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Good news old school gamers. Word has started spreading this afternoon that a MAME emulator has made its way into the App Store. It’s called Gridlee, named after an old arcade game that never made it to market, and it’s based on the MAME4iOS platform.

The app fronts as just a port of the aforementioned Gridlee arcade game. But similar to the iMAME app we saw pop up a little over a year ago, you can add your own MAME ROMs to the app’s subdirectory, turning it into a fully functional emulator…

TouchArcade (via MacRumors) was first to spot Gridlee, which apparently surfaced in the App Store yesterday. TouchArcade forum members immediately started digging around its .ipa file, and discovered there is a ROM folder hidden in the app’s directory.

“When word of this hit our forums, readers were quick to pull out iExplore and begin digging about the app’s directory structure looking for a ROM folder. Well, it’s in there, and sure enough, if one copies other MAME ROMs into that folder, the Gridlee app starts up with the standard MAME4iOS ROM listing, allowing for a great many games beyond just Gridlee to be played on the iPhone or iPad in this Universal app.”

For those interested in trying this out, we actually put up an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to add ROMs to the now-defunct iMAME app. And given that both are based on similar platforms, I’m guessing it’s also a similar process. I haven’t tried it yet.

I have played a few rounds of the included Gridlee game though. And while I didn’t really like the game itself, the controls were both accurate and snappy. If this is any indication of what other ROMs will play like, I’d say we’re in good shape.

If you’re interested in checking out the emulator, you can find it in the App Store for free (for both iPhone and iPad). But I wouldn’t wait too long to grab it. Given Apple’s track record with open emulators, we’re not expecting it to last long.

  • would a Pokemon ROM work for this?

    • jose castro

      how old are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Childhood never die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • iFonz

        I guess is bigger then you! Pokemon is a hell of a game, and it’s always nice to play with it. However this is not the right emulator.

      • mikefromto1234

        yeah im 17 if anyone can get pokemon to work update me!!!

      • I’m 18 Lol

    • Falk M.

      MAME is arcade.
      Pokémon games have been released for home and portable consoles. So no, it won’t work unfortunately.

  • Eddie Morales

    This is stupid, they need to make a gameboy emulator!

    • jose castro

      that will never happen.. all they can do is sneak it in to the app store.. hopefully the app inspector are idiots like the ones that missed this app.

      • 123josh123

        I wish.

    • seyss

      There’s one in Cydia

  • Where can we download ROMs ?

    • jose castro

      google it, there are plenty of sites out there

  • davred64

    One question; Why would anyone want this retro junk on there iphone?

    • Falk M.

      One question: Why does old equal bad to you?

    • Tom

      I think you mean ‘…on THEIR iPhone’.

  • Bruce Wilson

    What’s a freebie like iexplorer program to add MAME on win ipad non JB?

    • M_AlO