Walmart iTunes Gift Cards

Here’s a nice last minute holiday gift idea: if your loved ones use Apple products, give them iTunes Gift Cards that can be used to add credits to their iTunes account. Usually these things are delivered physically, but Walmart is having a sale where it’s offering a $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40, an instant $10 saving.

Additionally, you card gets delivered through email right after purchase, depending on your credit card issuer’s rules. Walmart is no stranger to such promotions. Back in August, the retailer was selling $100 iTunes cards for $80

As you’re no doubt aware, iTunes Gift Cards can be redeemed using iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC or iOS devices. The credit can be applied against any content purchase on the US iTunes Store, be it apps, music, movies, books or more.

Unfortunately, iTunes Gift Cards cannot be redeemed on a non-US iTunes Store.

When your purchase is complete and you have received your code in an email message, you will then have the option to send the card as a gift over at

Alternatively, you can gift someone iTunes credits using the iTunes app on your computer or gift individual apps right from your iOS devices.

Walmart’s terms of email delivery state that codes are delivered within minutes, but your mileage may vary depending on additional order validation required by Wal-Mart or your credit card issuer.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, jump to Walmart’s web store now.

  • Nice! I can include one with the iPad minis I got for the nephews and nieces.

  • Why itunes gift card cannot be used on a non US store?? Does that mean i cannot use it at my country, indonesia even if i purchased them??

  • netstrada

    I seen some sellers sells them on Dibuu auctions