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Hot on the heels of reports that Apple has had to cut iPhone 5 part orders due to weaker-than-expected demand, Samsung has announced that its handset sales are still flourishing.

It appears that the Korean company’s popular line of Galaxy S smartphones has recently reached a major milestone, crossing the 100 million unit mark in less than three years…

Last night, Samsung posted the above image on its Flickr account (via Engadget) along with the following message:

“Samsung Electronics’ flagship Galaxy S series surpassed the accumulated sales record of 100 million units from the supply side in only 2 years and 7 months after its launch in May 2010. Galaxy S III is selling at much faster rate of 30 million in 5 months and 40 million in 7 months, after becoming a million seller in only 50 days after its release last May. Currently, its average daily sales are 190,000 units. The driving force behind Samsung Electronics’ rise to the top on the global smartphone market is Galaxy S II which is gaining ground as a steady seller hitting the sales of over 40 million in only 20 months.”

These numbers may not seem like much compared to the iPhone — Apple is averaging 29 million iPhone sales per quarter right now. But for a line of Android handsets, in a sea of Android handsets, they’re very impressive.

In fact, when it comes to Android partners, Samsung seems to be the only one making money. HTC just posted its fifth consecutive quarterly loss in net profit, and Motorola was in a similar boat before its Google buyout.

Samsung’s clearly found a way to set itself apart from the other Android manufacturers, and even Apple. The latest ComScore data shows that it has at least a 10% lead in US mobile marketshare over everyone else.

So what’s next for the Galaxy S line? Well, Samsung has a press event coming up on February 23 that would be perfect for a Galaxy S4. And if there’s any truth to the rumors, we’ll see Apple’s response shortly after.

Why do you think Samsung has seen so much success with its Galaxy S line?

  • RarestName

    Wow, competetion sure is fierce!

    BTW can someone tell me how many Galaxy S variants are there? Interested to know 🙂

    Edit: Never mind, I Googled it.
    Samsung Galaxy S
    Samsung Galaxy SL
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    Samsung Galaxy S Glide/Samsung Captivate Glide
    Samsung Galaxy S Plus
    Samsung Galaxy S Advance
    Samsung Galaxy S III
    Samsung Galaxy S III Mini (Galaxy S III wannabe)
    Samsung Galaxy S II Plus (lol)

    With so many choices for customers, it’s no surprise that they’ve sold so many “Galaxy S” phones!

    • Tr1pTr0p

      OH MY GOOOD!!! People like choice??? You don’t say!

      • RarestName


      • Ok we get it, you have some weird bone to pick with Apple and you think people who like a great company for all different reasons are “sheep”. You’re not “blowing our minds” by letting us know you think android is better (and why) on every post you comment on, so just stop. Trolling is so 2012.


      • android just sucks..

      • Tr1pTr0p

        OK, we get it! You have some weird bone to pick with Android and you think people who like choice are “dumb”. You’re not “blowing our minds” by letting us know you think android sucks (and why) on every post you comment on, so just stop. Trolling is so 2012.


      • I would love to just have a normal mature discussion with you sometime and find out why you generalize literally everyone who likes apple into one stereotype. Find me on twitter @Max_Kas and we’ll find a place to talk.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        If you’ve seen me discuss things on this site, you should know I don’t do it within 140 characters. I just don’t see the point.
        What stereotype are you talking about?

      • hmmm yeah like crappy samsung phone A…B…C…D…E…F… or G HMMM all crap and all running lame jittery android …..hmmm..which one choose

      • whoknowswhereor

        Quote of the month right here 🙂 Keep up the good work Sammy!

    • yes because the iphone 5 is nothing special…

      • lol and even though iPhone 5 is sooooo not special it still is the most wanted phone eon earth.. if google and android were not so damn lame apple would actually feel the need to innovate again…lol

      • ExRoot

        Joe……I am sitting in Panera right now. As with anywhere 75 of the visible phones in here are iPhones. And who has them? ANYBODY! I honestly don’t think it’s as much about it being the best phone as much as its just the thing now. Several f my 70 year moms friends have one and they are clueless. They just know they see apple and that’s what everybody has.

        And here is a true story….the day after Xmas I was in Panera in the mall where my local Apple store is. My son and I we eating and an Apple store worker sat down near us with his tray of food. I clearly now him from the store and he’s not hard to miss because he is huge and well let’s just say he stands out. He had on a huge coat ipped all the way up to the neck hiding his seasonal red apple shirt. I assumed he didn’t want people asking him Apple questions. Two minutes after he sat down he pulled his phone out and I immediately knew it was not an iPhone but in fact a Galaxy because it was huge. H poked away at it for about 20 minutes ate and left. THAT SAD A LOT. I know why he had that winter coat zipped up to his neck!

      • ExRoot

        Sorry for all the typo’s but Disqus works horribly on this site. It will rarely let me correct my typo’s without freezing. This happens from my iPad and phone. I never come here on my desktop. (My desktop is for serious work).

      • i really hope they can innovate and ialways liked the quality of the iphones.Beyond this they have to.There will be no exclusive Apple no more.The company is now tooo big.If not,many workers will need another job….

      • RarestName

        Yes, it’s not special, but it still works for what it is intended to be – a phone.

      • ExRoot

        @rarestname So does my pink Motorola Razr so……………

      • RarestName

        Yes, it does more, and it is still a phone, do I don’t get why people are bashing each other over phones.

      • But i dont need a phone i need a micro personal computer that that has a phone inside.Thats why i bought it.would you buy a phone for 700 Euros??my iphone is more than a phone and with my jailbreak i am satisfied with everything i can do with it.Send and receive what i want.In germany the prices for the iphone are too high.Rather buy a phone that can do the same things and more for little money…

      • RarestName

        Then you should probably get an Android phone if you want more tweaking like personal computers.

      • Maybe i should wait for better phones…and better batteries…

  • Incredi Ali

    how many iphones have Apple sold in total?

    • Tr1pTr0p

      Lets not turn this into a pissing contest! Apple sold more than twice as many iPhones. Computers running Windows also sell faster. But does that mean they’re better?

      • Dan

        That’s a matter of opinion. When you’re driving to work, do you need a Ferrari or will a Hyundai do the job?

      • If I’m driving to work in a Ferrari that would be a nice ride lol however a Hyundai would suffice but I’d get more ass in the Ferrari lol!!

      • and you get more ass with an

      • Dan

        I’ve seen people on wellfare who have an iPhone, doubt they impress anyone lol. The Ferrari on the other hand…

      • So we should all “settle” is what you’re saying 😉

      • Dan

        Nah just saying that PC’s may be 1/3 the price but they still do the job as well as Macs if you put quality parts in them. To each his own 🙂

      • Marvin

        If I drive to work I drive in a Chevy Silverado.

      • yes they sell many is the point.

      • Lordthree

        I thought this clown was banned?

      • ^^^you are like an android phone…

      • PCs are like android and iPhones are like macs.. case closed

  • If competition is like this, Apple needs to do something revolutionary this year. If they don’t change iOS or make the iPhone revolutionary, they will end up like BlackBerry.

    –from a proud apple owner

    • Dan

      Well comparing Apple to RIM may be exagerating, but they will surely lose customers.

    • Apple never thought the competition would ever catch up this quick because apple was entirely ahead of the curve but we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare huh?

      • the competition has not caught up at all fact is the whole market as stagnated cause apple is just sitting back and racking in cash and consumers are bored..

    • the new CEO does not thing like Steve at all… apple needs a new Steve,,FACT… if they dont get one they will fall slowly

      • ashton wilson

        its like the lakers

      • exactly…

  • Key part :”100 million units from the supply side”

    • max

      Who cares if it’s supply side or whatever side! As long as it’s not apple showing those numbers, you guys would find any and whatever reason to poke holes in it.
      Grow up and get your head out of apple’s ass because, the world doesn’t evolve around apple. This is good news for us, apple users, apple sees these numbers and it forces them to step up their game.

      –from a half-proud apple owner.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    I never thought the demand for Paperweight was this high!!!!!

    -This is a joke, if you do not see it that way, that is your problem :- )

  • there are 12 galaxy S devices fighting the one iPhone.. lol this is sad cause apple feels like they dont need to do anything anymore so we have to sit and deal with boring half assed iphone updates cause the competition i so lame..

    • We want an open iOS!!!! Support grant Paul and sign the petition to apple. That’s what is really needed here. I am a proud iP5 owner, but honestly I only like my iPhones when they are jailbroken. Yes android is jittery, not as stable, and cheap plastic compared to the iPhone, but its what consumers want, a customizable gadget. I hate my stock iOS and if there weren’t a jailbreak about to be released I would also probably switch to the note2 or wait and pray that Samsung makes a phone out of aluminum and purchase one then. I love the look of my of my iP5 but if apple doesn’t open their iOS they are gonna fail miserably.

    • Infone

      Well, Joe, maybe I can phrase this in YOUR terms so you can understand:

      FACT: Android users tend to talk $hit about Apple products; whereas iPhone users are just happy.

      Don’t you recall Apple was the underdog? PC’s were dominating, and Apple just did their thing. Today Apple is dominating and they’re still just DOING THEIR THING. They make something genuine, and of course, others must compete to be in the game. This is how business works. There are ups and downs to everything. I’m sure Apple are just sitting there going, “We’ll, it’s been a good run, guess that’s it. Let’s go home.”

      • they are acting very greedy and lazy though .. the iPhone 5 update was very lazy

  • jose castro

    all apple need to do is open the SDK to developers to make tweaks and they should be back in the moneyyyy

  • Ill tell one reason Apple is losing customers. The fact that everybody I know has an iPhone. Whether its a 3GS up to the 5, they all are the same. Even my mom and dad have the 4. Whats so revolutionary about a phone that basically everyone has now. I only know of me and 2 other people that own a Note 2. When I pull that phone out people look at it the same way they use to look at my 1st gen iphone. U pull out an iphone 5 nowadays and even a person with a flip phone doesnt pay it any mind. Apple sucks and it will continue to suck as long as other companies are making the innovations. I jumped ship and u guys are still sinking

  • Is it me or are all the numbers on the screens supposed to be white?
    SAMOLED #lulz

  • ashton wilson

    i have been an apple fanboy for as long as I can remember…. But up uptill recently Iv’e ditched the iphone and went to android.. apple is dying people, and the recent sales prove that….I now have an s3 and am loving it more than the iphone,no more uncostumizeable screens. And better hardware, at a cheaper price! sure theres like 20+ different galaxy phones, but they are for different customers! some are cheaper, smaller, bigger, thinner,and some are smarter! but don’t be ignorant like I used to be! Please for like, a week, look into android like I did, and see what you are missing.

  • I made a quick Wikipedia search and I found 52 Galaxy devices since 2009. Apple sold 100 Million iPad with only 3 generation of them.

  • Android is slowly but surely getting it’s shtuff together. I’m definitely considering moving to Android after my contract is up in 2014… Plenty of time for improvement, right?