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This is kind of interesting. A new job posting has been spotted on Apple’s website that calls for a Frameworks QA engineer that will help develop the “very first iPhone/iPad app that uses a new API/framework in the next version of iOS.”

Now, Apple always adds new APIs/frameworks to new versions of iOS. But the interesting part here is that it directly refers to the development of a new iPhone/iPad app that directly depends on whatever this new API/framework is…

Here’s the full job description from Apple’s website (via AppleInsider):

“The iOS team is looking for a software engineer with strong development and QA skills to help us ensure the iOS SDK is able to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of developers producing the next great iPhone and iPad apps.

Responsibilities in this position will include developing and maintaing a set of iOS test apps for new and exiting APIs that are released in the public iOS SDK. A significant amount of time will be spent working on feature bring-up for new APIs released to developers. This includes developing the very first app to support new APIs/frameworks in the iOS SDK and also developing some of the accompanying web services, tools and test data sets needed to ensure the features works end-to-end for developers. You will also need to work in collaboration with different engineering teams within iOS and Apple in order to ensure the quality of the APIs/frameworks meet our standards.”

Now, even if the iPhone/iPad app referenced in this listing is a test app, it still suggests that this new API/framework is going to be fairly significant. So significant that third-party apps will be able to hook into it. Think Passbook.

Of course, with rumors of iPhone sales slumping and folks complaining about the staleness of iOS, everyone is anxiously waiting to see what Apple has come up with for the next generation of its mobile operating system (presumably iOS 7).

Looking back at Apple’s history, we’ll likely see a preview of the new iOS during its WWDC event this June. It’s also worth noting that the iOS update trend lately has been: little iteration (iOS 4) big iteration (iOS 5) little iteration (iOS 6).

  • Upgrayedd

    I hope they are allowing access to siri

    • doubt it.

      • Guest

        You are really ok, dude. You seem to be one of the last few people on iDB who are not totally stupid.
        Many wish for things that won’t happen and if someone tells them that it won’t happen they start hating. They are just too dumb to accept the truth.

      • exactly i always speak the truth and use only logic.. and sadly that hearts the fragile egos and self esteems of many humans..lolo

      • Upgrayedd

        I don’t know what the hell your talking about. At some point there will be some kind of access to siri or googles google voice search or whatever they are calling it to third parties. Siri is so limited to what it can do. I don’t understand why you think it is stupid to think of something like that.

      • Upgrayedd

        Btw, when I mentioned google I was talking about android and not the ios app.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      What do you mean?


  • I hope for NFC.

  • Lordthree

    Last paragraph. “Next June” should be “this June” unless you mean 2014

    • lol what would the interns do without you????lololoololllollolololololololo

      • Lordthree

        I know you don’t understand proper spelling or context, so you mock.

      • No.. I really think that you are essential to the well being of all the internets..loo

      • Lordthree

        You aren’t tho

      • lol see you did it again.. you are just a genius…..

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Big iteration ios5?????

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Yeah? iOS 5 had many new tweaks all over the OS. Including notification center, Siri, and reminders. For the iPad multitasking gestures were also introduced, along with split keyboard. iOS 5 was the biggest single update to iOS since 2007.

      • Falk M.

        Multitasking seemed bigger to me.
        Although I do agree that iOS luckily made some jailbreak tweaks unneeded.

  • Eddie

    Hasn’t Apple previewed the new version of iOS before WWDC?

    • Guest

      No, unless they haven’t told previewed it yet.

  • It is obvious that they will add new APIs, so this Post is totally pointless.

  • John Wickham

    Hopefully with the recent shifts in Apple executives we’ll see some major changes to the fundamentals of iOS

  • Liam Mulcahy

    It looks like Apple is building a open iOS

  • Andyxyoona

    TBH… iOS4 for me was the biggest update to iOS. It revamped the system, adding AirPlay, AirPrint, Multitasking, HomescreenWP, and heaps more. iOS5 was also big, but iOS4 is the biggest. iOS6 is a fail, it’s like a iOS5.2 with some pointless features.

  • Ryan

    Or they are just filling a position that either lost an employee or now requires an additional staff member to complete required tasks. This sounds exactly like a position that already exists. “This includes developing the very first app to support new
    APIs/frameworks in the iOS SDK and also developing some of the
    accompanying web services, tools and test data sets needed to ensure the
    features works end-to-end for developers.” -simply means that the developer will create the first app to use the new APIs that come out… this is nothing new. Apple always creates apps to test the newest APIs before devs get them.