Apple seeded the 4th beta installment of iOS 6.1 just a while ago, and it’s now available as both a delta update, and a direct download via Apple’s developer portal.

As we always strive to do, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to jailbreak iOS 6.1 beta 4 as a confirmation that it can be done. Inside, we’ll show you the exact steps that you need to take in order to do the same on your qualifying iOS 6 beta 4 device.

A few notes of warning before we get started, shall we?

Per the norm, this jailbreak is for pre-A5 devices (e.g. iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation, and iPhone 3GS). This jailbreak is a tethered jailbreak only, and relies on the publicly available iOS 6.0 firmware for your respective device. This is for developers only. If you do not meet all of the aforementioned criteria, then it is best to wait until iOS 6.1 is fully public.

Okay, simply follow the instructions below to jailbreak your device.

Step 1: Download iOS 6.1 beta 4 for your qualifying device via Apple’s developer portal, or as a delta update.

Step 2: Download iOS 6.0 for your qualifying device via our downloads page.

Step 3: Download the latest version of RedSn0w (0.9.15b3) from our downloads page.

Step 4: Connect your device to your computer, and open RedSn0w. Place your device into DFU mode, and RedSn0w should pick up the device in DFU mode.

Step 5: Click Extras > Select IPSW > and select the iOS 6.0 IPSW we told you to download in Step 2. RedSn0w 0.9.15b3 should successfully identify the firmware.

Step 6: Go back to the main page of RedSn0w and click Jailbreak. Once it finishes processing, make sure Install Cydia is checked, and click Next to finish the entire jailbreak process.

Step 7: Eventually, after a somewhat lengthy process, the iPhone will appear back on the Lock screen. Place the device back into DFU mode.

Step 8: Again, from the main page of RedSn0w, click Extras > Select IPSW > and select the iOS 6.0 firmware. RedSn0w should successfully identify the firmware.

Step 9: Click Boot tethered, and a tethered boot will be performed on your device. This, like the initial jailbreak, is a somewhat lengthy process. You should see a pineapple logo during bootup, signifying a successful tethered boot.

Step 10: Once the tethered boot is complete, you should be back at your device’s Lock screen. unlock the device, and swipe over to the second page. It may take a few seconds, but eventually you should see the Cydia icon appear. Open Cydia and let it perform its initial configuration and setup.

Congratulations, you just successfully jailbroke iOS 6.1 beta 4 for your device. Keep in mind that this is a tethered boot, so you will need to perform steps 8 and 9 again in order to restart your device at any time.

Another friendly reminder that we’d like to reiterate. This firmware is for developers only, and hence this jailbreak is for Cydia developers looking to test out the compatibility of their apps and tweak for Cydia. If you’re not a registered Apple developer, it’s highly advised that you wait a bit until 6.1 officially drops. We presume that you won’t have to wait much longer.

For more information on RedSn0w, be sure to have a look at our dedicated RedSn0w page. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

  • iphone 4 is old and slow now so call me when you jailbreak ios 6 on the 4s an d5..

    • So true!!!

    • The iP4 is still a great phone. Just because it is older does not mean at one time it wasn’t the best.

      • yes t was …BUT .. now it sold an slow.. 🙂

      • Yeah, it’s a great phone, but it’s not a common phone for most users now. Most people upgrade every 2 years with contract extensions, and seeing as how the 4 was two versions ago (5 is current, 4S is previous era) despite the fact it’s still sold in 8 GB form (although few people buy it), it’s still insignificant.

        The phones for the last two years still cannot be jailbroken on anything higher than 5.1,1 which is ridiculous. And some of us who bought the newer iPhones after 6.0 was release can’t even downgrade, so we’re stuck.

  • jose castro

    i agree….. we all know how to jailbreak are iPhone 4 and down… is basically the same video every time…

  • just get an S3 peeps im a big iphone fan they are by far the best when jailbroken! but its gonna be while. widen you veiw n try the S3 its actually on par with iphone i beleive. shame about the plastic tho!

    • jose castro

      i like my iPhone 5 and i am a patience man… i wouldn’t want the S3 just because i live in Alaska and right now its 45 below zero… that would definitely shatter if i dropped it.

      • definatley yes and i think i myself would shatter at that temperature its on -4 here in uk i couldnt imagine what -45 would feel like.
        Keep warm

      • feels like death

    • S3 is crap

      • have you tried it out for a long period of time i used to say the same thing i do agree apple is the best but the S3 is infact pretty dam good

      • yes S3 is the best android phone but still a crappy phone period.. it feels and looks cheap as hell; and the home screen does not scroll smoothly at all..

    • Guy Person

      I will always love iPhone’s for having perfect sized screens. Compared to the S3’s 20 by 50 foot dispay. The S3 just doesn’t feel comfortable to use.

  • Thank for the video. There are always people getting used iP4’s and what not who will/can find these videos helpful.

  • Rob Lucassen

    Is it possible to Delta Update a Jailbroken Beta 3 version of iOS6.1?

    • Nope, you can’t delta update/install over the air updates when you’re jailbroken. Just pretend that feature never existed as long as you are jailbroken.

  • Miles

    Is it possible to jailbreak my iPhone 4 ios 6 untethered?

  • marcio fermino

    and 4S never?

  • Regis

    my download stops on “waiting on reboot” does that part just take a while or did i do something wrong?

  • lowan shields

    Hey is there any possible way to jailbreak an iPod Touch 5th generation on IOS 6.0.1. Please reply

  • JStoner

    Why is it when I select the IPSW I downloaded (the ones recomended), the window pops up and says that IPSW is not supported on this version of redsnOw?

  • erika

    hola oye esta muy bien tu pagina… pero tengo un problema….cuando
    selecciono la ipsw al darle aceptar me sale un mnsage ke dice: that
    ipsw is not supported by this version of redsnow ayudame por fa …

  • joe

    can i use this for my ipad mini 6,1?

  • Keyday Dahari

    Cydia doesnt appear after jailbroken my iphone. 🙁

  • arpit

    i am unable to sync my ipod touch with itunes after jailbreaking with redsnow.
    ios version 6.1 itunes version 11
    Im a windows pc
    please help asap