthwhile its functionality is, tweaks will always be massively pirated. As far as investing time (and ultimately money) into big projects, it’s somewhat restrictive in a sense. At the end of the day pirating is just made so easy that there’s less of an incentive to support the developers. That’s part of the reason why tweaks aren’t up to par with apps as far as quality standards go.

    What’s worse is that not having a legitimate user base makes you suspicious of your very own users. With Auxo for example, we get loads of support emails a day. In my mind, as a seller it’s your obligation to respond to your customers who have any inquiries or issues. The problem is that you don’t and can’t always distinguish who is really your customer and who isn’t. It’s equivalent to a shoplifter entering a store and complaining to the manager about something they “bought”, with the manager being oblivious to whether or not they are a legitimate customer.

    We end up responding to most of them whether we can know if they are they are legitimate users for certain or not. This is also a waste of time, as it makes putting a priority on your actual customers nearly impossible, and thus diminishes the value of that obligation you should have with them.

    Personally, I’m currently involved in a handful of tweaks in development, some paid, some free, and as much as I love designing them and appreciate the users who supported Auxo, I will most likely be moving on to focus on App-specific design projects when these projects wrap up. It’ll simply be more worth my time and ultimately a (somewhat) less taxing endeavor.

    Just my two cents.


    • RarestName

      UDID checks. I learnt a huge lesson from the gentleman who developed iFile when I couldn’t register my legitimate copy of iFile.

      • Sentry

        You would be surprised how snappy some users get when you ask for a UDID, or sometimes even asking to send an email via Cydia (YOU WANT PROOF?! HERE! /etc). So most of the time I don’t ask, just help with whatever issue they have.

      • We wouldn’t be surprised how many, it would be probably about 9/10, which are the 9/10 pirated users. Legitimate buyers such as myself actually take pride in providing proof that we purchased the app; we know we’re the <10% and 9/10 of us are understanding. So maybe 9.1/10 would p!$$ & moan. 😛

      • RarestName

        I admit that I’ve sent emails to developers without paying first, but if they do reply, I’ll immediately purchase the tweak because I know that they do have real support. Some developers never reply.

    • asf

      Hmm, so I guess you choose not to answer some emails (at least you haven’t answer mine, a legit buyer, sent from cydia).

      Also, do you have the number of how many people bought your tweak, and then uninstalled it?

      • Not all mails requiers a reply.

      • asf

        Emails asking for support because the tweak is not working as it should? Oh, okay then.

      • Asf: Sentry is a designer, not a developer. Bug reports should not go to him, he just won’t be able to do anything. Send a mail to the developer. With a proper error description. Really.

      • asf

        As I said, I sent the email from cydia, so the email was sent to the email the developer provided for support, and it automatically added a bunch of files with information like the list of tweaks I had installed, iOS version, iOS device, etc.

        I really don’t care about the support now, I’ve uninstalled the tweak the day I bought it. Probably should have tried the pirate version before buying it. Oh well, learned my lesson :).

      • It might not need an answer.
        If the dev is working on a fix, it won’t be released any faster answering 1000 emails first…

      • Sentry

        “Hmm, so I guess you choose not to answer some emails (at least you haven’t answer mine, a legit buyer, sent from cydia).

        Also, do you have the number of how many people bought your tweak, and then uninstalled it?”

        Like I said, we get many emails and its hard to manage some times as we’re only two people and both have lives to deal with, so we may miss some emails at times. If in the rare case we don’t respond to a dire issue, that either means a fix is being worked on and one of us never got the chance to get back to you about it, or we genuinely missed your email.

        Nothing personal, trust me.

    • Without piracy you would have around 89% less users.

      • I’d say about half of that. Some people do use it as a “try before you buy” system (still not legal though), and others have the ability to purchase, and are happy to, but opted to pirate because it’s free.

      • But at least there will be legitimate users. The support tickets will be legitimate. The server load will be smaller (where they host the tweaks). A pirate will always be a pirate, unless he gets it to his his head that he spends more money on McDonalds than on a tweak.

        Regarding a pirate being a pirate, my brother earns crazy good money, and he still asks me if the jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is out, so he can get free apps. Two years ago, I had to jailbreak an iPhone of a boss of one company, and one request was to get Installulous. It is easier to say that when you are not “in the developers shoes”.

        *3+ years of learning different programming languages (time).
        *4+ years of college (time+money).
        *12+ hours (could be more/less depending on the app/tweak)…time lost.*Paying to host the tweak/app, or having your own server (money lost).

        *10% legitimate user base.
        *More support emails from users asking to fix the problem that could have been caused by a cracked version(illegitimate users), legitimate problems caused by developer mistake(illegitimate+legitimate users).
        *Server requires more load…have to pay to upgrade (to keep legitimate users happy…and the piraters too)
        *Illegitimate users = profit not made (note that I did not say profit lost), which results in time lost. If not much profit to live off software developing = go to some 9-5 job = less time for support, to develop.
        *More headache.

      • Ben

        Only one thumbs up?!? I’ll help you out…

      • loopyduck

        Without piracy, they wouldn’t have to bother supporting 89% fewer users–users who didn’t pay a dime, mind you–if something doesn’t work right on their phone. If I were a developer looking at all the bills I’m paying, why would I care about having 900% more users if that 900% just pirated my work?

    • Chaz

      news flash: piracy will always be easy.

    • Framboogle

      Any update on Auxo 2?

  • How about an app that lets me use iMessage on any phone/laptop by proxying via a server running on a Mac? That’d be worth $4.99.

  • Remove the ability to add custom repos to cydia. Simple as that.

    Sure, yes a user can still install a deb file via ssh… but (i hope) the majority of users wouldnt bother to, and just purchase the tweak.

    yes, ill admit it. I have pirated from cydia before.. ill be honest. I did have springtomize running, ifile…. I used to pirate apps too… cough GTA, Angry birds……
    all i used my jb for in the end was activator and zeppelin… Gotta love that slipknot logo in the top left 🙂

    Ive been unjailbroken for almost 2 months, awaiting the 6.1 untethered 🙂
    and ive found that u dont need to pirate apps. Angry Birds RIO is free now, Bad Piggies has a free version….. its great.
    – yeah idk, that has absolutely nothing to do with cydia…. anyway.. back to the whole thing.

    What if cydia were no longer able to house custom repos, and everything added had to be either through a single main repo or an approved one.
    SSH piracy and such, still a problem 🙁 and i really cant think of anyway to stop that, other than forcing the developers to buff up their security. Chip and jLauncher?? i think (dont quote me) were uncrackable.. maybe if there was some sort of standard secure code that was used….

    But of course that just invites hackers.

    Anyway… i think i just repeated myself at either end of a pity rant…..
    i better go… yolo? nope.. yolo is stupid, and swag… swag idiots deserve death…


    • RarestName

      No more beta repos then.

    • Jonathan

      No, custom repos should remain, just block pirate repos. Cydia already warns you if a repo is known for pirate copies, instead of warning it should just outright block it.

  • Jonathan

    I have pirated tweaks, there were 3 reasons, I didn’t have enough money, and you can’t be sure the tweak will actually work in the device (especially if your on ios6), there are quite a few tweaks that say they work on iOS4+ or iOS5+, so when I was on iOS5, and now iOS6, you can’t really be certain that the tweak will actually work, and tweaks tend to be more unstable (even if they say they support your iOS version) just by their nature. When on the iOS App Store you know it will work on your device because its been through Apple, and on the off chance it doesn’t you just open iTunes on your computer and click report a problem, and you get a refund quite quickly. Whereas Cydia is a mess, it looks a little old, and really does not instill a feeling of trust.

    However since Auxo was released, and I bought that as soon as I heard in twitter it was released, I bought the other tweaks I’m ashamed to say I’d pirated (iFile, card switcher, some others I can’t remember off the top of my head).

    If you want to reduce piracy create quality tweaks like Auxo (and there are many quality tweaks and JB apps already, but they scattered amongst some rubbish).
    Also improve Cydia, how it looks, works and feels. there really need to be options like hide themes from search and all other listings, there those switches when you edit the sections tab but I can’t fin what they affect, when I’m searching a for a tweak i still get a tonne of themes (and also tweaks that have foreign language descriptions which i can’t read)
    And a trial syst would be brilliant, as little as 5-15 minutes trial would mean you could make sure it works on your device before you buy.

    And I just want to say sorry to those devs who I had pirated from.

    • You can hide sections from cydia.

      • Jonathan

        I have tried turning off sections in the Sections tab. It does not work, I still get themes in my search result.

      • Those switches only affect the changes page. (It makes sense for them to affect searches though; not sure why that wasn’t implemented)

    • Tom

      In general, I agree with most of the points you make, however you can’t really compare the App Store and Cydia. I agree that Cydia isn’t that nice to look at, and sure, it has its niggles, but you have to bear in mind that Saurik doesn’t have the same resources at his disposal as Tim Cook does (in terms of man power or financial resources!).

      Cydia could do with a ‘lick of paint’, but it’s far better than any other method of adding software to your iOS device (SSH, anyone?).

      • Jonathan

        Sure I don’t expect it be like the AppStore, in fact I don’t the AppStore is particularly great, I only ever use the search tab. If I’m looking for apps ill google it first and see reviews of similar apps then search the specific app. But it really could do with a refresh, if a designer like Sentry got involved it would be awesome

    • If you don’t have enough money, wait till you do. If it doesn’t work on iOS 6, email the developer. The “Author” button in Cydia is the equivalent of iTunes’ “Report a Problem.” Really the only difference is that you won’t automatically get a refund this way, however nothing is stopping you from asking the developer for one.

      There are other package managers too (an unfortunately large number if you ask me). Cydia is known for its clunkiness and bugginess. It’s actually just a web app wrapped in a native app with a few native parts (the tab bar, search page, etc). The loads of useless/copied packages that repos accept isn’t a great thing either. This is kind of self-advertising, but iTweak is amazing and fast and its release date isn’t far.

      • Jonathan

        iTweak sounds like it’s going to be a lot better than Cydia. And now if I can’t pay for it (though I can atm, because my cell phone network gave me £70 into paypal), I don’t get it at all. And it’s not obvious who you should contact if you want a refund, the developer, the repo, or the cydia store.
        It would help if there was more consistency in package details (I know this is up to the repo) but things like working iOS versions must be obvious, required and uniform across all listings.

  • “What is your advice to the developers?” – Well, being a developer myself, this is what I do. Either be a nice guy and give it to the community for free (really… It doesn’t hurt…) or make some extra effort protecting the tweak from crackers. There are several anti-cracking, anti-patching methods that any decent developer should know and usually they prove to be very effective.

    • hotdog963al

      We’re currently saving up profits to get an iPad/updated iPhone for testing with. We’re both currently stuck on the 3GS (hence the super low memory footprint!).

  • Dlevi309

    Its pretty much the one reason i made CarrierEditor free, because even if it costed a penny, most wouldn’t buy it and just put it on the piratebay or something. Piracy has made me lose 1000’s of dollars, so I’ve given up making any of my products cost a dime. I cant trust the community. I would’ve made a lot for what a 13 year old kid can get, but piracy would’ve ruined it.

    • Falk M.

      “Piracy has made me lose 1000’s of dollars”

      What made you invest so much money in the development of Cydia tweaks?
      Unless of course you don’t actually mean “lose” but “didn’t get what I wanted to get”.

      Not everyone who pirates would actually buy if that was the only option to get something.
      Folks love to forget that.

      I’m not saying piracy isn’t hurting the developers, it SURE does and I’d love if anyone pirating would REALLY only use it to test drive applications, however, we must also acknowledge that NOBODY can honestly say how much revenue they did not get (!= lose) due to piracy.

      • Dlevi309

        A 13 year old kid cant do much jobs, so thats why i decided this community, and i know the kids who pirate just do it because they don’t have the money and i understand that. But when someone has money to begin with, and a tweak of the future comes (CarrierEditor for example) and they pirate it, i lose money and hours of work to the trash

      • Falk M.

        You do NOT lose money. Just because someone has money readily available doesn’t mean they would pay to get it if that was the only way to get it.

        There is a lot of stuff I’d love to have but wouldn’t pay for, but I won’t pirate a reasonable priced app that I like. Many others are different.

        I appreciate you trying to earn your own money and that in a creative way, although if money is your concern and you want to code and think that the coding was not worth it for your own use of the app and the few that paid for it, then you might want to consider coding desktop applications or App Store apps. 🙂

        I’m sorry for all the money you did not get by people who would have paid for it, if it was the only option to get your work, but don’t be fooled, you did not “lose” (if you honestly want to call it that way) out on much I guess, but nobody can tell for sure how much that is.

      • Dlevi309

        I said “lose” because i get emails with crash logs saying its been cracked. I didnt mean it the other way, sorry if that misunderstood. I should’ve worded it more correctly

      • Falk M.

        Of course it has been cracked if it has been pirated.
        And as I said, piracy doesn’t equal loss to the developer.

        I mean that in the “You can’t lose something you’ve never had.” way.

        Sure you got less money than if there were no pirated versions of your work I guess, but again, nobody can say for sure how much and certainly that income that never came is not a loss, it just is not existent.

  • First to admit I am a “try before you buy,” and will also confess to pirating it first for a couple of weeks to test it’s stability & such, and have since purchased it, (I have my PayPal receipt for proof). $5 was a bit steep, but I do have a “two week trail” that I force myself to, and at the end of two weeks of using it when I had to decide if I wanted to delete it or purchase it, I went with purchasing it. Did the same with biteSMS, Snappy, Cyntact, etc. but others like IntelliscreenX was too expensive I just uninstalled it.

  • why i don’t pay for anything on cydia:
    a lot of of stuff is buggy/laggy/crashes. I won’t pay for software that does this, or causes my phone to be unnecessarily unstable (I realize there is an inherent amount needed when JBing).
    a lot of stuff stops working after the next software update, EVEN when there’s a working JB. (3Gunrestrictor comes to mind).

    • So what you are saying is that you will actualy continue to download pirated tweaks and use them although they consider even buggier then the official ones? i suggest for you to think about a different answer.

      • I don’t pay for tweaks, because even “official” (paid) tweaks are unreliable, and take forever to be updated by the developers, or often their development is dropped altogether.
        not to mention I have yet to find a tweak that actually makes my daily use of the phone better.
        Or put another way, my thinking goes like this:
        “if this tweak were to disappear, thus forcing me to go back to standard iOS behavior, will I care?”
        I jailbreak for the novelty of it, for the “fart apps” of the jailbreak world, but honestly if they never existed I wouldn’t care. So why put money towards it.

      • mickey

        I’m not sure what “official” tweaks you are using but the ones I use are quite stable and are updated regularly with great support. As for enhancing your phone, I am sure many here actually do care more than just the novelty of a jailbreak. I have been jailbroken since the os 3 days and “standard” behavior is jailbroken rather than stock iOS. In fact, my secondary phone (android) is getting more play the last few months. Here are a few off the top of my head I have been thinking about every day (sadly) since I got the iPhone 5.

        GV SMS/Phone extension: I use google voice exclusively. Calling/sending sms is not nearly as smooth of an experience without this tweak.

        Lockinfo/ISX: Notification center is a joke without these. Perhaps more an issue for me due to comparison with secondary android devices.

        Bitesms/Quickreply: I’m not sure why anyone who sends sms wouldn’t want at least quick reply. Even my lady misses it and she could care less about any other cydia tweak/app.

        Folderenhancer/Infinifolders/Infinidock: Perhaps personal preference, but it drives me batsh!t when I have to create a secondary folder because one gets “full”. Folders were created to organize but it’s quite counter intuitive to have multiple folders for 1 category of apps because there is a limit.

        MyWii: Self explanatory

        3Gunrestrictor/My3G: I like not being restricted to using wifi. Facetime is actually useful now (I’m on an unlimited AT&T plan).

        Zephyr: It’s been months since I’ve had this and I still perform (empty) swipe gestures on my iPhone 5. The amount of home button clicks & time wasted without Zephyr has been painful. It’s silly my ipad is more efficient at multitasking than the device I carry at all times.

      • I’ll give you 3Gunrestrictor. I might actually pay for that one this time, assuming it’s not crazy expensive like mywi ($20? really?)
        but even then, there were apps (youtube and facetime that I recall) that didn’t work over 3G even with the toggle on. And yes, I was using the latest 3Gunrestrictor version. Others did, but it’s the inconsistency that bugs me (and why I am glad I didn’t pay for it).

        but, for example, folder enhancer/etc are good, until you restore to a stock OS (happened when I upgraded from the 4 to the 4S last year), all your apps are everywhere, completely unorganized. as much as I like tweaks, if it messes with the original layout, it’s not worth my time to go through yet again and sort everything.
        I’ve found a lot of tweaks are like this – great while you use them, but when you inevitably upgrade to a non-jailbroken device, you’re screwed (a lot of people stay jailbroken, I’d rather have the latest handset with stock iOS).

      • mickey

        My3G never gave me problems but yeah it is quite pricey as are other Intelliborn apps ($5 upgrade for ISX for OS6!?!?). I understand where you’re coming from about changing devices and layout changes. So far, there hasn’t been any major iOS updates (other than to fix the jailbreak vulnerability) that have been a must upgrade within a device’s life cycle. Upgrading to the latest handset of course can be a pain although pkgbackup and xbackup type apps has made it much easier. On my android devices, I go through the
        same hassles of customizing a new device. But that is just the way I’d prefer to have my devices work. That’s the beauty of owning a smartphone.

      • No, I only install a tweak if it exists in it’s most current version (I check the paid tweak version first, and then find it elsewhere, with the same version number).

  • There is a perfect solution called: “product protection!” Just like the developers of IntelliScreenX did. Has anyone seen this tweak outbreak? so am i… lol

  • I think Cydia necessarily desirable to avoid piracy. Developers are working very hard to develop the tweaks and mods and do not have the development tools and support Apple’s & not enough that they are working harder, then also take their content in a pirate. Eventually, it will hurt us. Think about it. All a matter of attitude and education.

  • Is it compatible with iOS 6?