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Apple’s digital secretary (still in beta, by the way) made waves when it arrived as an iPhone 4S exclusive on October 5, 2011. It caught rival gadget makers on the wrong foot, but Google quickly responded to the threat with Google Now, a voice-activated search product which taps Google’s Knowledge Graph to deliver personalized results without users even asking. Siri’s reliance on Google for data was dramatically reduced since iOS 6 and a recent job ad suggested Siri will soon speak a bunch of new languages.

Another job ad has been spotted today, indicating that Apple wants Siri to provide even wittier responses than it currently does. The ideal candidate for the job would be someone willing to “develop and write original dialog to support new Siri capabilities” and help the Siri team evolve Siri as a “distinct, recognizable character”

Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac spotted a new job ad on Apple’s web site. Based on a job description, he concluded that Apple is looking to enhance Siri’s witty responses and give her even more personality in order to differentiate the voice feature from rival offerings.

This one looks for a creative writer skilled in character-driven dialog to “help the Siri team evolve Siri as a distinct, recognizable character.”

Not only will the person help “refresh and refine” existing Siri content, Apple is also looking for someone to “develop and write original dialog to support new Siri capabilities.”

Apple writes that “Siri’s known for ‘her’ wit, cultural knowledge, and zeal to explain things in engaging, funny, and practical ways”.

Siri (will you marry me)

The ideal candidate will be tasked with refreshing and refining existing Siri dialog. He or she will develop and write original dialog to “support new Siri capabilities” and will also be responsible for “getting dialog into production, and learning from user reaction to it”.

The candidate will also co-lead a working group on cross-cultural  and multi-language issues and more. Siri recently became available across latest iPad models and is said to be coming to the Mac, based on early builds of the upcoming OS X 10.9 software which integrates the Siri voice command module.

Siri (best tablet ever 002)Siri (best tablet ever 001)

Apple’s been aggressively advertising Siri’s laid-back conversational style.

From Apple’s web site:

Talk to Siri as you would to a person. Say something like “Tell my wife I’m running late” or “Remind me to call the vet.” Siri not only understands what you say, it’s smart enough to know what you mean. So when you ask “Any good burger joints around here?” Siri will reply “I found a number of burger restaurants near you.”

Then you can say “Hmm. How about tacos?” Siri remembers that you just asked about restaurants, so it will look for Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood. And Siri is proactive, so it will question you until it finds what you’re looking for.

Maybe if Apple just fixed Siri’s response time and gave her offline mode like Google Now instead of adding more drama to her personality?


  • Armando

    I agree. Apple needs to make it so that siri doesn’t have to access the cloud for every single thing. I understand that due to hardware limitations, (i.e. storage space), siri might be dependent on the cloud for certain information, but it is ridiculous for siri to have to access the cloud for every query, and common tasks.

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Besides music controls and the time there’s not much that doesn’t need the cloud. Even creating text messages needs the cloud for speech recognition. It would be really cool if apple made it where there was offline speech recognition, but that would probably eat up a lot of memory. But then again I may be wrong.

  • Val

    I wish there was a way to teach her to pronounce certain words. My son’s name is “Reece” and for some reason, she calls him “Re-Reece”. We tried to teach her to no avail.

    • cruzcontrol1001

      Try using the phonetic alphabet on the contacts icon to his name the (+) add field select phonetic alphabet and spell Reese or r-ee-se
      That should fix it guaranteed had to do the same with my daughter her name is spelled different.

      • Val

        Well holy crap on a cracker, I’ve never noticed that before! Has it always been there?! I’ve had every iPhone thus far, my kids have had the Touch 4 & 5 and I have an iPad and I’ve never noticed that! I feel like a n00b 😀 Thanks so much! I’m going to try it now.

      • cruzcontrol1001

        Glad to help. LOL. It has been there since at least iOS 5

      • Val

        It worked!!!! You rock! :*

    • My son has a knick name (Taz). So in his contacts I added that to the nickname field and all I have to say now is “tell Taz to take out the garbage.” Or “call Taz.”

      • Val

        He has an iPod 5, so he has his own entry in contacts, but she still pronounces it wrong. He gets so mad, lol. Maybe he needs a nickname! Apparently, Siri thinks Re-Reece would be a good one! 😛

      • Hidos Yilmaz

        Well you can go to Contacts > Reece and then Edit and add a phonetic name. In this way Siri will be able to pronounce it right.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Apple should focus on making it faster, like Google voice search… and giving it offline support for example, there is no need of internet just to set alarm/timer/play song or launching apps…

    • Boyan Georgiev

      Yes. Those native things don’t require net. I could call a friend offline from my 3GS but I need a net connection on my iPhone 5 for the same task. Lame.

  • I’m glad she will evolve. I’m excited about the shake-up with Apple’s Execs and I’m sure we will see some great new and refreshing changes to our devices and especially the UI. I bet you iOS will include widgets this time and get rid of all that ugly leather look.

  • pauleebe

    Pretty sad Siri was a previous stand-alone app and even with Apple acquiring them, Google Now is still way faster and more reliable, and was released quite a while after Siri.

    Siri really needs an overhaul and I’m amazed that 1.5 years later it’s still a sub-par service. It even SOUNDS awful compared to Google Now.