iPhone Size

Is 64GB just not cutting it for you? Then you might be interested in this RT from iOS hacker iH8sn0w a few moments ago. It questioned the possibility of seeing 128GB iDevices in the near future, due to a new system partition key size in the iOS 6.1 BuildManifest.

Curious, I decided to investigate this file for myself. After extracting the iOS 6.1 beta and comparing the SystemPartitionPadding values with older 6.0.x firmware, it became clear as to what @iNeal, the author of the original tweet, was referring to.

While this doesn’t set anything in stone, it certainly lends evidence that Apple may be seriously considering up-sizing its next batch of iOS devices this time.

Here are a couple of screenshots I snapped comparing the key values from the beta 6.1 firmware, and the public 6.0 firmware:

iOS 6.1

iOS 6.1 beta 5 IPSW Partition

iOS 6.0

iOS 6.0 IPSW Partition

Notice the field labeled SystemPartitionPadding. As you can see, this field has an additional 128 key, which opens up the possibility of seeing 128GB iOS devices.

What do you think? Would you consider shelling out a few extra dollars for double the highest amount of space you can buy with current iOS models?

Again, thanks Neal.

  • Well 32 is just enough for me

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Over 32 just seems like an overkill for me… This is iOS we’re talking about, a mobile operating system. I have a lot of stuff in my iTunes library (around 60 GB), and I still wonder what can you possibly store on your iOS device that will fill up 64 gigabytes?

      • a full season of any tv show in HD

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Why would you watch an entire season of anything on your iDevice? Hook up your computer to the TV and enjoy the content as it was meant to be…

      • Do you hear youself? A computer, over a portable iPad you can carry anywhere, and if you have an Apple TV you could stream it to the TV instead of connecting a wire.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        You’re not making any sense. I’d rather buy a few dollar cable then spend $100 more for more storage just so I could stream my content wirelessly.
        I still don’t see a point in having an entire season on my device. Maybe an episode or two, if I get bored…

      • I never heard people complain when hard drives started going above 100 GB back then. Jeez.

      • Imagine that you’re traveling 4 hours a day in train to/from job and you have only 3G. You can watch the entire season because you don’t have free time to waste except daily traveling and you want HD because you can. For example.

      • Dan

        I put full seasons on my phone .I watch videos on my commute to work and while I do my cardio at the gym. It is very useful to have space. I admit that I am satisfied with with 64gb+32gb on my GS3. 128 is getting to be excessive and you just know Apple will charge a fortune for it.

      • This is just what I did when I couldn’t fit the whole season one of GoT on my phone, but I didn’t factor in the 9GB of music or the 7GB of games I have on my phone when I made the first comment.
        (32GB iPhone 4)

      • I have over 50 GB of one TV show (Doctor Who) and I DO want more

      • Curious, I decided to investigate this file for myself. After extracting the iOS 6.1 beta and comparing the SystemPartitionPadding values with older 6.0.x firmware, it became clear as to what @iNeal, the author of the original tweet, was referring to.

      • RarestName

        TV shows, movies, music, applications etc.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I’ve got a little bit of everything of that on my 16 gig iPhone still with 3 gigs available. I don’t get it…

      • Again, you do know there games that take up more then 1 gb of space, people have gigs of music, and lots of photos video, why must you even question the fact that some people have gigs of stuff? Especially games, I don’t go uninstalling games on my pc cause I don’t have enough space… So I wouldn’t wanna uninstall games on my iPad because space ran out.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I have NOVA 3 and Asphalt 7 installed, next to all the other apps (~5 GB), music (3GB), photos, videos and podcasts… On my 16 GB iPhone still with 3 GB available!
        Why would I leave installed apps that I’ll likely never use, or music and videos I’ll never listen or watch?

      • Howard Ellacott

        I’ve got loads of music, and I have to compress it for it to fit on a 64gig device, along with photos and apps. I’d love to be able to carry everything everywhere on such a small device. Just because you don’t need it, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t.

      • Am not talking about apps you will never use, am talking about great games that people like that are more then 1 GB, not to mention productive apps that are bit heavy, or the file that synced from Dropbox. I have music (5GB), photos (3GB), games like nfs most wanted (1,8 GB) GTA vice city (1,3GB) monopoly (928MB iWork all 3 apps take together around 1,3GB, Dropbox syncs 600MB of stuff and a bunch of other apps and games that I do use. I purposely leave 3GB free for flexibility, I have bunch of games and apps I had to delete to maintain that flexibility, and I have movies and show that I can’t sync to my iPad cuz I just don’t have the space, but if I could have that space I would love to have it. PS I have more like 8GB of music really but only only 5GB is on the iPad.

      • Kurt

        its because he can’t afford more than 16gb and thus we see him whining yet again. he’s the worst of the trolls on here. don’t bother with him

      • I agree with you on the phone part. I keep a season of a TV show on my iPad so when I’m at work and take a lunch I have something to watch. If the iPad came in that size I wouldn’t minde that would make sence.

      • YoJohn

        Games, Movies, full season of tv shows.

      • Well the quality of games, movies, tv shows, and bitrate of music is not becoming any smaller… I mean look how much the games have jumped 1.5 gigs is normal for a quality game now but think back two years unheard of for iOS.

        This helps out on longevity plus this helps the people who could use an extra 64 (Me).

      • I take a lot photos and videos on my iPhone 4S 16gb and rarely sync them to my computer.

      • tape

        about 1/5 of my iTunes music library, even when downconverted to 192k AACs.

      • oh you’d be soooooo surprised…..i’m waayyyyyyyyy past the 64Gb barrier…:(

    • Yeah, I’ve had my 32 i4 since release and I’ve still yet to fill it

  • Dexter

    I can’t even occupy all of my 16gb iPhone 5

    • jgr627

      That’s what’s up but we don’t live your life……if there was a 1TB iPad/iPhone with the same form factor I would be interested

      • Dexter

        I didn’t mentioned that you need to live my life anyway.

  • JAY Ji

    Apple may release a new iPad (5th generation) next month for this. But it’s such a short period since iPad (4th generation) came out. Just waiting for 6.1 final-release, then we all can enjoy JB soon after the firmware is born.

  • No, 32gb is plenty storage for me. Some people out there do need this kind of space though.

  • The funny thing is that iOS 6.0 don’t have 64Gb … (according to your screenshot).
    I’m happy with my 64Gb… but sure 128Gb would make sense in an iPhone 5s to make it more attractive to buy.

    • TheAngryPenguin

      I was just thinking the same thing — where’s the 64GB padding in 6.0?

  • batongxue

    Another 100 bucks! Maybe 150 or 200!

  • sambuzzlight

    I have been using 16GB iphones from the begining and just lately have been running out space. So next idevice will be 32GB for me hopefully

  • I managed to almost fill my 32 GB iPhone with PkgBackup local backups and lots of iPA backups (for the situation where a new update ruins the functionality of the app). A 64 GB 4S will be more than enough to manage.

  • I think I’d use a 128GB iPad but not iPhone. I generally use my iPhone for music and iPad for video.

  • Daniel

    As @facebook-825090075:disqus said, 128GB on next iPad will be amazing.

  • I think 16gb (maybe 32) is enough for a phone! 64gb or higher is maybe good for tablets because of movies etc.

  • 64gb is plently big enough for me. Id rather spend my money on itunes match or spotify than go any bigger

  • Tr1pTr0p

    I’m wondering why nobody brought up the removable storage issue? I could easily get a 64 GB expansion card for as much as ~$30, instead of paying $100 more…

    • That is the most user flexible solution, but not the most money making solution, thus never Apple’s pick.

  • Matt3224

    My 64gb iPhone 5 is always full is 128gb enough? Ive got games, music, work stuff, photos and hd video. Ive already killed all my tv shows and now have to use netflix etc.

  • Falk M.

    About damn time >_>

  • Well I would like to have the 128GB because I have 32GB right now and everytime it’s filled up. By few apps that are 2gb of them selfs. A huge amount of pictures and when filming your storage is flying. But as you see by every double amount of space you pay $100 more. Then no thank you. I’m not paying $300 more for just 128GB

  • More memory no harm. I’m sure that there is many other customers like me, who would buy device with more than 64GB. I have iPhone 5 and ipad mini both with 64 GB and both nearly full. I wish I had 256 or 512 🙂

  • Liam Mulcahy

    My 32GB is OK for me

  • iDownloadBlog has become iTwitterBlog lately

    • Yes Twitter is a great source of info. I don’t see anything wrong with that

    • Where else would you find valid source of info if not straight from the hackers/developers, which they post updates on Twitter. You gotta think logically.

  • The UF Guy

    Makes sense, the way apps are consuming more and more space its only a matter of time.

  • Apple will probably replace the 16 GB for the next iPhone. It’ll be $0 for the iPhone 4S 16 GB, $100 for the 5 16GB, and $200, $300, and $400 for the 32GB, 64GB, and 128 GB 5S.

  • Karl Kurtz

    It’s amazing how much Apple charges for extra storage. I’ll stick with 16GB.

  • Carlos Briones

    For the longest time 32 was perfect for me, but now it’s just not cutting it. I only have one page of apps, no videos, and only 9GB left. Upgrading to a 64gb next time.

  • Guest

    Why doesnt iOS 6.0 show a 64GB partition when it can obviously support it?

  • Sounds nice, but spending $400 on a subsidized iPhone is hard enough to swallow as it is. Asking someone to pay $500 with a 2-year contract would be highway robbery. It would be nice if Apple kept the current price points and dropped the 16GB model altogether, making the 128GB model the same price as the 64GB and so on, but we all know that Apple will not do this. Now, a 128GB iPad makes more sense to me.

  • I have the 64GB iPhone and its nearly full. I have all my music on there as well as tons of photos. I would definitely use a 128GB iPhone. As for the price, I’m sure it would remain the same as the current 64GB iPhone, just like the 64GB iPhone was the same price as the older 32GB model. So don’t worry about a price increase. If anything, instead if having an iPhone starting at $200 for 16GB, you will have an iPhone starting at $200 for 32GB. It seems like the normal evolution of things, no?

  • ExRoot

    32 is my max for an iPhone. I have a 64 Ipad but I did not buy new so the savings was immense. 128 for iPhone seems like overkill. I also would not keep an iPad long enough to warrent a 128.

  • Hell yes I need that

  • chjode

    I still get along just fine with 16gb on my iPhone, but I can see 128gb making sense for an iPad.

  • s0me

    would be nice to have a memory card slot not pay like tripple the value of the 16gb model… but it will never happen

  • i have 64gb had the 4s and have the 5 at this amount and its just not enough for me. i hope they will come with 128gb but not this year i said to myself i wouldnt get the next iphone. i would wait for the one after. either way ill be happy

  • well when yor intirere library takes up the full force of a 40gb hdd you can wing but it dont now cos i have no ios apps

  • It’s be nice if apple killed the 16 gb option and made the new default 32 and they can use the 8 and 16 GB for the “cheaper” iphones. I )^ had gotten big and people talk about the size but I bet Maps will have offline storage soon, plus OS and apps are getting bigger as it is.

  • Most likely a selling feature of the 5S so people upgrade
    from previous models. Also should please a lot of people because the
    amount of times I see “128 GB please” before each keynote is quite high.

  • 민호 간

    can i use your images?

  • well then why is there no 64GB in the 6.0 window? something isn’t adding up.

  • Mark

    128 GB is just way too much, no one will ever essentially need such amount of storage. why not just add and work for more features instead of releasing pre-mature idevices.