f0recast 1.4 ss

News on the jailbreaking front has been pretty slow as of late. With no release date in sight for a jailbreak compatible with Apple’s latest devices and software, it seems like the rest of the community has sort of quieted down.

This afternoon, iOS hacker iH8sn0w broke the silence by releasing an update to his popular f0recast utility. Version 1.4 of the app brings about a number of new features, including the ability to view SHSH blob availability…

In addition to being able to tell you if your device is jailbreakable or not, f0recast now:

  • Shows available SHSH blobs stored on Cydia’s TSS server.
  • Provides a link to the list of firmwares available for the connected device.
  • Supports the latest devices (iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, iPad mini, etc).
  • Has a built-in update checker.

Version 1.4 also received a few UI changes, support for the latest jailbreaking scenarios (which devices and iOS versions can be jailbroken, tethered and untethered), and lost the ability to check factory unlock status due to legality reasons.

While f0recast isn’t a crucial jailbreaking tool like Redsn0w or Sn0wBreeze, it’s not a bad idea to have it in your arsenal — especially now that it’s been updated. As usual, you can find it and other jailbreak apps on our Downloads page.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    All I want for Christmas is my iPhone 5 jailbroken…

    • notewar

      And ATV jailbroken

    • maybe they should do that and the post on idb then “heres your christmas gift…………… ios 6 jailbroken — oh and not to mention the iphone 5 😉 “

    • Or the 4S, since it can’t get iOS 6.0+ jailbroken either. I’m patient, but, there’s no telling how long it’ll be until 6.1 is released, much less if it’ll be able to be jailbroken like it’s betas were.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        It’s been released.

      • Gray

        I’m already aware of this, it was released this afternoon. Everyone was anticipating the 5th beta phase to last longer than it did, although it wasn’t certain there would even be a 5th beta at all.

      • Johnathan Jennings

        5th beta was the GM there skippy.

  • @johnathanjennings:disqus me too 😀

    • 4p0c4lyps3

      Me 3!!!

  • Koi

    same here.

  • Me too come on people!!!! U are not suposed to be receiving money for what u are doing, but what about donations!!!??? You all wants us to donate, well hurry up and give us an unterhered jailbreak for iPhone 5 and ios 6.0, 6.0.1, or now 6.0.2!!!! Then this means that Big Boss and other are not selling their tweaks, and others are not receiving donations, because of this absent of dedication!!! You jailbreak pre-5 devices, and ipads, and the mini…in ur ways, but you are not not doing anything to the public release!!! How are we going to spend our money on Cydia and help u guys if u are not giving us anything back!!!! I got to install ipas not downloaded trhough apple, I got to install themes from cydia in my i5 not jailbreaked so Im trying to work around and found yes it can be done, so u are the experts…!!! Come on work for us, not apple!!!!

    • notewar

      U mad brah?

      • In a way yes, because I give as a gift my iphone 4 to my older bro, jailbreaked…then I go to ATT and get a 4s but it was on 6.0 NOOO , then I got to as a gift an iphone 5 and u know!!!! Sooo yesss Im mad in a way!!! I study electronics and physics…but Im not a programer

      • Armando

        You are a grade A idiot. Don’t blame the few hackers who are interested in even tinkering with a jailbreak in their spare time for your lack of judgement in getting rid of your jailbroken iDevice. If you want a jailbreak so bad hack it yourself or hire your own personal hacker to discover exploits for you, but don’t take it out on the jailbreak community or anybody else for that matter. You are not entitled to a jailbreak.

      • Thank u man…. I understand!!! I give it to my older bro before 6 came out!!! Because thebetas were jailbreaked so…but U are talking like if u were their bodyguaard!!! How much they pay u?…. We live in a democratic USA!!! So we can express ourselves and our feelings!!! So I will say wathever I want like u are doing!!! It is ok!!! U can say wathever u want of me!!! So are u a hacker? Then do it u too!!! Stop pretending be a police here!!! This is a place for coments about the news!!! So that is what I do….sorry for liberate ur IP adress…liberate myi!!! Jailbreak comunity is the best Im here since 2007!!! And u?

      • Armando

        I really don’t care about your situation. There are way more important things to get worked up about. I am not anybody’s bodyguard, and jailbreak devs don’t even know me. I’m not a hacker and who cares how long you have been here. The point is how much are you paying for a jailbreak? The answer is $0. So you have no right to be angry at anyone but yourself for giving away your jailbroken iPhone. Jailbreak is never guaranteed, anyone with half a brain knows that. You speak as if you are entitled to these people’s time. They have to make a living and it just so happens that Jailbreaking is not their profession. It’s their hobby, and they are gracious enough to share it with me and idiots like you. You’re right, we do have freedom of speech and you are completely free to continue to be an idiot. That is all.

      • 😀 WOW!!!! LOL God bless you kid!!! Who is the idiot? The idiot who is an idiot, or the one who hates idiots and continue talking to idiots? So this meen Im an idiot, that is ok, but then you too are one!!!! We are a couple of idiots talking bullshit to each other!!! LOL you really makes this idiots laugh a lot with my wife laughing too!!! Oh sorry my 13 years old boy is laughing too at this couple of idiots conversation!!! We Im an idiot but you are too because you continue to talk back to me!!! You really care about what I say here at idownloadblog!!!! Thank you child I feel so cool and apreciated here on PR.

  • How I get to do that for people, well u have to understand the plist!!!, go into the folders using something like iexplorer, then change some plist and install some certificates….it was a really long process but I get to do it!!! Not everything can be install, but I get to do something!!! Good luck!!! Dont be afraid, remember always u got itunes and the restore option if something goes wrong!!! Always back up first!!!

  • Osorio11

    On a similar subject: Tinyumbrella. I have been googling the whole inernet for a solution to a problem that is wll known, but have not found a fix.
    It starts with the error messafe about not being ablre to fetch the library and then… NOTHING, just won’t work. On my other pc with same windows 7 it works fine. Does anybody her know how to fix it?
    Much obliged,

  • Shakur Ali

    We need jailbreak

    • Jen Eric Person

      Really? I would’ve never guessed.

  • Shakur Ali

    Come on devteam we need the jailbreak plz it’s Xmas in a less then a week’s time can u let us know if we should up date to 6.0.2 or stay on 6.0.1 or 6.0

    • Falk M.

      Doesn’t matter the slightest what you’re on right now.
      Don’t expect anything soon.

      Also, we’d much rather probably see a 6.1 JB than anything less now seeing how that is already on Beta 4.

    • I update and the iphone 5 is working much better now and the wifi is working good now…….

  • a smit

    I really hope they jailbreak 6.1 rather then 6.0 – 6.0 is a buggy mess and should be ignored IMO – 6.1 *should* be what they focus on