Judging from the comment sections on our Google Maps posts, and other feedback from around the web, it seems like quite a few people were holding out for a Google Maps app release before upgrading to iOS 6. And it makes sense, given some of the horror stories we’ve heard.

But according to Chitika, a large mobile ad network who regularly tracks iOS adoption rates and other mobile trends, iOS 6 adoption only rose 0.2% after Wednesday night’s debut of the Google Maps app, suggesting it had no immediate impact on the number of iOS 6 users…

Chitika’s data shows (via TechCrunch) that of users accessing its network, which consists of ads on some 200,000 websites, the average number of people using iOS 6 went from 72.77% when Google Maps was released Wednesday night, to 72.94%, as of yesterday afternoon.

So, no spike. It would seem that although a vocal minority of users were waiting for Google Maps to be released before updating to the latest version of iOS, a majority of users have already made the commitment. I’d like to see the numbers after the iOS 6 jailbreak hits.

The Google Maps app has been extremely well received thus far. It’s still the #1 free app in the App Store, and Apple has given it the top spot in its ‘Featured Maps’ section. It looks good, it’s fast, and it has features like Street View. And, since it’s Google, it’s extremely accurate.

The timing of the app was also perfect, as it came amidst the latest round of criticism for Apple’s mapping software. Last week, police in Victoria, Australia issued a warning to the public after several travelers got stranded in a national park due to Apple’s poor location data.

What about you, did you wait for the Google Maps release to update to iOS 6?

  • I choose to stay with my jailbreak on ios 5

    • Eww

    • Dan

      So do I, but to keep my jailbreak untethered

  • I updated to iOS 6 the first day it was out. Never looked back. To me apple maps beats Googles maps by far. The only thing missing from apple maps is street view which is a good feature in Google maps as it shows a more accurate image of a small section of road.

    • Matthew

      Agreed. I did the same thing.

      • Amp

        Don’t forget transit

      • Matthew


      • john

        Public transport routes are missing from apple maps. It just recommends you a shitload of crappy apps

      • Matthew


      • Obsidian71

        I have a car

      • Amp

        Oh well congratulations

    • Same. Apple has its strengths and will be better. I still remember when google had the first map app on iPhone. I almost went off a cliff haha

    • “apple maps beats Googles maps by far” because you live in the USA.
      apple maps in Germany is ******.
      I was looking for Mediamarkt and I found my self in place called “Median am Markt”.7km away
      20% of public transportation stops are missing in Hanover.
      I was looking for a museum in Hamburg and “no result”. but in the next day I found it. apple fixed that very fast.
      in my street “Beeke Strasse, hanover” there houses were marked as restaurants in apple maps.
      and that is only in my small area, so what about the rest of the world.

      • Sorry to hear that… I am from NYC and I have to drive between NJ and NY once a week for work, it works great and even with the Apple Map turn by turn navigation, it only eat ~10% battery per hour.

      • Ermmmm I actually don’t live in the US of A, I live in a small place called New Zealand and apple maps work great here. I’ve had one problem and that is my town was too blury to see but it was fixed in about 3 or so days.

      • sorry, I thought that you live in the USA because apple maps there is very good (as I heard). but apple maps in Germany have alot of missing information.

      • I’m sure after a while it will get better for you guys in Germany 🙂

  • Greyhound Mom

    The google maps app is SO basic, with no features or settings…and I haven’t been able to get street view to work on it. I’ll stay with the trusty iMaps that I haven’t had problems with.

  • i dont care of maps .. the only thing i care for its ios6 jailbreak for my iphone 5 !!!!

  • Pedro

    no, i’m waiting jailbreak to change my ios

  • People are waiting for jailbreak

    • MagicDrumSticks

      But it’s “waning in popularity”

  • f1ght3r


  • Unbelieveable

  • Ben

    This article doesn’t make sense because the app works with 5.1. I hope Cody didn’t get paid for this article.

    • It’s not that it works only on ios6.. it’s that it didn’t exist on ios6 before this release. Some people did not upgrade because of that.

  • 1337lolzorz

    I prefer Apple maps as do most iphone users. There’s a few vocal bloggers and people that would have you believe otherwise but it isn’t true.

  • FrankensteinBlack

    Exactly. Stock iOS is Laaaaaaame! And there are 1,001 jailbreak app reasons why. Sayin…

  • Isn’t it like 97% adoption at this time?

  • google maps has much better date than apple maps. google app missing some settings how to change mi to km

  • Obsidian71

    People “waiting” for Google Maps was a myth. The adoption of iOS 6 has exceeded all previous operating systems. The important thing is to remember that the average consumer doesn’t spend time chatting about technology on forums and that will skew results towards what a geek wants/needs versus a consumer which are vastly different in cases.

  • Aaron M

    it’s only existed in US -__-

  • But 0.2 percent of iOS users is still quite a lot of people, isn’t it?

  • bitch plzzz Galaxy S3

  • thor_molecules

    Very poor “study” if you can even call it that. The vast majority of iPhone users have already been on iOS 6, and nowhere that I’ve seen was there any FACTUAL data to back the assertion that people were holding out for the reason of being dissatisfied with Maps.

    Two, the fact that Google Maps shot straight to number one in Apple’s own popular apps ranking pretty much renders their entire point moot. Obviously, it’s STILL the most popular app in the App Store for a valid reason. That is, people clearly wanted it, regardless of what version of iOS they’re running.

    It saddens me that people get paid to pull lame assertions out of their ass, backed by absolutely no substantial data whatsoever and have it become front page news.

    I’m seriously in the wrong business…