We’ve seen a number of significant app updates over the past few days. There’s Flickr, which received new photo filters, 1Password, which got a total makeover. And this morning, Google+ received a nice little touch up.

This afternoon, we’re adding Dropbox to the list. The popular cloud-based storage service updated its iOS client today with ‘a shiny new design,’ and a new Photos tab, which puts all of your photos at your finger tips…

Dropbox explains the new photos experience in a post on its blog:

“Now all of your photos are right at your fingertips with the brand new Photos tab. With just a tap, you’ll be able to scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded (including the pocket-dialed ones too). And since Dropbox is a one stop shop for all your memories, you can also check out the photos you’ve uploaded from everywhere else!

Also, when you select a photo, you’ll be able to view it in full-screen glory with nary a button in sight. This means you can get maximum real estate when you’re flipping through puppy photos, or those pics of your bare feet. And to make things even better, our new speedy scroller will help you navigate all the way back to time immemorial (or your earliest photos) in seconds. Even if you have “Billions and Billions” of them.”

Dropbox has also streamlined the way that you upload files to your Dropbox account. Now you can just navigate to a folder and tap the “+” icon to upload something. This is much easier than the previous process, I like it.

As far as the shiny new design, Dropbox has essentially simplified the entire app. Text labels on the bottom tabs are gone, and everything else seems much more streamlined. Also, the app is sporting a new, glossier icon.

Dropbox is one of the few apps I use on a daily basis — mostly for uploading screenshots, and I really like the new uploading process. If you already have the app, I recommend updating. And if you don’t, you can find it here.

  • jose castro

    kinda late on this…

  • Troy

    better late then never

  • I love DropBox! This service has been a life saver for me. I keep as many document as I can in my DropBox. I welcome their update.

  • mwpitt52

    Dropbox is too expensive for the average user.

    • Dropbox is free -___-

      • mwpitt52

        Yes if you can live with 2 gb. Next option is $99.00 per year for 100 gb.

      • The “average user” can. I don’t know a single person that pays for Dropbox. If you really need more space try the offers Dropbox has on their site to get more free space or setup multiple Dropbox accounts lol. Sometimes other sites have promotions, for example I got 25gb free on Skydrive back when Microsoft first launched it not sure if they are still offering that for new users.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        2 gb is more than enough for most people.. and the is referral system where you can increase your space 500 MB for free each time you invite someone to use dropbox. I am on a free plan and I have 10 GB free space and more referral to be used..

      • mwpitt52

        I prefer not to be a Dropbox marketing slave. I have better things to do with my time.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Like bitching about an awesome product. without any actual knowledge.

    • Dan

      wtf are u talking about, Free Dropbox is sufficient for most people, more memory than standard iCloud. I’ve got 51.8GB free myself.

      There are ”tasks” you can do to get more space. If you’ve got friends, invite them! Share dropbox folders too to get more space. Take the time to read up about it and you will see it’s easy to get more data.

      • mwpitt52

        Yes. I know you can get more space if you want to spam your friends with invites but I prefer not go that route. Also at any time they can take away your ” free space ” I would prefer to pay a fair price for 25/50/75 gig levels.

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Once you get the free space it’s permanent.. They won’t take that away..

      • mwpitt52

        Read the Dropbox ULA. They have the right to terminate any free accounts.

  • With the new update, it looks more amazing and better

  • I really wish Apple had some kind of file system, at least just a local folder where you can place documents in (For use with multiple apps instead of just one specific) I don’t care if we don’t get full root access but something at least!

    • RarestName

      Yes, then you don’t need to rely on iTunes everywhere anymore!

      • Ditching iTunes would be a good idea for OSX users. Of course they don’t need to completely ditch iTunes. But allowing iCloud to control your iDevices (As far as moving data across each device) could be beneficial and even quicker than needing to sync everything with iTunes.
        For Windows users though will need iTunes though (To keep sales on Macs going)

    • Mohammad Ridwan

      but that would be too complicated for old people… apple has to be very easy..

      • They don’t need to make it too advanced, and old people don’t need to use EVERY feature on a phone. Giving us a somewhat open file system would make many people happy. And (sad to say) give people less reason to Jailbreak.

  • Dan

    Dropbox is a great alternative to iCloud imo, they are generous with their data limits and update regularly, I’ll be enjoying these new features.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    I liked the old icon more.