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Last month, I posted a slightly controversial article entitled: 3 reasons why jailbreaking is waning in popularity. In it, I highlighted several points as to why jailbreaking was on a downturn. In hindsight, although I still stand by the post, I probably should have qualified my reasoning a bit better.

The real reason that jailbreaking is “waning” if you will, is because there simply is no jailbreak available for new devices. The recent bar graph showing jailbroken devices proves as much. I tried to say that, but I don’t think it came across that way. Whatever the case may be, it looks as if that primary reason will soon no longer apply.

Hackers pod2g, planetbeing, and others have been working diligently on the iPhone 5/iOS 6 jailbreak for quite some time now. They’ve made great progress, as highlighted in Mike’s post about the collaborative effort.

In fact, things are going so well, that one famous hacker in particular has just proclaimed that the future is looking bright for jailbreaking

Jailbreak hackers were pretty quiet for a while, but we can smell the smoke now. There’s just too much activity on IRC, on Twitter, on Reddit, etc, for this all to be a coincidence. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and now one of the hackers at the forefront of things is speaking matter-of-factly about the progress being made.

Let me just state it like this, I don’t know anything, and I haven’t talked to any of the folks who are in the trenches. But one thing I do know, is the energy at this point and time mimics the energy I’ve felt in past times when a jailbreak was on the horizon.

And not only that, but we’ve seen awesome jailbreak tweaks like Auxo come to fruition, and the team behind it really put a solid effort into their work. I even see legacy developers talking about getting back into the game. Apparently, I’m not the only one that’s confident about the future prospects.

Folks, the perfect storm is brewing, and 2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for jailbreak aficionados. So be patient, and enjoy the calm before the storm. We’ve been here before. It’s like this every time before a big jailbreak release. Let the folks who are working on this do what they do best, and lend them your verbal support. When it finally arrives, I think we can all agree that it was well worth the wait.

  • So bright, Can’t see anything.

    • digitalchet

      You gotta wear shades.

    • Jeff


      • Hey Jeff, what firmware should we prepare our iPhone 5’s to be on since we may see a jailbreak soon?

      • Jeff

        I would wait on that, but if I had to guess, it’ll probably be iOS 6.1.

      • Thanks Jeff!

      • safety caution. Stay on 6.0.1 and wait for further instruction.

      • Usually 0.x upgrades don’t really matter.

  • f1ght3r

    Weren’t you just saying a few months ago that you thought it was dead? And that you no longer care for a JB?

    • Jeff

      I mentioned that in the every beginning of this very post. I never said it was dead. I said it was on a down spiral. It was. All we saw were horrible tweaks with no innovation, and we weren’t sure if iOS 6 could be and/or would be done. Now that we know it is, and we have developers buzzing again, I think it’s looking positive again.

      • Spot on Jeff. Jail breaking entered a stagnate period….Apple tightened up security and the Devs had projects of their own they were working on. The tweaks were trickling and they were, for the most part humdrum at best. I believe the Devs see something that is going to make it possible to JB down the road as well. This is fantastic news!

      • you are like a tabloid guy you say the most dramatic thing you can think of to get clicks and reads… lol but thats your job so its coooll…

  • SimonReidy

    I think I speak for all iPhone 5 owners when I say: “F#$K YEAH!” 🙂

    I was getting so pessimistic about the future of jailbreaking myself only a month or two ago, but now I’m excited as hell! 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work pod2g, planetbeing, and all the other talented folk working on an iOS6 jailbreak. I am in awe of your skills as always.

  • My Pay Pal Account is ready to donate to all the hackers/iOS Security experts that jailbreak our lovable iOS devices. After reading the “iOS hacker’s handbook” & doing some research on what it takes to find UserLand exploits, Vulnerabilities in iOS, & kernel exploits (Just to name a few) I have a new appreciation of the hard work these brilliant minds do for us!

    • Me too Manny…I would gladly do the same!

  • This is awesome news Jeff. I had my Ipad2 and IPod 4g updated and hated not having the JB. Apple’s normal IOS simply can’t compare to the elegant and impressive tweaks that come wit a JB device. Thankfully I had saved my blobs and downgraded back to 5.1.1. Looking forward to purchasing some new Idevices now since they can be JB. The air is starting to get electric on the JB scene!

    • *meant since they will be able to be jailbroken

  • Remained calm concerning the JB, knowing it always takes time and individuals were working on it. New phone, new iOS always takes a bit longer. We’ve got phenomenal, dedicated hackers who should always get the benefit of the doubt and be treated with inexorable support.

    Also, a lesson from this: Reticence doesn’t mean inaction.

    • yup i remember that the damn 4S took long as hell also..

  • I now have a reason to get an iPhone 5.

  • Jeff, any updates on when possible release of 6.1? Kinda feeling we all may be receiving a very special present not long after the release of it..:)

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    So nice to kno tht the JB geniuses are still fighting the good fight. Big ups boys, big ups to ya.

    • iPhone is te most popular gadget in earth .. as long as long as it is popular there will be smart folks trying to crack it as a badge of honor..

  • So when a jailbreak is release for the iPhone 5 and/or iPad mini, are some tweaks going to be automatically compatible or will it take even more time for tweaks to be usable?

    • SimonReidy

      A lot of tweaks are already iOS6 ready, and usually tweaks that aren’t updated won’t let you install them via Cydia until they are (usually you’ll get a notice to say you’re on the wrong firmware if a tweak is for a previous OS version only). This doesn’t always apply though, and some tweaks are bound to have bugs or won’t work at first.

      To play it safe when the time comes, only install tweaks that say they are updated to work with iOS6.

  • Sinicure

    How about an apple tv 3 jailbreak. Now that would be awesome!

    • My educated guess is that the ATV3 jailbreak depends on two things. Both which are not generally believed to come in the immediate future 🙁
      This is either 1. A web browser and or an AppStore, or 2. a bootrom exploit. Of course there might be some other obscure possibilites but these are the plausible once.

      Why are neither of these plausible for a near future? For the first possibility, an appstore or a webbrowser, I think Apple wants to do this, but a better way of interacting with the apps takes president. You could speculate so much on this, but the fact is that this is a large rumor for every major iOS release. I believe it will happen, sometime, but we might even have to wait til Apple releases their TV set. A web browser is the most likely thing, which would give us the possibility for jailbreak. But it seams that Apple is contempt at where they are. I think if they are going to do it, they want to do it BIG. I mean game console big. Not a powerful game console, but a game console with iPhone/iPad processor and graphics. Remote Play is no good for games, only a handful of games do it right. In my humbe opinion, for the Apple TV to compete in a game console world, It needs to be under 199 dollars at launch, and needs to support iOS devices as a remote as well as a small gamepad(sold seperatly?). Cant wait to get SNES and NES and more games 🙂

      The second possibility we have is a bootrom exploit, we have seen these before, and all ATV2 jailbreaks are based on one bootrom exploit (limera1n). This was ported over to ATV from the iPhone. The ATV3 has the same bootrom as the iPhone 4S, so if a bootrom exploit is found for the iPhone 4S, its highly likely that the ATV will be susceptible to said exploit. If bootrom exploits are found for newer devices it is possible that they can be backwards compatible to older devices. So where are we at for finding new bootrom exploits? Well the bootrom has nay been even dumped since the iPhone 4, which is to day the biggest hurdle. Another hurdle as to dumping the bootrom for the iPhone 5 is the lightning connector, which would probably only bee in the way til its understood more. If the iP4S bootrom is dumped, and an exploit is found, it might however also be forwards compatible with the iP5. The best thing you can do is persuade someone who has previously been able to dump some bootroms to help the effort, and since trying to persuade such a person is often counter effective you should just wait. 🙁 I want it as much as you. Or you could try to dump it your self, which would probably require a few years of teaching your self security research. A good starting place is the book called “iOS hackers handbook” It will basically teach you how to make a jailbreak for iOS5. Or let be recount that last statement and say, a good starting place is to learn how to make iOS/OS X apps 🙂

      • Kurt

        too many words. i repeat, too many words. i cant compute.

      • I have bad news for you. You are going to have troubles getting trough a 10 page children’s book.

      • Kurt

        hahaha i guess i hurt your ego…”i’m sorry” lol

      • How would you not being able to follow 3 paragraphs hurt my ego?
        When you blatantly inform people of your problem with reading 3 paragraphs, you should expect at least some ridicule. This should not provoke offence, but rather introspection.

        The most offensive thing about your remark is the wrong use of quotation marks.

      • Kurt

        you just proved it yet again, you got offended and hurt. honestly, no need to be. i was just kidding. in the future to hide the fact your ego got bruised, you may want to come back with a witty comeback or else people will be able to tell easily you got hurt. perhaps you cried? I dont know, maybe, but hopefully not.

      • There is not one sentence in your comment that is not part of an ad hominem attack. I guess its easy for you to default down to argumentation against the person when you cant argument against the statement. But still, my ego bruised because you cant read three paragraphs is still a far stretch.

      • RarestName


        At least put paragraphs.

      • I see three paragraphs

      • RarestName

        WE NEED MOAR

      • Like this better? (my previous comment was moderated so Ill rephrase it while it gets approved)
        forums dot macrumors dot com /showthread.php?t=1469926

      • RarestName


      • It has paragraphs, and they are very short, all tree off them.
        Here is a sample of something else I have written,

      • ^^^too long of a post…lol

      • Kurt

        haha thats what i said! but he got mad at me :-/

      • I’d start a blog, but I’d rather not commit my self.

      • Kurt

        @facebook-556808250:disqus and I wouldn’t bother visiting.

  • Pimskeks is also up and about teasing and tweeting with planetbeing. Something good is happening my fellow jailbreakers. This has the feel that previous JBs had…it’s coming!

    • Guest

      Can’t sleep now lol!

  • J M

    I so miss activator. Double tap to get to the switcher? please I’d much rather swipe. No freaking date or weather on my lock screen? cannot wait to reinstall lockinfo. And only 16 apps per folder? so ready to have folderenhancer back

    • SimonReidy

      FolderEnhancer, Gridlock and ‘multi-icon mover’ are the three tweaks I’m craving for the most for my springboard. Trying to arrange icons on stock iOS takes forever, and native folders are awful with their icon limitations (and no folders in folders!).

      Then Auxo and Zephyr to improve multitasking, and either Lockinfo or Intelliscreen to spice up the notification centre and the lockscreen. Can’t wait 🙂

  • Masterh300

    CnT wait !!!!!! Exited much 😉

  • I have tons of respect for the developers working on the IOS 6 Jailbreak. Read this article to understand what they have to do just to accomplish the task.

  • Think the IOS 6 jailbreak party will be much larger than a New Years party

  • This article was published jan. 22. Planetbeings tweet was on the 23. And there’s a picture of Back to the future. Jeff, did perhaps borrow a Delorean?

    • Guest

      Lol….Here’s what mine shows…..

      Tons of progress the last few days. I think the future is looking bright for jailbreaking. 🙂
      8:08pm – 22 Jan 13

  • Joonyaboy


  • Damian W

    I hope the team will succeed

    • Apparently they might even be done. Tweet by Cyril (Pod2g) says. “Come on Apple. Release that 6.1 now! /cc”

      • i know they are done for now just waiting to see what bugs and wrenches 6.1 throws in the mix and apple is waiting for code leaks from the jailbreakers so they can patch stuff up…

      • Damian W

        come on apple get us 6.1 so we can get over with it….it is getting exciting.

  • still on JB 5,1,1 can i still downgrade to 5.1.1 with my blobs, if i upgrade to 6.1 ?

  • So Stoked! Once jailbroken, will always be jailbroken! (unless a warranty upgrade has to happen eeeek)

  • Prepare yourself, Cydia’s gonna get crowded again very soon 😀

  • Why are the people at Apple Store called Geniuses? That title should be reserved for people like these hackers (and of course people like Michio Kaku which built a particle accelerator as a kid)

  • That is why I consider Jeff points of veiwe are superficial and hopless (3 reasons why jailbreaking is waning in popularity… Blah blah), he should be always believe in jailbreak demand and importance, and not to lose hope in sad times !!!!

    • bloodshed

      well, jeff can’t be blamed..since everyone was feeling pessimistic about the whole jb thing.

      • 4p0c4lyps3


      • he writes very crappy headlines

  • Guest

    ios 6.0.2 is just going to be stunning

  • rajiv

    ios 6.0.2 jailbreak is going to be stunning

  • So excited, I remember when the beta for iOS 6 came out I put it on my 4s and on my iPad 2 and I didnt have a jailbreak anymore, up until recently when I found my old iPod touch 4 and let me just say there are some amazing tweaks out there and they will be even nicer on the 5 and the (hopefully retina mini) so excited, keep up the good work guys!!!!

  • Liam Mulcahy


  • My iPhone will finally be worthwhile and 10x better than any phone in my opinion. Yay! Good job boys 😉

    • Kurt

      will it finally be able to do split screen or finally go to a restaurant website (they all use flash) so, 10x better than the note II? if you reversed that and said the note II is 10x better than the iphone i would say you were exaggerating but on to something

      • Honestly, I think the note II is utter shit in my opinion. I do like the nexus 4 however

      • Kurt

        how so?

  • Hurry up jailbreak devs, this might be the reason I get a Nexus 7 instead of an iPad Mini: Lack of jailbreak.

  • I’ve read this post with Jeff’s voice in my head. This is Jeff, with iDownloadBlog

  • pnh

    I think Apple is screwing with the jailbreak community. They’ve been holding out on the 6.1 GM an awfully long time now.

  • No point of jailbreak anymore. Installous is gone and tweaks on iphone are extremely useless.

    • Kurt

      how can you say that “Always Jitter” (makes icons constantly jitter) is useless! the nerve of some people haha

  • You say “The future of jailbreaking”, this kinda paints the picture that the devs are on their way to develop a jailbreak that will work infinitely into the future of iOS, although I’m sure it doesn’t mean this.

  • Toon

    i made a mistake by upgrade to ios 6 now i see how i miss my JB, never do this again

  • I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT! They have been working so hard on this I believe it’s already done. All that’s left is on apples part to release 6.1. Also, Jeff great post as always!

  • I’m blinded by the brightness. But I need my jailbreak :'(

  • That energy you feel is just the coffee you drank this morning.

  • I just want the jailbreak to unlock my iPhone 4S, bought it off contract with sprint, and came to brazil, and all I get is the activation screen, and I am unable to activate it, and sprint sayed they only unlock phones that are still under contract.

  • I am done with jailbreaking…..
    My experience has shown that it slows the phone down and causes weird behavior.

    I would consider jailbreaking again, if we could have certification program that insures that apps are memory-leak free and if we have a way to rate the efficiency of the program viz-a-viz the memory usage and performance.

  • Daku

    are they ever going to make a apple tv 3 jailbreak please answer

  • Chuck Finley

    Why do people act like the world is ending every time we wait for the next jailbreak? This happened back with 4.0 and 5.0, we had to wait while the talented hackers of the jailbreak world came up with their next release yet nobody acted like the goddamned world was ending.

    I swear to god there’s too many self-entitled, spoilt little bratty kids who demand the next jailbreak like writing jailbreaks is the only thing the hackers do with their lives. Protip; it’s not, they’re people with jobs and lives to lead. Obviously it will take time before the next jailbreak comes out, have some goddamned faith people, Jesus. Just because it’s taking a while doesn’t mean it’s completely gone.