HTC M7 (UnwiredView leak 001, teaser)

What you’re seeing here isn’t one of the early iPhone 5 prototypes. Instead, that’s apparently a leaked rendering of an upcoming HTC handset, called the M7. Recognize the familiar two-tone design with the distinct stripes alongside the top and bottom, with a large metal backplate in between?

Funny, we thought the ten-year Apple-HTC cross-licensing deal didn’t include rights to the iPhone 5 design. Count us surprised!

Update: as commenters pointed out, the image represents the face of this prototype device (ambient light sensors and speaker grills gave it away)

The HTC M7, the ailing Taiwanese handset maker’s flagship smartphone for 2013, is said to sport a 4.7-inch display with full HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixel resolution. It’s powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor and should retail for $600 when it launches later this year.

Here’s the full image, courtesy of UnwiredView.

HTC M7 (UnwiredView leak 001)

The publication says the M7 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show next month.

We know that the Apple-HTC patent pact extends to current and future patents held by both parties, but no other terms of the settlement were disclosed because they were labeled ‘confidential’.

According to UnwiredView:

The render is apparently part of a short animation clip instructing new owners on first-time SIM card installation. However, the lack of branding and other details (distinct screen borders, for instance) suggest that this is not the exact design HTC is expected to debut at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

In my mind, Apple’s gonna have a lot to object to in regard to this particular design – of course, should HTC dare adopt it for the shipping product.

At any rate, this isn’t an industry-first design.


  • iphone 5s i hope ;P

    • We got 4 People here who can’t read.

    • You can’t read, and why would anyone hope for this piece of crap to be the next model? This prototype is a waste of time

  • did you even read the article Linton??????

  • jilex

    it doesn’t look like an iPhone 5 to me

    • Parth111patel

      it does look like the back of iPhone 5 when you remove those speakers.

  • pauleebe

    I think patenting rectangles is silly, but this two tone design following directly after the iPhone 5 launches? Give me a break, can companies in Asia do anything without copying?

  • pawfyd

    You know what? It’s actually front of the device! That black thing is the screen.

    It’s not a copied back. Rather a front inspired by other phone’s back.

    • Lobo555

      Look at the camera on the right side that deff can’t be the front, but if it is then that’s just a horrible front (not because the camera)

      • What back panel has light sensors? None. It’s the front. And here’s another word: prototype. It’s a try at it. I’m sure they wouldn’t leave the speakers that open, they’d get filled with dirty in about 10 minutes.

      • then where’s the flash? why the sensors?

    • Infone

      Good eye. Ambient light sensors shoulda gave it away, but i missed that too.

  • sambuzzlight


  • if it runs android it can go to hell

  • fantard

    stupid loser fanboys!
    nokia has two toned back designs way before apple!