iPhone 5S speaker (NoWhereElse leak 001)

The next iPhone is very likely just a few short months away so little wonder that slowly but surely first pieces of the puzzle are beginning to surface.

iOS hacker iH8sn0w today tweeted that future-generation iOS gadgets could add a new 128GB model, twice as much as today’s top-of-the-line iPhones, iPads and iPods.

And on Friday, the usually credible iLounge posted a bunch of interesting tidbits pointing to a fifth-gen Pad with iPad mini-like design and a 13-megapixel back camera being the star feature of the iPhone 5S, among other goodies.

That’s all hearsay, but now a leaked part has come our way, purportedly representing a speaker assembly for future-generation iPhones…

NoWhereElse, the French blog, has republished what it believes is a pair of speaker components belonging to two future iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6. The components are “supposedly manufactured for Apple” by a company where the site’s source works.

iPhone 5S speaker (NoWhereElse leak 002)

The publication Photoshop’d an iPhone 5 speaker component from iFixit on the leaked image to give us a better indication of how the block speaker for future-generation iPhones might have changed versus that inside the iPhone 5.

The source also claims that the iPhone 5S will launch between March and July while the iPhone 6 would get released by year’s end.

Apart from this, there’s not much to decipher here.

On the surface, it’s certainly peculiar that both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 parts leaked simultaneously.

Disregarding for a moment what the source told NoWhereElse, it’s entirely conceivable that Apple might be planning to release both an improved version of the iPhone 5 with unchanged design and refreshed internals (and colors!) alongside the iPhone 6, a major revamp of the handset.

Possible, but not very likely, that is…

Apple’s 2013 roadmap allegedly includes multiple iPhones and iPads and the hit-and-miss DigiTimes first claimed a 4.8-inch iPhone would see light of the day this year, but then changed its mind saying the jumbo-sized iPhone is on track for a 2014 release.

iPhone 5S (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

In my view, the so-called iPhone Math with a 4.8-inch display referred to in the DigiTimes report is actually the iPhone 6. From what we know so far, it’s fairly safe to conclude that, come this summer, Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S and discount the iPhone 4S/5.

In that case, the iPhone 6 is a 2014 affair.

The so-called budget iPhone, you say?

If I wanted to sound pessimistic  I’d say everyone got it wrong as the budget iPhone might as well be your discounted iPhone 5, after the iPhone 5S will have hit the market in a few months time.

Apple sells iPhones two generations old at reduced price points, alongside the current-generation model. Such a strategy is working (to a certain extent) toward addressing the mid and low-end of the market and is likely to continue.

Whether or not Apple in fact is working on a brand new sub-$200 off-contract iPhone model for emerging markets is anyone’s guess, but anything is possible.

  • A new iPhone would be awesome, but 128 GB? I’m good with 32 GB, if not 16 GB.

    • Falk M.

      Obviously this will lower the prices.

      For me it’d be quite awesome, as I’d love to store more tv shows, movies and such on my iPhone for train rides, vacations etc…

      There wouldn’t be such a strong need for that if carriers didn’t have ridiculous data caps and Apple provided me with iTunes Match for TV shows and movies or let me iTunes home share over VPN (which won’t happen anytime soon as it’s reliant on BonJour which won’t work via VPN as it doesn’t route afaik) or via my Apple ID.


      Until then: Yepp, give me as much space as you can. I’ll gladly take it, if not it will raise the bar for capacity options and hence once the lowest capacity option gets dropped and replaced by the 2nd lowest, your device just got 100 bucks cheaper. Should sound good to everyone, no? 🙂

  • The budget iPhone is iPhone 4. Apple never puts price before quality

  • Hassan Xia

    Seriously? The iPhone 5 just came out. Even the stupid jailbreak ain’t out yet and the 5S rumours started?

    • FlamingOzone

      In 42 years we’ll have the iPhone 100 😛

      • im going to be waiting for the S version.

    • Ali

      If the jailbreak is stupid, then why do you want it? Why don’t you
      make the jailbreak if its so easy?

      The developers don’t have to ever
      release a jailbreak because they aren’t getting paid to work on it.

      • Kurt

        come on, they get around 50,000 bucks in donations. they are certainly getting paid for their work

    • that happens cause apples upgrades are never big enough so people keep look to the next one hoping it will be a big jump

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Jailbreaking is losing it edge. I’m not happy about that. I know the hackers work hard has hell and thank you guys if your reading this. You guys win battles but Apple is winning the war. Cydia I miss you so come back to me my luv. Currently using: iPhone 5, MacBook Pro & soon one Beast of a Desktop PC.

  • Well they need to just do away with 16gb. My iphone 5 is left with only 13 gb with the software installed out of the box and that leaves me room for 1 page of apps in full folders only 2 of the apps being 1gb+.

    Also I believe that we need to keep the iPhoneXs updates in the summer and the new device iPhoneX updates in October area.

    • Are they still doing iPhone’s in 8gb model?

      • I believe so. I do know sprint had 4S 8gb at the .99 price point when i5 came out. I’m sure other providers were supplied with the same capacity.

      • Kurt

        8gb, apples take on “think different”…keeping the 2007 storage forever

  • batongxue

    Here we go again with the on going leaking parts!

    • Kurt

      wait till tomorrow. more leaked parts! more rumors! whoo hooo!

      iphone 5s will look like the ugly iphone 5. (dont hate me, everyone hated the iphone 5 rumor pics-i just continued to hate it, if i like it, then i like it, if not then i dont)

      • batongxue

        damn! I just can not resist reading these stupid rumors

      • Kurt

        after seeing the iphone 5 rumors i didn’t read all of them since i disliked the design, but all other rumors i read read read

      • batongxue

        just gonna repeat this behavior for another half year.
        Oh, my precious time.
        Wish I could get bored by these rumors soon enough.LOL

  • Matt

    Now, I’m really hoping that they won’t go for said 4.8″ size.. Budget iPhone 4/4S style with better internals priced relatively lower and same iPhone 5 size but changed design (which we know will probably stay the same, although that article few weeks/months ago about carbon fiber was interesting). Honestly, I told myself I’ll stay a Sony Ericsson person forever but made the change to iPhone few years ago as a temporary replacement and loved it since. But with these yearly updates and jailbreak not keeping up, I’m not able to spend $XXX amounts for a phone. I’m actually considering checking out Windows Phone 8X or even better yet that BlackBerry10 coming out soon looks awesome. On a sidenote, accessories that come with the phone should also come in the color they make it in.

    • Kurt

      i could stay possibly stay with apple if they made an iphone 4.8 inch phone. but if they dont have awesome features that they have in android and windows phone, then no way im gone. i want two things, bigger phone and features.

  • ok so we still dont get stereo speakers?lol

  • I dont like the idea people who have budget phones look like my iphone 5s

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    This is a picture of a leak in a kitchen sink. Ha jokes : ) leaked some real parts.

  • dabu

    haha iphone 6; apple pays enormous amount of bloggers to spread and keep
    ‘hotness’ of its products through so-called rumors of release (so many
    years and no one gets that) so they can sell their products..and guess
    what, when the product finally comes out it will be not so different
    then the previous model..unless they makea huge screen (20 to 30 cm)
    which folds into those dimensions of course not one piece then they have
    nothing new to give us..