In the DIY category, this one might come in handy to those of you who accidentally dropped their iPhone 5 and broke the screen. In this video, we are showed how to change the iPhone 5 screen in just about 3 minutes.

Note that the iPhone 5 screen is integrated with the digitizer and is replaced with the entire front assembly. Of course, you’ll need a few tools to do the job, namely a Pentalobe screwdriver, a plastic pry tool, and a suction cup, all of them available for less than $3 on Amazon. Of course, you’ll also need the digitizer frame assembly as well.

  • Guest

    Great! I’d Love to See more of These Videos! 🙂

    • Me too..especially since jailbreaking is a tad slow…..not dead….don’t ever say that on this site 🙂

  • Mohammed Sahib

    $200 for the front assembly, Ouch!

  • Changing the screen on 4/4S was always pain in the ass. Finally Apple did somethin about it.

  • I always loved fixing broken screens on iPhone 3G/3GS because they came off easily just like this but those iPhone 4/4S screens are a pain to replace. So glad the iPhone 5 is simple again.

  • Geez, that was quick n easy…

  • Apple

    You may not want to believe this guy or anyone who say they can replace the iPhone 5 screen. The iPhone 5 screen is designed differently from all previous iPhone 5 screens, they cannot be replace that simply. There is one final step that only Apple has the tools for. At the moment only Apple and the factory has this tool.

    • wow, you are so idiot…

      • Wow, how is he “so” idiot? Normally, when you call someone AN idiot, you write it as “wow, you are AN idiot…” Jesus Christ! You are the idiot! And he is probably telling the truth! The IPhone 5 is a very VERY sophisticated electronic! remember that before you call someone “so” idiot!

  • I don’t think it’s so easy, because iPhone 5 screen is designed differently from all previous iPhone screen, besides, we haven’t these tools.

  • I have been told that the sceen is connected to the panel with all of the operational icons. I noticed you only showed the removal of the top of the phone with the screen attached to it. Do you have one where you actually remove the broken glass and replace it on the front panel?

  • Where can u get the replacement screens from cheap.

  • Can you just replace the glass on top? Or do you have to replace the entire digitized fram assembly?

  • Ko Ye

    how much the whole screen?