Corning announces Gorilla Glass 3 ahead of CES

By , Jan 3, 2013

gorilla glass 3 promo

With just a few days left until the Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas, Corning, a Kentucky-based glass-maker, has announced the third iteration of its popular Gorilla Glass line.

As most of you know, Gorilla Glass is a high-strength, thin sheet of glass used as a protective cover in many touch screen devices, including Apple products. And version 3 is a lot more durable…

Corning (via Engadget) says that Gorilla Glass 3 has been improved at the molecular level, incorporating a new proprietary feature called Native Damage Resistance, for a new level of toughness.

According to the company, NDR reduces the appearance of scratches (40% better than GG2), and does a better job of maintaining the overall retained strength of the glass (50% better than GG2).

Additionally, Corning also plans to unveil another new product: fiber-based, device-to-device Optical Cables that significantly extend the data transmission range past the limits of copper-based cables.

Corning plans to reveal all of the juicy details on both of its new products during a January 7 announcement, and of course will be on-hand demonstrating its new tech at its CES booth all next week.

I don’t know about you folks, but any product that touts a 50% improvement over its predecessor is pretty impressive. I’ll take all of my late-2013, 2014 devices wrapped in Gorilla Glass 3, thank you.

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  • Well, you always have to remember that product performance gains are planned years before they are built in a product cycle plan. It’s still great to see Corning making GG3 even better, but it’s not a magical present to their customers or something.

  • This is gona be a big boost 🙂

  • Lordthree

    A6X is like 90% improvement over A6 but people continue to call it boring

    • That’s cause iOS is so optimized that further increment in speeds no longer makes a significant difference in user experience. Apple should work on improving battery life instead.

      • finally the god has spoken , i mean why doesn everyone praise the 5 so much when the battery life sucks to the core. there are currently over 3000 comments of people crying and dying over the battery over at forums .Im one of em : (and still no fix

    • Irfan Tarique

      Its boring simply because its boring… did you get my point?

      • Lordthree

        Nope. It might make sense on 4chan tho?

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Since when is Gorilla Glass used in iPhones? I’m pretty sure the 4 and 4S wouldn’t shatter the way they do if it was gorilla glass. And- I’ve never seen Apple give Corning any credit for providing glass for iDevices.

    • 4s has gorila glass, front and back

      • Johnathan Jennings

        Doubt it.

      • here’s a statement, from Apple, on March:

        “Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the glass for iPhone”

        there’s also a very popular website to see specs from diferent phones, this is the page for 4s specs :

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Read the ‘Steve Jobs’ book

      • Hyr3m

        I think it’s Gorilla Glass #1 not #2. GS3 and IP5 both have GG2 and it can still break…

  • yet it will still break if it falls out of your pocket.

    • Irfan Tarique

      New gorilla glass 3…

      same shit, just add 3!

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Wow! everyone missed the “500lbs Pink Gorilla” in the room (no pun intended 😉 = “fiber-based, device-to-device Optical Cables that significantly extend the data transmission range past the limits of copper-based cables”. Can you say 25, 50, 100ft “CAT10”, HDMI or USB3s? Bring it!!