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As most of you know, iDB will be at The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. And though Apple itself won’t be there, there will be tons of iOS-flavored products and peripherals worth reading about. Take these new Lightning-compatible audio docks from iHome, for example…

The folks at iHome, one of the most recognized names in iOS accessories, announced this week that they will be debuting a new line of audio docks at CES that will be compatible with Apple’s new Lightning port. This means they’ll work with the new iPods, the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and new iPad mini.

From iHome’s press release (via The Verge):

  • iDL100 Triple Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio With Two Lightning Docks and USB Charge/Play for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: the ultimate iHome Lightning docks with a triple 2.1 charging hub for your iDevices, the iDL100 includes two Lightning docks as well as a universal USB dock to charge and play audio from legacy devices. An auto sync feature syncs the unit to iPhone/iPad/iPod time, while an aux-in jack is also included for audio devices equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack. The iDL100 is expected to retail for $149.99.
  • Additional iHome Lightning Docks include: iDL45 Dual Charging Stereo FM Clock Radio With Lightning Dock and USB Charge/Play for iPhone/iPad/iPod. (MSRP $99.99.)

Apple has taken a lot of criticism over its decision to switch the long-running 30-pin dock connector with the new Lightning plug. Not only did it instantly render millions of accessories useless, but there was a period of time where there weren’t any, or very few, compatible accessories available.

Of course, that’s not the case anymore. We’ve seen dozens of Lightning-enabled accessories hit the market in the last month or so from Belkin, Bose and others. Unfortunately, though, Apple’s strict licensing guidelines for the new port are still keeping many third-party products at bay.

In addition to its two new Lightning docks, iHome also plans to unveil two new Bluetooth speakers, as well as new Bluetooth headphones. And we’re expecting similar announcements from other high-profile accessory-makers next week, so make sure you join us for all of the fun and excitement.

  • I have iphone 5 ( Lightning plug ) + ipad 2 ( old plug ) !! I hope this product come with two type of charging ports!

    • You see that iPod nano in the picture .. Old 30 pin plug that’s plug into the USB port… But seeing as you didn’t read the post fully you don’t know this..best to read the post before you make a comment

      • Even though I read the post, I would too like the “dock” to include a replaceable connector so I could “dock” my iPad 3 and iPhone 5. As useful as it can be, the usb charging port isn’t much of a docking option. Probably asking too much anyway.

      • Exactly!

  • No point buying such parmanent pin docks; the next gen of iDevices will probably come with a so-called “revolutionary” new dock connector as their new feature.

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      I wld have just kept tht one to myself.

    • In like another 10 years though.

  • Joe

    Went to ihome site and not avilable yet. Anyone know when you can order?

    • This is showing at CES so it will not even be out yet..
      Read the title of the post..

  • maurid

    I think there’s a jailbreak for the iPhone 5, just to let you know so you can look into it and update your posts 🙂

    PS: (Off-topic)

    • Austin80Braden

      Are you referring to the post by @planetbeing, or is there something I’m missing?

      • maurid

        Yeah that one.

      • SunnySD92101

        I think they’re waiting for IOS 6.1 to be released so they can test the exploits…

      • Austin80Braden

        Beta 4 of 6.1 expires the 28th of this month so here’s to hoping for a jailbreak by February!

  • macboy74

    Yeah right I have about 5 devices with the old dock connectors that I spent around $2,000 total on. I just bought two adaptors for $45 from the apple store and now I am good to go.